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Energy infusing interiors with Orange rugs

While Googling for orange colour psychology, I came across very interesting aspect of this sensuous colour which is one of the favourites of adventure loving people.

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Since orange colour is the combination of red and yellow therefore it can be assumed as a ‘fun colour’ that can be used for giving a casual feeling in the interiors. Right mix of orange with colours like beige and white can make any room joyful full of warmth.


Get it appraised by an expert rug seller:

Since orange colour is the combination of red and yellow therefore it can be assumed as a ‘fun colour’ that can be used for giving a casual feeling in the interiors. Right mix of orange with colours like beige and white can make any room joyful full of warmth.

Now a days many people who can play around with cool colours can give a thought to bring orange coloured rugs in their homes. This is evident with the increasing popularity of these rugs. From dark burnt to a bold and bright hue, people from all over the world are buying a lot of orange rugs.

The biggest advantage with these rugs is that they can coordinate very finely with current decorating themes. This is also the reason why they can be tried in the living room or entrance areas for bringing fresh styles to the décor. Make sure if you are going to buy one for high traffic areas then take a rug which has cotton or canvas backing which makes it durable enough to withstand the heavy footwork.

Hand-made orange rugs have a distinct charm. As they are finished to perfection so they make a great addition for the wooden floors. These days a lot of people are buying wear-resistant polypropylene made orange rugs. And if it features long yarns then together they make a luxurious pile.

One more important thing is the thickness of yarn. When the thickness varies then a comfortable texture is created making it soft and cosy for feet.

.As experiences tell that when you order an orange coloured rug online there are chances of a bit different shaded mustard or yellowish rug arriving at your door. Due to monitor settings or whatever reason may be behind this but people are getting disappointed on this issue. So for those rug lovers we want to assure that you’ll receive the same vibrant colour at your doorstep when you order a rug with us.

These days we have got an entirely new collection of orange coloured rugs. They have beautiful, intricate designs that will instantly accentuate any room’s look. Seeing the soaring popularity of these rugs, designers are experimenting vehemently with designs to make a perfect one for your home, office entryway or other space.

Give a thought to place these energy infusing rugs at your floors to enjoy stunning style and lasting quality. In case you are looking for high quality orange rugs please contact us.

Natural Rugs are for everyone

We at The Rug Shop have wide variety in terms of different natural colors available to choose from. We have beige rugs which add a bit of warmth to any type of room setting. We have brown rugs available in different shades which produces vibes of safety and elegance.


Anyone looking to purchase a natural rug is most likely searching for area rugs which have earthy color tones of beige, brown, cream, ivory, white, grey and black. Making use of natural colors is a way to keep the room clean and filled with positive energy. Our natural rugs range is available in different styles and design pattern that are sure to fit your home perfectly. Natural rugs compliment your room décor perfectly. A perfect natural color rug is generally handmade and natural fibers like wool is used. Having said that you will also find that natural color rugs are also available in synthetic fibers like polypropylene.

We have extensive range in white rugs as well. White as a color is perceived as a celebratory color. A white rug can go along with any type of home décor, whether it is contemporary or modern. White is a perfect symbol of purity and innocence. A white rug makes the room look cleaner and fresher. As all natural colors tend to be a little subdued, they balance off well into any type of room color. When we think of color, first think which comes to our mind is vivid colorful patterns and brightness. Having said that area rugs made with natural colors and dyes have unique and special faded quality which has the capability to add timeless character to any room. Natural color rugs are timeless and play a very important role in balancing out any formal home decoration.

Natural rugs are best home accessory when your aim is to create a very neutral palette which is achieved with a mixture of natural textures and interesting patterns. We have rugs available in modern, contemporary, traditional and abstract designs which make perfect use of natural color elements to create a unique look. Another advantage of having a natural color rug is that it blends well with the color of your flooring. Generally the floorings are made out of wood or material which in itself has natural shades. Very rarely we will find floors in bright colors. Browse through our natural color rugs section and we are sure that you will find a perfect match which suits your personality and style.

