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Guide to purchase a Handmade Rugs


When we think of buying handmade rugs, the few qualities which come to our mind are elegance, class and beauty. This is what you will find, when you browse through our handmade rugs section at We take extreme pride in our handmade rug collection which is handpicked from across the world. We select our range of handmade masterpieces from Turkey, Persia, India and various other geographical locations which are known to produce the finest quality of traditional and oriental rugs. Having an extensive range to choose from, it is our promise that you will never have to compromise your selection due to the cost factor. Our handmade rugs are cheaper than any other source you will find online. In fact, we are so price conscious in delivering you a quality product at the best price that we offer you a price match guarantee. Moreover, you can also browse our discounted and clearance section wherein we list our current sale offers.
A good handmade rug asks for expert craftsmanship so that they do not lose their elegance even when they are old. This is the unique quality which makes these rugs a must have to be a part of your home décor. A handmade rug can be hand-knotted or hand-tufted. Without going into the complex explanation of hand-knotted and hand-tufted, let me just say that as these rugs are constructed by hand, these are most durable rugs which you will ever own for your home. Handmade rugs can withstand heavy traffic for years and still look as new as when you bought them.
A well made handmade traditional or oriental rug can include anywhere between 100 to 400 knots per square inch. Because of this level of detail, handmade rugs last for many years and you do not have to worry about wear and tear. A handmade rug is generally made from natural fibers like wool hence these rugs do not absorb dust and dirt. Making them easy to clean and maintain.
The sophisticated elegance, beauty and charm of our handmade rugs combined with affordable pricing have made the most sought after home furnishing items online. You will not find the variety, large variation in color combination and the unique design options anywhere else, but only at . Purchasing our rugs, gives us an opportunity to know your choice and improve our product range even further. Choose from the one you love and make your home décor complete.

Looking to buy a Beige Rug?

Beige as a color is considered to be the most neutral of rug colors. The Rug Shop have wide variety of Beige rugs available in different shapes, sizes and textures to suit your requirement. We have shaggy beige rugs for that luxurious look and at the same time can serve you with flat weave and designer rugs which have beige as their main theme color mixed with complimenting color styles. A beige rug is a perfect addition for study rooms and conservatories as it comes from the family of Brown. Brown suggests stability and weight. You will also notice that kiddies rugs have a lot of beige color transfused into them as it represent safety and elegance.


Beige colour rug represent a unique earthy feeling and made from a combination of red, yellow and blue hues mixed together. Color psychologically is very important as it affects the mood and the ambience of any room setting. Having a beige rug in your room would help in achieving a very subtle, warm and elegant look. Choosing a beige color for your home décor is totally a personal preference totally inspired by what you wish to achieve and the orientation of your home.

Area rugs in light shades like beige provide a room larger overall appearance. Whether you want to have your small study room or home office look bigger or even make a larger living space look larger, Beige would perfectly fit these criteria. Light color beige rugs are perfect for these type of special requirements. A beige rug would perfectly compliment shades like red, black, yellow, violet and orange.

Someone who wants to have a very contrasting color effect then putting beige rug as a floor covering and using contrasting color for draperies would be the ideal idea for decorating your home. As per the famous Chinese art of Fung Shui, the five major elements to achieve a sense of balance in life and home are Metal, Water, Fire, Wood and Earth. So a perfectly balanced room must have earthy tones like beige incorporated in its design.

Having highlighted the scientific importance of beige rugs, we should not forget our own personal taste and style when decorating our homes. If you are not the one who enjoys soft and subdued colors then Beige is definitely not for you. If you love adding a bit of calmness into your home décor which looks beautiful and defines the look and feel in a very soft manner then go for beige rugs.

Luxury feel with Luxurious Rugs

A room needs changing from time to time and for that one needs money. Well, that’s true to some extent but surely there are ways to cut these costs and refurbish the house in affordable ways. One such mode of styling the interiors is Luxurious Rugs.


There is different type of luxurious rugs available in the market that is made from either synthetic or natural materials. Synthetic rugs are generally made of polyester or acrylic yarn while natural fibre rugs are made from wool. Shaggy rugs and sheepskin rugs are two popular forms of luxurious rugs. These super soft and deluxe rugs are known for their softness, easy maintenance, maximum comfort and longevity. Luxurious rugs act as an ideal floor cover for any part of your house be it entry way, living rooms or even bedrooms. They are available in various sizes from small, large to abstract which will easily fit in your selected room.

