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Following long aged traditions is always a better option

No doubt, you need to colour yourself with this colourful modern world but why not trying moving forward with our world’s greatest possessions with us. Our legacy is undoubtedly restored in our fine pieces of historical artworks. Why not move forward with our hands on it.

Traditional rugs give us a perfect option and environment where there is a classic integration of our long aged traditions with a hint of modern contemporary styling.

For a home décor which has an antique collection and a unique sophisticated interior designing, a traditional rug is a perfect match for it. People often associate a sense of class and a high living standard with these unmatched traditional rugs.

Traditional rugs are considered to be one of the finest of handmade artworks which is why this becomes a little heavy for your pockets. Months of hard work makes it costlier than its peers but its unique feature is the reason why it’s pricing is always ignored over its quality.

But with the advent of time and technology, these traditional rugs are also being made using machines which has made its reach possible for every household.

Now the question arises what would be the best possible place to place such classic antique artworks?
These rugs are deeply associated with the long aged cultural and traditional values which reflect in its name as well. So, your rug placing pattern or behaviour should be levied upon the values associated with it.

Living space: The first place which appears hammering down the others is your standard living room. These are the perfect common gathering spaces and guarantees high traffic which is why these are considered to be perfect for showcasing your luxurious and high end traditional rugs.
Dining rooms: Placing a traditional rug in your dining room is also a smart move to flaunt your classic possession.
Things always come with extreme cases and rug placing is not an exception. If living rooms and dining rooms are your best places than kids’ room is the one which stands tall on the opposite side. The worst place to place a traditional rug is your kids’ room. Placing it into your kid’s room is obviously a worst idea as the cultural heritage or its majestic style has no connection with the kids’ room.
So, if you are planning to buy a traditional rug, you have to go with the name which endows a trustworthy feeling to you. The Rug Shop UK is what you are searching for.
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Few Misconceptions Associated with Rugs

Many people assume Oriental rugs as carpets but the reality is that both rugs and carpets are used interchangeably. In rug industry, carpets have a bigger size than rugs. Generally it is more than 6 by 9 feet in dimensions.

The second misconception associated with rugs is a little offbeat.

It has been heard that new carpets having an old look are given a bath in tea. But the fact is that tea is sometimes used but almost always in combination with other substances which give them a permanent effect.


Then comes abrash related misconception.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term abrash, we’ll say that these are the bands of slightly different colours running across a rug. Generally it is assumed that abrash occurs due to natural dyes but in fact, it is a sign that wool is being dyed in small batches wherein each batch has a slightly different shade.

Rug makers also put abrash deliberately into synthetically dyed rugs to tell age or to give a vintage feel to it.

There is one more.

People feel that new Oriental rugs are no longer made by hand. At this junction we would like to tell our readers that these rugs are all about ‘handmade.’ Handspun wool is used along with the natural dyes in their making, same as it was done hundreds of years ago. Please get informed in advance that it is all about a genuine Oriental rug which don’t gets applied to the imitations.

There is also a feeling that all old rugs have natural dyes. On contrary new rugs have synthetic dyes. This is also not true. In the market you may also find rugs which are considered old being made from synthetic dyes whereas some new rugs are also being prepared with natural dyes.

The last one is related to labour getting involved in making of a rug.

Generally it is being thought that child labour is primarily involved in making of rugs. This is not true at all. Yes, it exists but on an estimate it takes place in only 1 to 3 percent of the workforce. This figure includes children who work at home under the supervision of their parents.

Thus we see there are few myths that are related to the creation of rugs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this write-up. In case you have any doubts related to rugs we’ll be happy to help you at all fronts. Just drop a message at or ring us at 033 30118189.

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How to protect your rug when there’s a spill?

Are you a responsible homemaker worried about your interior’s care every now and then? If you answer “yes” then this post would be extremely helpful for you. Even if you answer “no” then also as a cleanliness loving person you would certainly appreciate it.

When we have a big family with kids around then there is more probability of a spill on the rug no matter how careful we are. I have even experienced spill done by my beloved pooch. Then it becomes imperative for us to take steps as early as possible in order to protect our expensive floor cover.


A slight delay in taking measures and your rug would have permanent stains over it. So with these small dos and don’ts you can prevent unsightly stains. Here we go:

You might be having paper napkins in your homes. The moment you see the spill faster you should respond to soak the spilled material. It you’ll leave the spill as it is for a long time there are chances that it is going to leave a mark making it harder to get out. As paper napkins soak the spill due to its incredibly absorbent attribute therefore it is recommended to use them as soon as you locate a spill.

Using a towel, rags or clothes to absorb the spilled material may not absorb the full content so they should be avoided when there’s a spill.

Generally we squirt water over the spill to make it dilute. Spraying a fine mist from a spray bottle is much better than pouring or splashing it onto a stain. One thing more, always use a new bottle kept exclusively for spraying water. It should not contain even traces of any chemical in it otherwise it can lead to damage or wearing to the rug.

If your rug is made from natural fibre material like wool then rubbing the spill will put the spilled material deeper into the wool. This can cause the stains to set further permanently.

Once you have sprayed water over the spill, gently drab the paper napkin over the spill. This will pick up the material before it leaves a mark.