Grey is in fad

Well it gives me utter satisfaction to say “Grey is in fad.” Faded shade in fad! How come this is possible? Many of you may be having umpteen views towards this contradictory statement.

For some of you it may give a gloomy look, for few it may be depressive but for those who advocate something neutral for their room without inclusion of beige, certainly grey is the best option.

Seeing the wide varieties of shades, tones and hues in grey one can say yes it is versatile – The same very substance I was looking.


Using grey in homes as well as in offices is just not a passing fancy but it has become a trend now. It comes in all styles. You can find a lot of grey rugs in modern to traditional styles that can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors to provide a neutral ground for complementary colours you may use.

Whether they’re stripes, traditional designs, and transitional styles or graphical structures grey coloured rugs have the ability to accentuate them all. So saying that grey is not going away will not be exaggeration. People have liked it and will be in future. Let us give few reasons to justify it.

Calm and soothing grey coloured rugs can oppose the dreary looks of your interiors despite it being equated with rainy, cloudy days. From classic to contemporary grey can act as a perfect backdrop to any style. All types of furniture look great with grey rugs. Moreover, hues like pinks, blues, purples, and citrus pair astonishingly well with this neutral.

We have seen many designers and interior decorators comparing grey coloured rugs with blue rugged jeans that can pair with almost any top. Here grey rug can be compared with the jeans whereas the furniture, curtains and other accessories can be the tops.

Many of us could be wondering about the different shades that grey has. Some have warm side with more beige undertones whereas some shades have cool blue and green undertones. So it becomes imperative for us to match the colour value before choosing the right rug. Either go with the warm one or the cool one a grey rug is always the best for accentuating your room’s look without any major experimentation.

Some may find grey rug dull but our designers have done a brilliant job to pair them well with vibrant colours like royal blue, purple and red. And when they have intricate hand carvings over them it starts glittering like work of art wiping out all boredom. Winters are approaching. This is the best season to embrace grey which is elegant and neutral colour without any extra glamour. If you feel your home or office needs a renovation you can visit

Toddlers at home – Must haves for your nursery

Once your baby has developed the power to hold his or her head up, he or she will try to learn roll over. So bringing a comfortable and soft floor rug becomes an essential for your home.

Now, you have got two options either you can choose natural fibred rugs or you can give your nod to synthetic rugs. Wool rugs are a bit expensive to their synthetic counterparts like polyester and polypropylene. Now a days picturesque child psychology focused rugs are also being made that can be the best for your toddler’s nursery making them joyous. In this way risk of his or her getting hurt also minimizes when he or she is on the way to learn walking.


Make sure you have done comfortable arrangements for seating. Low height chairs and beds will be the perfect for your kid’s nursery. The furniture should not have edges that can hurt your toddlers. Overall safety must be on your mind when it comes to the seating and furniture arrangements.

Decorate the rooms with creative and positively themed paintings. Introducing kids with art from an early age will help them grow intellectually by being sensitive towards art and culture.

A kid’s room without toys! It seems strange. Give them safe toys to play which are made from eco-friendly materials. Realistic animals dummies in their room will make them inclined towards nature from an early age. This way they can be taught to be merciful towards innocent creatures.

Lighting needs? You have to address it smartly. Harsh lighting is a strict no. As overly exposed eyes of a newborn towards harsh lighting can be a bit harmful. Place soft lamps in your kids room so that you can sneak in and out with ease without disturbing him or her while sleeping. For late night diaper change just one soft lamp would provide enough lighting.

Placing electronic items like TV or a mobile can also be avoided as far as possible. Although we have different views related to mobile vibrations being harmful or not but why to take risks unnecessarily when you can avoid them.

So these were few must haves for your nursery. It is really wonderful observing your child growing.

Have questions related to rug types for baby? Drop us a message and one of our friendly associates will love to help you.

Glamourising with modern graphic area rugs

Whether it’s your dream home or office you will certainly like to invigorate the space. When it comes to how then we’ll suggest giving a thought to modern graphic rugs which is just like a craze that is emerging fast. You’ll love to have them. From striped, chevron or geometric patterns to modern floral, these bold and fun rugs can instantly make your ambience charming. And yes, there’s no need to spend a fortune over them as they are quite affordable.


