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Let Striped Rugs enhance your interior

We at have got striped rugs for every room, from red to black to white and every colour in between! Our striped rugs are a great alternative to the more traditional patterns and designs. Striped rugs have become noticeably popular recently because more people are ready to try out new designs which look attractive and at the same time are different.

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A striped pattern can be among the most commanding ornamental elements the design for a room. A striped rug is designed with simple parallel stripes but different colour combinations add accent to their look and ultimately to your room. There are various styles and types of striped rugs available at our online store. You can find a shaggy striped rug as well as a flat weave rug to go with your furniture and room ambience. A general feeling is that a striped rug is associated with contemporary look, however, these types of rugs can be orthodox as well. Rugs that have stripes of equal length and have the same mixture of colours tend to be more orthodox in their styling.
Striped rugs have a unique versatility of blending with all types of home décor. They can both transform a room or compliment a room’s décor. They key to achieving this is choosing a striped rug with the right colour combination which enhances the look of your room and at the same time look perfectly flexible. Striped rugs in fact can also be added to children’s’ rooms, especially when they are made in bright colour combinations.

As there are a number of stripes, even within the simplest of rugs, they offer an array of colours. Each colour scheme gives a different feel to a room. Natural colours, such as cream, grey and brown tones create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A colour scheme of stripes of blues and greens give an ocean feel and offer a sense of serenity, whereas a colour scheme of reds, yellows and burnt oranges offer a Middle Eastern and warm feel. Striped rugs, therefore, are extremely versatile, whatever style of décor you desire, there is a rug that will go well with it.

If you are looking for the perfect striped rug for your home then you are at the right place to fulfil your desire. Shop for one at the best competitive prices and don’t forget to check our deals and discount section. You never know it might be your luck day!

Buyer’s Guide to Luxurious Rugs


A room needs changing from time to time and for that one needs money. Well, that’s true to some extent but surely there are ways to cut these costs and refurbish the house in affordable ways. One such mode of styling the interiors is Luxurious Rugs.

There is different type of luxurious rugs available in the market that is made from either synthetic or natural materials. Synthetic rugs are generally made of polyester or acrylic yarn while natural fibre rugs are made from wool. Shaggy rugs and sheepskin rugs are two popular forms of luxurious rugs. These super soft and deluxe rugs are known for their softness, easy maintenance, maximum comfort and longevity. Luxurious rugs act as an ideal floor cover for any part of your house be it entry way, living rooms or even bedrooms. They are available in various sizes from small, large to abstract which will easily fit in your selected room.

The choice of your rug would depend on the accessories in your house like furniture and walls. At TheRugShopUK, there is no shortage of design and colours as you can find a fine collection of rugs in our shop. By choosing the appropriate colour, design and texture one can easily refurbish their homes without investing huge sums of money. Luxurious rugs are a treat for the eyes with their warm colour tones and very attractive yet simple design. These rugs are great to add a touch of warmth and relaxation to any room. Purchase your rugs from our store and improve the look of your home. It conveys an exceptional quality when you place it in your room.

Guide to help you buy Kilim Rugs

Turkey and Central Asia have been renowned for their rugs for centuries, especially when it comes to Kilim rugs. A Kilim rug represents the most ancient style of traditional rugs ever made. We at bring to you this preserved traditional art in the form of finest quality of Kilim rugs you will ever find anywhere. Kilim Rugs are generally flat weave Turkish and Persian beauties which have their own charm and a bit of raw elegance.

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Kilim rugs normally have multi-coloured designs which are geometrically graphical and could be the first starting point when it comes to decorating your home décor. Kilim rugs are also made in India and hence you would many a times find Indian designs and culture popping out in fascinating designs. They are easy to clean and maintain. Kilim rugs provide a perfect floor covering for high traffic areas like kitchen and hall ways.

Kilim rugs are referred as flat-weave rugs as they have no pile. They add a bit of a tribal Afghan look to the ambience and look uniquely different than any other rug. As Kilim is a material you may come across few modern designs and patterns as well when browsing our Kilim rug range. Kilim rug is easy and light to roll up for cleaning purposes. Kilim make great decorative table covers Ideal to protect a beautiful piece of furniture or disguise an ugly one. Because Kilim rugs are light weight they make good wall hangings. Carefully placed lighting will show up the woven texture in the Kilim.