The choice of your rug would depend on the accessories in your house like furniture and walls. At TheRugShopUK, there is no shortage of design and colours as you can find a fine collection of rugs in our shop. By choosing the appropriate colour, design and texture one can easily refurbish their homes without investing huge sums of money. Luxurious rugs are a treat for the eyes with their warm colour tones and very attractive yet simple design. These rugs are great to add a touch of warmth and relaxation to any room. Purchase your rugs from our store and improve the look of your home. It conveys an exceptional quality when you place it in your room.

Enhance your interior with White and Cream Rugs

We offer wide selection of cream, ivory and other shades of white rugs in various sizes such as small white rugs, medium rugs, large rugs and even extra-large white rugs. Our range includes both handmade and machine made rugs.

White  Cream

The biggest advantage of having a white or a cream rug is that these can match any type of sofa color. A sofa and rug are two home decoration accessories on which we spend a lot of time to decide. They have to match each other and complement each other well to create a well designed interior. While choosing a rug we need to ensure that we keep in mind the color of the flooring. If we are after a patterned rug then it should contrast well with the floor color. This aspect is taken care of well by white and cream rugs which due to their own natural color palettes tend to mix with all types of floorings.

A white or a cream rug looks beautiful on wood flooring of all shades. We come across so many clients who are in favor of white rugs but do not want to settle in for a solid plain shade as they tend to fear a lot of maintenance activity being involved. White tends to get dirtier a lot. A white or a cream rug should not be kept in high traffic areas. If you wish to go for white in combination with some other complimenting color like red, black or something very contemporary and fascinating like our black and white zebra rug, then you have ample choices. We select our combination rugs with extreme detail. Some of our exclusive white/cream rugs are made of finest New Zealand wool.

White and cream combines well with all types of colors like red, green, purple or black. We have different patterns like striped and chequered which include white and cream for a very elegant and modern look. Over and above our beautiful patterns and extravagant design you also have the option of choosing the type of material which you want. We have whites and cream in wool, polypropylene and mostly all natural and synthetic fibers you can think off. Our white and cream range is also available in handmade and machine made construction. While choosing our rugs we keep in mind the different requirements which a prospective client might have and accordingly we select our area rugs. We assure you that you will not find a cheaper rug anywhere online.

A white or a cream rug is perfect for study and conservatories. Not so suitable for kids room and dining rooms and living rooms as well. If you wish to achieve a calming and soothing effect then a plain white or cream would just do fine. On the contrary if you need a modern and designer look then check our designer range which includes cream and white in different styles.

Multicoloured Rugs Beautify your room today!

Most of the times we choose a rug, keeping in mind the theme color of our living spaces or furniture. Our range of multicolored rugs comes in different geometric patterns which include striped and chequered. Each striped or the chequered box has a different color to ensure that the rug perfectly blends with your room style.


We generally tend to gravitate towards choosing the color and pattern first and then come the requirement of size, shape and texture. Reason being, the first thing which attracts the eyes is the color. Our multicolor rugs at are visually appealing and each rug has a perfect combination of color schemes used to create the best rug to suit your home décor. These rugs are best suited when your interiors are made in different colors for a vibrant and modern look. Multicolored rugs in every sense of the word make a room look revolutionary in style. They add a bit of accent and flair to the floors.

Multicolored rugs have a different stance when placed in a kid’s room. They resemble the character of children in terms of being bright, vibrant and attractive. Another advantage of having a multicolored rug is that their look doesn’t change with the type of material used to make them. What I mean here is that individual color rugs will look different in different textures like wool and synthetic fibers but multicolored rugs have blending of numerous colors which neutralizes any noticeable change in the look.

Multicolored rugs enhance the liveliness of any room. They are a perfect home accessory if your room furniture is quite modern. We choose our rugs from across the globe and multicolor rugs are no exception to this rule. It is very important to check multicolored rugs for right blending of shades in different colors. We ensure that our range matches this aspect of rug quality. Our multicolor rugs range is available in different shapes and sizes and you also have the freedom of choosing the type of material you want. We have wool, polypropylene, polyester rug in different color combinations. If you have a very unique demand of a shaggy multicolored rug, we have that as well. Explore our “rugs by color” section to choose your favorite color and surprise your guests. Home decoration trends are very dynamic and with a multicolored rug you will never feel that your interiors have faded away in the history of time.

Let’s distinguish between hand-spun and machine-spun wool pile

The process of spinning:

Before writing even a word on this subject we need to understand what spinning is. Actually it is a process by which massed short fibres are drawn into a continuous strand by the technique of twisting by hand.