Consider this case. You have a room having basic furniture but is lacking personality. Consider covering the floors with a graphic rug. It would astonish you how well a simple striped rug or geometric patterned rug will mingle with your furniture instantly waking it up. One thing with graphic rugs is straightforward with these rugs. They can rejuvenate the space.

Speaking about seasons, well they coordinate well with all types of seasons but when its winters then you would certainly like to play with pops of colours. And yes, it is important as well to make your home warm and inviting. Which colour to incorporate? If you would ask me I would say incorporating yellow coloured rug is a sure way to brighten up your living space. Isn’t it?

Already have a rug for your drawing room? No problem at all, you can place small graphic rugs anywhere in the kitchen, bathroom or hallways for accentuating their looks. Great popes of style can be injected instantly at inexpensive prices.

Few days back I visited one of my friend’s home. He had nowhere over shadowed his rug. It was really captivating so it is recommended to choose colours that coordinate with your rug as an accent colour(in small proportion) Primary colour can be in surplus, followed by colour of the furniture or cabinets and the accent colour should be the minimum. This is how you can infuse a mix of vibrant as well as natural colours according to your wish glamourising your interiors in a jiffy.

Some of you may be wishing to have bold piece for your interiors, for this we would say to have a balance with the patterns and colours that are already present. A balance should always be the priority for a bold graphic rug.

Will you be adding any boldness to your spaces with graphic rugs? Is bringing visual interest on your wish list? We would certainly like to hear from you.

Furniture tips and rugs

Furniture has a significant place in the looks of interiors. The place where you will put your furniture has the ability to set the tone for your home.

rug shop

Arranging the space with right measurement

It is very hard to arrange a space without the right measurement of its size. So we would suggest using a measuring tape to find the right dimensions of your room. Once you have rightly determined the furniture placing area of room then find out the dimensions of hallways and door widths so that you buy the right sized furniture for your home.

Identifying the focal point of room

Judge in advance whether your room’s focal point would be a fireplace, area rug, a wall hanging or a specific captivating view. So after deciding your room’s focal point, orient your furniture accordingly.

Adjust your largest and the most important piece of furniture first

Generally for a living room the largest piece of furniture is sofa, in bedroom it is bed and for dining room it is the table so we would suggest orienting them at the right position before placing anything else. This will give enough space in front of the doors, windows and would not block them. Therefore find out your traffic pattern and avoid any type of cluttering in your interiors.

Chalking out a balance

The placement of furniture and their size affects the balance of a room. In case you have placed all the big pieces of furniture to one side of room then it will be off-balanced horizontally. On pushing all the furniture pieces against the wall, the room may look smaller so make sure a balance has been chalked out as far as positioning of furniture is considered.

A proportionate layout is also the key

By making the layout seem symmetrical you can get an extra seating space.

For example by placing a sofa or a pair of comfortable chairs near the fireplace you can have a wonderful conversation area with a symmetrical layout of furniture. Now in front of sofa an ottoman or a cocktail table can also be situated.

Anchoring the area with a beautiful area rug is another wonderful idea to make the look organised and environment relaxed.

When it comes to rugs, the biggest mistake people make is using the area rug that is too small. To avoid this make sure you have measured the open space of floor accurately. One more thing, ensure very well that all the furniture pieces comfortably sit on the rug.

So these were few tips that can be kept in mind when revamping of home is on your mind. Hope you liked them.

If you are looking for a perfect rug with extreme craftsmanship and work of art you can visit or in case you have any queries related to your rugs care please drop us a message.

Inviting Coziness

Decorating home is definitely the dream of every home maker. After all it is the place where dreams are woven for future so why not invite coziness to your home with the right combination of rugs, fabrics, wall colours and textures.

Choice of colour scheme that makes the room cozy in autumn and winter can be your toughest decision towards an elegant ambience. With a designer rug that has both warm and cool colours you get a choice to compose the entire colour scheme for your room. If you get inspired from an object which you love that have both warm and cool colours then this task become much easier, more fun and foolproof.