The texture of Kilim rugs has evolved from the simplest reed basket and mat weaving techniques. Kilims are the primitive form of artistic expression that usually feature bold angular patterns combined with rich, vibrant or earthly tones. As such, the most important consideration is visual appeal. When choosing a Kilim rug, select a rug that adds interest, warmth and style to your living space coz whoever sees the rug will have an impression of your own taste and style. Although Kilims are robust and durable they are light weight. Browse through our Kilim rugs range and be ready to travel the ancient form of rug manufacturing which will surely leave you spell bound. You will have wide array of designs, patterns, colour combination and sizes to choose from. When placing a Kilim rug on the floor, it is advisable to use a non-slip underlay to avoid any slipping. Having said that, you will find that most Kilim rugs now come with an anti-slip backing.

Before buying Traditional Rugs

If you are looking for handmade rugs to make your home décor complete then nothing beats the style and elegance of a traditional rug. In a typical scenario, the traditional rugs are used in large spaces like living rooms or dining rooms. The ultimate advantage you have when you shop for a traditional rug at is the incredible range we offer and at prices which can’t be beaten. Our website is set up in a way which allows you to scroll through our huge selection of traditional rugs quickly and easily, and you can even narrow down your search so that you are only shown the particular types of rugs you’re looking for. This will save you a lot of time and money compared with having to drive to the different carpet and rug outlets, with their higher prices.

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When you’re shopping for a traditional rug at our store online you will find endless design options to choose from. You can get them in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you will have no trouble in finding the one which fits your room perfectly. You may like so many that that you will want to buy more than one rug, especially at our very affordable prices.

The biggest reason for anyone to purchase a traditional rug is the look which can’t be beaten by any other handmade, or machine made rug of choice. They add a sophisticated elegance to any room and a majestic feel. If you have an antique style of décor then choosing traditional rugs for your floors is the icing on the cake. The meticulous detailed design and patterns found in traditional rugs just can’t be beaten by any other type of rug in the market. A true traditional rug is handmade. The construction can be hand tufted, or hand knotted. Recently, traditional designs are also produced by machines and in synthetic fibres like polypropylene. The one which you find best suits you will depend on your feelings about the style and your budget. Our prices are the best in the industry and we have proved the myth that traditional rugs are generally expensive is untrue. Choose the rugs you like best from our website at .

Preventing Oriental Rugs from Sunlight Damage

It has been observed that exposure towards sunlight has an adverse effect over the Oriental Rugs. Sun’s ultraviolet rays can wash out the dyes and strip the rug of its colour if they are exposed for an extended period of time. So it becomes obvious to prevent their exposure from direct sunlight as much as possible.


Here are few ways to prevent them:

If you aim to preserve your rug’s colour and texture then it is recommended to rotate it every few months. It can prevent the rug from sunlight damage and moth damage as well. If the rug has furniture placed over it then possibly it will be influenced with moth damage underneath the furniture but by rotating the rug you can prevent both types of damages.

By filtering harmful UV rays colour fading can also be prevented. Now a days modern UV window films can provide UVA and UVB filtering without darkening your windows. In this way you can preserve the transparency of your glass while getting the protection from damaging sun’s rays.

Not only dyes in the handmade rugs but rugs with artworks are also prone towards fading when exposed to direct sunlight so they should be carefully preserved for their originality.

Although window treatments, blinds, curtains and shades can be used for effective protection but there is one drawback with them. They can darken your environment blocking the outside view eventually. In comparison to them Retractable Awnings are more convenient as they can be folded or opened according to the requirement.

There’s one more aspect!

Since the extent of time period your rug is subjected towards sunlight would decide its damage so in that case window film seems to be the perfect option but there is one more issue with it. Although it can resolve the threat of UV ray damage but the issue of heat retention needs to be considered in this case. For this you can give a thought to suction held solar panels that can offer convenience and transparency of window films but without any heat build-up.

Myriads of brick and mortar along with online shops are selling Oriental Rugs but sometimes it becomes cumbersome to choose the best one for you. In case you’re planning to revamp your home with an awesome Oriental Rug but feel confused about the right one that would match well with your interiors then give us a call at 033 30118189. We will love to help you in deciding the perfect piece of art for you. For buying rugs right away you can trust

Grey Rugs: Beauty at your place

The Rug Shop has extensive shades of silver and Grey rugs to choose from to complete your home décor. Silver brings with itself an air of understated confidence while Grey is known for being calm and composure. The color Grey is a perfect flag bearer for elegance and sophistication. You just can’t go wrong with a Grey rug if adding a bit of accent and flair is what you wish to achieve. On the other hand choosing a silver rug will add a sprinkle of elegant formality which is subtle.