The history of hand spinning can be traced to thousand years back when girls and women used to spin wool by hand for preparing the wool for creation of rug. This was continued till the invention of machines. Even today art of hand spinning is prevalent in many parts of world.

rug shop

Hand-spun wool pile:

Generally it has been seen that the wool which is spun by hands absorbs dye unevenly producing multicoloured effect. This is the reason why handmade carpets and rugs have an informal look.

The look of a rug would depend upon the material from which it has been made. The machine-spun wool and handspun wool both have different properties that would decide how the rug will look.

On closely observing you can find that handspun wool yarn is irregular in the tension of its twist. At some places it is loose whereas tight at some other places. So where does this irregularity reflect? When this yarn is soaked in dye then it absorbs less dye where it is spun tightly and more where it is spun loosely. This is why you will never see uniformity in colour.

In addition to this affect, you will see irregular texture on the surface of handspun yarn so these two factors are correlated with the very handmade look of the rugs.

Machine-spun wool pile:

On the other hand the machine-spun wool absorbs the dye evenly, its colour is uniform and the surface of machine-spun wool rug is also even. This is because of the uniform tension involved in spinning. So whenever you see a rug with a very regular finished look you can guess it is made from machine-spun yarn.

So, with this post we have tried to give you an idea how you can distinguish between hand-spun and machine-spun wool pile. We cannot leave the post incomplete. It would be unjustified if we don’t make you aware of the advantages a wool made rug have over its synthetic counterpart. The biggest advantage is they are environment friendly so in this way you can discourage the bacterial growth naturally. It is a non-allergenic way to cover your floors. Being non-toxic you need not worry about your health with them. Apart from these advantages wool rugs are stain-resistant, durable and easy to maintain in comparison to its synthetic counterparts.

Seeing so many advantages you can give a thought to include them in your interiors. If you want to add something we will love to hear from you. Till then happy shopping!

Pink Rugs make you fall in love again with your interior

Pink represents love, happiness and romance. A pink rug is best suited for your bedroom and your children room. Pink is also associated with purity of thought and infuses positive energy in any room. We have wide variety of pink rugs and different design and pattern to suite your personal style. A pink rugs brings a calming effect into any living space.


Pink color is also thought of to be as feminine and has a lot of popularity among baby girls. A pink rug will be a perfect addition to your daughter’s room. A shaggy pink rug would be the ideal product to buy for comfort and durability. The beauty of a pink rug is enhanced if used with other shades of pink. A pink rug has a very monochromatic look which adds a bit of softness and clear vibe to a home décor.

Get a pink rug if you wish to have gentle and soothing touch to your interiors. It promotes tenderness. A pink rug is ideal for a room where you trying to achieve receptivity and understanding. A pink rug is best suited for smaller rooms like kids room or nursery. These are not ideal for living rooms as they are too sensitive and will be overpowered by other bigger accessories and drapery. Brighter pinks are, fun, exciting and youthful. Vibrant pink rugs bring the same effect as red. In Catholicism, pink signifies happiness and joy.

We have pink rugs available in various texture and pile height. A shaggy pink is the ultimate choice for kids. Do check out our heart shaped pink rug and you just can’t resist yourself from buying it. We have various flat weave pink rugs as well if you like these.If you are fun and friendly then a pink rug will truly match your character and style. Pink as a color in different shades blend well with all modern and contemporary rugs. If you choice is a traditional design then pink might not be the ideal choice for you. Having said that we do have pink in traditional patterns as well. You can check out our traditional rug section and check if that’s what you are looking for your home. In the end, whichever color you choose it is important that it matches the room color where you keep it. Rug is not something which you purchase everyday hence we have a wide variety of rugs which make your task easier.

Extra Large Rugs: Add beauty to your place with Extra Large Rugs

Choosing an extra large rug for your home asks for some homework before you finalize on the perfect rug size. Extra large rugs fall into the range of 17X240 and above. Extra large rugs are best suited for dining area, just under the table, living rooms, conference halls and gathering spaces. Most important thing you need is to first measure your space where you wish to place it. Most people do this but also stop at this point. Another important aspect we need to check after you measure the space is how wellyour furniture is placed. You need to position your furniture right in the places where you want them to be after placing the rug. This will give you an idea of how well the room is transformed after it has its new addition in place.

Extra Large Rugs

Extra large rugs find their use where the room is very large and you do not want to divide them into two different seating areas. This action would again demand two rugs to place in two different places. A single large can take of this requirement very well.