Nothing could be better if this object could pull together all other elements in room into a beautiful composition. Yes, we are talking about a well-designed multi-coloured rug. So, this was about getting a colour scheme!

Now if you want to bring cheerful warmth in your living room then vibrant red and gold coloured rugs can be used. Large expanses of white and beige over woodwork, ceiling and walls are suggested to make room feel cooler in summer, this compliment well with beige coloured rugs.

In case you live in warm ambience then cool neutral colours such as white can be used to make the room feel inviting year-round. At this point it is important to create a gradual transition from warm colours of the rug to cool colours of the walls otherwise there is a possibility that the room will start looking disjointed.

For the variation you can have collected and undecorated look in your room where small decorative rugs can be used that are available in different patterns. To get an idea visit this.

You can also blend antiques with modern furniture to create a stunning room that feels inviting year-round. Redefine your dining room area with this idea by juxtaposing warm and cool colours.

What about vibrant reddish-orange upholstery? Isn’t it welcoming for winter? And what about pale beige walls that cools you during summers. Ideas could be umpteen but it is you who has to decide your interiors.

If you have any query related to any type of rugs on this planet just shoot us a mail, we’ll be delighted to reciprocate as soon as possible.

Till then Happy Decorating!

Saga of Hand-Made Rugs


Behind glamour there’s immense sweat and dedication of so many creative weavers!

This post is dedicated to revered weavers of rugs whose efforts go unnoticed sometimes but they never forget to blow life in them with their wonderful creativity.

Making a rug with hands involves months of sweat and hard work.

The age-old art of weaving rugs is dying with each passing day this is also a truth we cannot ignore. Be it modernization or blind industrialization, we are not going to blame anyone for this but yes it is happening.

Having said that, today through this post we would like to make our readers aware of the process how these beautiful rugs are made.

Hand-made rugs are generally made from wool which is obtained from Sheeps reared by Nomadic herders at more than 10,000 feets from the sea level. Here, it is important to talk about the height as freezing conditions implies that sheeps are going to produce coarse and thick wool that contains large amount of natural lanolin oil. This oil is responsible for making the wool soft moreover it is the same oil which acts as a natural stain barrier. Generally chemicals are avoided to keep the oil intact in the wool.

Hand-made rugs are made the same way as it used to be made before 300 years just the contemporary designs have been blended with the age old process. After wool is procured the next step is to prepare the wool for weaving.

The woolen pile is untangled, grass is picked by hand and then it is washed. After cleaning it the wool is spread on the banks of river to dry.

After drying up this wool undergoes through a hand carding process where carders further detangle and spin the wool by using spike-covered bats. After this process wool becomes smooth and fluffy. At this point it is spun by hands or by a machine which is operated by foot. Now the wool is ready to be woven.

Here after comes the extremely important role of a dye master who is just like the master chef. He weighs out and adds pigments to the mixture. Dye master is responsible for immaculate colour combination of rugs. Position of colours is also crucial so for each rug design a full-size map is made on graph paper, on this graph paper position and colour of every single knot is set. Weavers use these maps in the final part of rug making process.

So, this was the basic process how hand-made rugs are carved by laborious weavers. Hope you liked it. Possibly we’ll cover some more interesting issues related to weaving and making of rugs.

In case you are interested in hand-made rugs you can buy then from

You can expect incredibly durable yet elegant rugs at affordable prices with free home delivery from The Rug Shop.

A bit about rugs

Possibly we should have taken this post a bit earlier but I don’t know why I skipped this crucial domain related to home furnishing needs. But as they say it is never too late to start altogether for good objectives here we go with rugs and their brief introduction that would let you identify your exact rug according to your needs.


Often you’ll feel that it is hard to know what style of rug to choose for your space. This basic information will make it easier for you to find your perfect rug.

Traditional Rugs

We’ll start with traditional rugs. This is a masterpiece we would say because it has medallions, flower and vine motifs inspired from nature which looks gorgeous. Border completes the unending beauty journey with rich colours like crimson, gold and navy. However, some passionate creative weavers are playing with neutral colours as well as gaudy ones. Originated in Persia, these rugs are typically made from wool, cotton or silk.