Grey  Silver

A Grey rug is a perfect addition to white surroundings which for long have been the best modern yet simple design to achieve. It is not to complicated and still does the job of providing uniqueness to the room. A Grey rug is perfect for high traffic areas as it will cover all of the dirt for many years and keep the outer texture of the rug neat and clean. A Grey rug is quite rich in itself so adding it to a dull room will live up the environment making the rug the main focal point of the living space.

A silver rug normally is added to provide support to more vibrant colors of your interiors. It blends with most of the known colors without being too conservative. We have an extensive range of Grey, silver and combination of both rugs so that you get to choose the right one to match your own personal style.

Grey and silver both blend with each other in a nice way. In our range of chequered and striped rugs you will find a lot of fascinating designs and patterns which have made the use of these two colors in a perfect sense. Making them look more contemporary and modern. It is very hard to deny that impact Grey and silver rugs have on spaces. They keep a room together and a good material Grey or silver rug provides ultimate comfort under feet. As far as silver rug is concerned you can keep it anywhere and it will match the style of your room. Having said that, a Grey rug would be best suited centerpieces.

Choose the one which you like from our Grey rugs section where you would also find a lot of range in grey, silver and other elegant shades. Apart from the color you have the liberty choose your size, pattern and material. Get one today to create the buzz among your guests and family members.

Round rugs: Give your living space an exclusive look



If you are planning of buying some new rugs for your home, consider getting something different and unique from norm – go for a Round rug. Its unique round shape is a pleasant variation and will surely give a new tempting look as compared to the rugs that you see everywhere – rectangular or square shape rugs. This article illustrates how round rugs can allure your home interior.

Gives interesting focal points: Round rugs are great addition to home décor when it comes to highlighting focal points of the home. With most spaces of your room filled with either square or angular furniture, this round rug will make a big difference in enhancing the beauty of your room and looks impressive too.

Great for small rooms: People having small rooms can greatly benefits from round rugs. You can easily demonstrate more of the natural flooring underneath the round rugs, which gives the illusion that your room is bigger than it seems to be. Moreover, a round rug does not overwhelm the space of your room and are perfect for allotting different spaces in a single room.

Add life to room: If your room is stagnant, sluggish and doesn’t seem to have a flow of energy, a circular rug in plethora of vibrant colours will surely bring a much needed curve to a static space. You can also place them partially beneath your furniture items for a visual reason in order to create a partial circle that looks great.

Helps in creating more intimate ambiance: Some people arrange their seats around a round rug to generate a more favourable or warm ambiance. You can see these round rugs placed in patio areas, classrooms, meeting rooms, counselling centres. It helps in creating an illusion of an organized space.

For maintenance, you can vacuum it or simply sweep the round rug regularly. You can remove dark stains with mild detergents and a soft rag. Avoid using harsh detergent or brushing it as it can damage the rugs especially those made up of wool. No doubt, market is crammed with variety of Round rugs, but Shopping online means that you will get infinite options to choose from in terms of colours, designs, material and size. For wide variety of circle rugs get in touch with us today!

How to find the right size rug

When you make up your mind to spruce up your home interior, it’s pretty simple to figure out what things you will need in terms of decor. Beautifying your abode with knick-knack and furniture is very easy. But selecting the right rug for your home, however, is not always so easy. The reason behind this is that there are several things that you need to consider when you are buying a rug. From right colour to right design to right size, you have to assess each and every aspect to accomplish a perfect finishing touch.


Many people underestimate the significance of size parameters when it comes to choosing rugs. However, it is much better to make careful and wise decision rather than repenting later, ending your home decor look cluttered. Fortunately, there are ample of things you can do to select the right size rug the first time.

The sizes

Firstly, you have to decide what you want to bring about in your room. Do you need a rug that can only emphasise a piece of furniture of your home or are you looking for a rug that will keep your feet warm and comfy?

If you are planning for a rug that can accent the furniture of your room, go for smaller size colourful rugs, whereas, if you want maximum coverage then buy larger or area rugs.