Here, in our extra large section you will find the best rugs which the money can buy at cheap prices. Our designs and quality is unmatched. We give you ample options to choose in terms of what design you prefer. You can choose from stripes, geometric, abstract, modern, contemporary, traditional and oriental patterns. Each pattern further has wide choice in terms of color which you would prefer to match your home decoration. Each color would again have options in different shades and their unique and trendy combinations which make each extra large rug look beautiful then the rest. Our range doesn’t stop here. If you meticulous about the right texture and material then we have you covered for that as well. Our extra large wool rugs are best sellers. Not to mention the ever increasing popularity of rugs made from synthetic fibers like polypropylene, polyester, acrylic and nylon. How about a shaggy rug which is very popular and most comfortable. Choose the one which matches your style and be ready to feel proud of your decision.. If you have a size requirement which is beyond the scope of standard extra large rugs sizes then check out, “Made to Measure” section where we can custom build it. You will never leave our online store without an option.

Playing around with different shaped rugs

The process of spinning:

Generally we don’t want to experiment with the shapes of rugs. We are contented with those rectangular ones. As they work well with typical furniture and room layout but a little innovation, a little experimentation can possibly transform the way your home would look. So today we have tried to carve around a novel strategy related to your room’s interiors and how you can play around with different shapes of rugs. Hope you will like this attempt.


We won’t say rectangular rugs are out of fashion or they should not be there in your home. Yes, they are versatile and suit all types of furniture very well whether they are contemporary or ornate. They are practical, beautiful and can be the best bet to redefine the existing space of your interiors. Thus if you are in mood to have a conventional approach towards your floor covers then surely rectangular rugs are the best choice.

Now for those who can go beyond the obvious and can try a little outside the box, we would say to embrace the circle or an oval, or something abstract that gives a unique feel to your home décor. However, these shapes aren’t so common and since we’re not familiar with them and how they can be incorporated seamlessly may make us feel confused sometimes. For those situations you can drop us a message and our apt team would help you with suggestions on how you can revamp your room’s looks.

Where would oval or circle shaped rugs look good?

When you have to infuse an informal feel in a room, you can use circle or oval shaped rugs without any hesitation. Thus for your kid’s room or an oddly shaped space, they would certainly suit well.

You feel your living room lacks visual appearance embrace oval shaped rug to make it lively. This is how you can trick the eyes of the onlookers as the room with a circle rug can make the room appear a bit bigger.

A bit about square shaped rug

Imagine placing a square shaped rug under a square or circular dining table and you’ll feel the difference you have done in your room’s looks. A more cohesive look is born! And when it is placed in the square shaped entryways then they become more inviting giving your outdoors a more organised look and feel.

Thus we see that playing with the different shapes of rugs may redefine the entire space without spending a fortune. What’s needed is just an innovative approach, out-of-the-box thinking and the will to experiment with the interiors.

A Rug is Always Alive

A bit offbeat, well yes. A bit surprising, of course yes, but a rug never dies. Thanks to the recycling phenomenon, it can be used in a number of ways giving way to it’s being alive at all times.

We researched, consulted a number of really knowledgeable people of the rug industry then came up with some interesting things which we think you’ll admire.


Here they are:

The first thing is very much psychological.

No happiness is bigger than charity.

When we give away anything without any expectations the happiness that we observe cannot be defined in words. So donate you rug to anyone who is needy, who values the art, who values hard work so that that rug will remain alive in your memory.

You can donate your rug online here at

If you feel that any reuse organisation or any furniture reuse network can find it useful then you can donate it here at

As rugs made from wool can help in keeping weeds away on paths so it can be used for local allotments in parks and public areas. It is also believed that wool carpets have high nitrogen content so it can also be used in increasing growth rate.

If you love innocence of animals we’re sure you’ll be like to give them something to save them from cold. So it can also be given to the local animal rescue shelter as it can make good mats especially in winters to keep those innocent beauties warm.

Car enthusiasts will find it interesting. As old pieces of rugs can be placed on car windscreen so it will be easy to defrost your car in chilly mornings. This can save time and it can make your hands feel comfortable too. Thus rugs can be used as anti-frost windscreen covers thus every time you’ll see your car being protected from rugs it will always remain alive.

Want to lower your heating bills? Just keep few rugs in your extra living space for added insulation as it will retain heat lowering your electricity bills. Thus every time you’ll see your electricity bill rug will remain in the background.

So these were few ideas that are currently coming flocking our mind. We all know very well that although primary objective of inviting a rug in the home is to beautify the surroundings but there are many more ways how they can remain alive in your life even when you are not using it.

Don’t wait get a rug today. In case you are interested in ordering it online then with you can buy them at reasonable prices and support the creative weavers too.