Why you’ll appreciate them: They have the ability to bring a classic look to a room and since the elaborate borders can help define seating and dining areas it is a convenient option to decorate your home.


Simplicity admirers would love to find Dhurries around. Without any frills and fancies this flat woven rug are very affordable featuring symmetrical, geometric designs in an array of colours. Typically made in India from cotton, wool, jut or silk these rugs are easy to maintain as well.

Why you’ll love them: If you don’t want to spend a fortune but would like to cover your floors with an easy to maintain option then Dhurries are the best rugs that work in any type of space such as kid’s room or a home office. They can be reversed also if they start to show signs of wear.


Quite resembling with Dhurries this tightly woven wool made rug is flat-woven fit for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. This amazing work of art got birth in Balkans and Pakistan. The traditional Kilim styles have narrow stripes of blue, green, brownish yellow and red with small geometric designs over them.

Why you’ll love them: Perfect for a family room, kid’s room or places where you expect a lot of traffic this rug can be a great addition to redefine the interiors of your home.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Few richly textured natural fibre rugs have a cotton border that makes them look appealing. Common natural fibres are wool, jute, sisal and sea grass by which weavers make rugs that are durable and unpretentious.

Why you’ll love them: Extremely durable these rugs go equally well with all types of interiors. These rugs are great for spaces where you can relax like the sunroom or for a casual living room.

Overdyed Rugs

Well known for their bright vivid hues over dyed rugs these rugs can give an instant makeover to your otherwise gloomy interiors. Generally these rugs are made by using a vintage rug and dying over the design in a richly saturated colour. This gives the rug an antique look.

Why you’ll love them: If you have a small space then to make them appear bigger you can bring over dyed rugs in your home. This would make the rooms look more lively and welcoming.

So these were few types of rugs and their brief introduction. Possibly in the next post we’ll discuss some more variations. Till then take care.

Go Natural, Let Blue Rugs enhance the beauty of your place

We at The Rug Shop have a wide array of blue rugs including its various shades such as vibrant teal rug, duck egg blue rug, light and dark blue rugs and that too in various sizes to help you choose the right colour and size to match your living space.

Blue Teal

Our range of blue rugs includes wool rugs, shaggy rugs in both handmade and machine made. In terms of design we have full range from modern rugs to traditional blue rugs to solid plain blue rugs in various shades.

When you come across a blue or a teal rug, first thing which strike you is its vibrant representation which adds a bit of flair to any type of home décor and at the same time becomes a focal point of attention. Blue as a color is a symbol of peace. Blue as a color seems to dissolve tension and promotes tranquility. Choose a light blue area rug which will bring ease and harmony into any room you put it in. Blue color is also known for calming down aggressive tendencies.

Teal rugs are livelier in appearance and add a bit of accent to your home décor. Blue rugs in all shades are always in demand due to their friendliness and blending with other colors. Blue can very easily combined with other colors of your home like off white, terracotta and different shades of green to create an atmosphere which will give hotel decorations a run for their money.

When you think of getting a blue rug do not settle for the conventional blue which we all have been admiring for long. Nature inspired and water influenced blues make perfect room look more elegant and off lately the new shades of blue are adding a bit of charm. Our blue and teal rug collection is not limited to just few color shades of blue but they have been carefully chosen from across the globe so that you get the best one choose from such as duck egg blue rug and at the same time it doesn’t reflect too heavily on your wallet.

Blue rugs are also undertoned with silver, black or violet to enhance the feel and uplift any room ambience. Adding a bit of water element to your home décor is considered as a source of good strength as per Fung Shui. This aspect is best represented by deep blue or a navy blue rug which we have available in various sizes, texture and designs.

So, if you are looking to buy a blue or a teal rug or a duckegg blue rug then go no further as your search for the best ends here. Browse through our rugs and choose the one which fits your thoughts of a perfect match to your home and we are more than happy to serve you for the years to come.