Getting the size

Once you have decided whether you want smaller or larger size rug, it’s time to figure out exactly what size you need. One of the best ways to do this is with a newspaper. Take a newspaper and put them on the area where you want to place a rug.

Then, simply measure the size of the newspaper and accordingly buy the rug size for your home. You can also perform the same task with the help of a masking tape. Just put it around the floor accurately, and you will get the perfect measurement.

However, if you fail to find a rug in your specific dimensions, always go for a bit larger rug. When you have a rug that is slightly larger, you can put the extra edges under the furniture.

There is no dearth of offline and online retailers ready to serve you wide ranges of rugs. Some online retailers can even provide you with custom sized rugs or small size rugs in array of sumptuous designs and colours; you just need to browse them online. For high quality and comfortable rugs, you can also visit our website . Buy from us and start saving.

Give a natural feel to your place with Green Rugs

Green is known as the best color for healing. Buying a green rug for your home décor would bring in a sense of nourishment and helps in balancing your room equilibrium and enhance stability. We at The Rug Shop offer wide variety of green rugs which are inspired by the botanical designs and patterns to help you transform your living space for good.


Reassurance and calmness is the effect which green rugs bring along with them. Having shades of green as part of your interior design will keep you close to nature and provides a very tranquilizing effect. Green color is very soothing to the eye. Green rugs have interestingly become popular as they add a bit of natural accent to your room setting. To create a perfect amalgamation of green you should different shades of green in your home design. In our lives we are already surrounded by a lot of green in terms of environment hence the color green will not take much time to mix with your personality and ambience. Many interior designers love to incorporate green in their design as the color attracts attention naturally. In our range of green rugs, you will find this green color and its hues blending with so many different designs and patterns. We also cater your demands in terms of sizes and shapes. You will also find a lot of green being incorporated in our kiddies rug section as children also love this color. Playing in the garden on green grass is the favorite activity for every child.

Muted shades of green like olive green are best to add some earthy element into your home. Lighter shades of green rugs are easy to work with and easily blend with all types of home furniture. Adding a green rug to your room adds a relaxing feel to it. We take extreme measures to choose our color range, keeping in mind what shades are in trend today and the shades which are most selling. We do the grind of selecting only those green rugs which we are sure will tempt you to buy them. Choose the shade of green which you feel is the best suited for your home and make your home interiors complete. We are sure that you will like what you purchase from us and that too at unmatched prices which are too hard to be compared. Get one today.

Inviting decor with colourful rugs


Whatever advanced your creative skills are but still you’ll be left with fewer options to adorn your home in black and white. On the other hand once you have decided to bring colouful rugs in your home then you’ll get an inviting ambience all the time you peep through it. Certainly it is possible to stay on budget and enrich the décor simultaneously with colourful rugs. Once you’ll step in your living room decorated with coloured rug you’ll be lost in the chic and cheerful appearance. Moreover if there is neutral furniture present over it then certainly your rug will shine as a star with curved shapes resonating with the designs. If you are on a tight budget then you would like to have a single home décor companion by which you would anticipate colour, texture, pattern, and the right tone from a single piece. Here’s how you can bring an inviting look by decorating with colourful rugs while staying on budget:

Chic and cheerful ambience:

Sunny yellows, vibrant greens, crisp bules and warm corals, if you could find all of these clubbed into one rug then certainly that would make your décor inviting, chic and cheerful. You get a plethora of possibilities as far as selection of fabrics is concerned. So once you decide to energize your dining room colourful rug is the best option.

Neutral furniture:

I have always been a believer of simple yet classic furniture. Its flexible that allows to easily freshening up the look of room by changing a few accessories. And when you have a mood swing you can change the colour of walls without thinking whether it will suit with the furniture of not. Moreover neutral furniture allows the colourful rug to outshine as a glittering décor accessory.

Sculptural shaped accessories:

While searching for furniture, try to look for sculptural shapes that resonate with the motifs of colourful rugs. This will heighten the interest of onlookers by enriching the look of your interiors with additional layers of designs.

Mixing different textures:

Creating contrast with a smooth textured ivory white sofa, cream velvet bed and classic chairs will also elevate the look of the room that have colouful rugs on its floor. This is how you can mix a variety of textures without adding to cost.

We hope you would like these ideas on how to give an inviting look to the interiors. If you have some more ideas we would love to hear from you!