Now we’ll talk about a very common issue. When we have a pet in our home then we use chemicals for pet urine cleaning and absorbing smell. They are too harsh on soft wool fibres and dyes so instead of chemicals you can use club soda or white vinegar instead of water. It is found that white vinegar can be used to absorb smells without harming the texture of rug.

In a nutshell once you locate there is spill don’t panic but be alert. Spray water as a fine mist over the spill. Use a paper napkin to soak the spilled material. Drab repeatedly until the stain is gone.

With these small steps you’ll be able to protect your masterpieces which are the glory of your home.

If you have anything more to add or say your suggestions are most welcome.

Interiors without rugs, of course something’s missing!

So interiors with a personal touch give you another reason to come back home early after work. Yes or no, in either case, its a natural tendency to look for a cosy ambience that is close to your heart. It may be a small window from where you can peep outside watching greener pastures. It could be those pastel colours curtains giving you solace or a luxurious rug with vintage designs highlighting the golden bygone era. What we’re trying to convey is, whatever you crave for but at the end of the day your interiors should be able to make you relax and unwind so that you can refresh and prepare yourself for the next day’s goals. And often this becomes an insurmountable task but a little imagination and knowledge you can also transform the looks of your interiors. Let us see how.


Rugs are just not floor covers but if used appropriately they can be helpful in pulling the entire interior design landscape of a room together. Here are few ways that would justify this statement.

You have got rectangular tables. Although they can promote harmony but adding round pendant lighting can soften their edges. In the same way for creating a balance you can also experiment with the shapes of rugs.

Round rugs can be used for togetherness. Generally rooms are either rectangular or square shaped so their dramatic look can be softened by using oval shaped rugs. Thus by trying different shaped rugs you can get the feel you want. What’s needed is just the will to experiment with your interiors!

Walls and boundaries are an integral part of interiors and how you decorate them will also help in getting the best out of your room.

Don’t have enough space? Please don’t overcrowd it with furnishings as it can make your interiors seem cluttered moreover by adding an extra-large rug you are giving invitation to a swampiest living space. Leaving a gap around the edge can give an open feeling in a small room.

On the other hand if you are blessed with large rooms giving a loft-living feel then by placing too small rugs your interiors may look cold and sparse. So it becomes imperative to measure the space well and get the rug that fits best with it.

Smart use of rug texture can make your interiors hide or accent certain features. Consider a case in which you have a smaller space. By using rugs that are metallic in materials or finish you can easily make your room look bigger as the natural light would bounce around. In contrast using coarser textures in a large room can absorb some of the light making the room cosier. Thus we see the texture of rugs that is being used can also affect the look of interiors.

Coming back again from where we had started, the crux is that rugs can actually prove to be fruitful when they have been used with a bit of visualization and intelligence. If your interiors are without rugs certainly they are missing something.

Hope you liked this post. If you face any difficulty in choosing the best rug for your indoors or outdoors then you can contact us along with your query. Our knowledgeable and friendly team members are always willing to help with their expert advices.

How revamping the work place can inspire creativity?

Psychology is everywhere. Not convinced with me, try observing psychology of your employees, your family members, your pets and you’ll find a more meaningful relationship with them.


No matter what your business is creativity at workplace can have a great affect over the psychology of your team members, boosting their morale ultimately leading to increased productivity.

Even if you have a routine work, a little colour in the office can do wonders, especially when combined with inspirational paintings. By embracing different kinds of décor at your work place you can inspire creativity along with encouragement of new ideas.

Colours around you:

Nature has blessed us with so many colours. The balance of colours present in nature can make your learn how to create the perfect working environment for your office. Some of you may not be convinced with it but researches have proved that the colours you surround yourselves with actively or passively affect your mood, work ethic and attention span.

Certain colours are more helpful to inspire creativity, and when blended effectively, they can increase efficiency at work.

Red and yellow are supposed to boost energy levels and, in some cases, can raise people’s blood pressure. But if you remain on a safe side, you can use blues and greens that can have a calming effect. Overall take clue from nature how it has used colours and blend colours in such a way that creates a balanced effective work environment at your work place.

Playing with seating arrangement:

How you arrange your workplace can affect you and your staff’s functioning throughout the day?

It may sound strange but kick down the borders of cubicle walls. By opening your workplace a sense of togetherness gets developed that also encourages creative thinking. Of course, managers may not be happy with this idea!

Have windows in your office? Make use of natural sunlight and make your employees sit near them.

Changing seating arrangements every few months can also make your employees familiar with each other which may be the stepping stone towards a cordial professional relationship.

Utilities you have laid at your work place:

Whatever you do for your living but a suitable environment at the work place can do wonders. As bathrooms, break rooms and storage spaces are an integral part of a functioning work place, so with a little attention over them you can recharge your workforce.

If your team members use storage shelves then you can encourage them to bring snaps from their homes to hang them inside.

This may sound a bit strange but hanging motivational artwork in bathroom or in galleries can have a positive impact on your employees.

Placing company newsletters at the break place or pictures of those who have done big in their lives can also be done.

These days a numbers of designers are designing rugs suitable for workplace. Available in natural or flamboyant shades they can instantly embellish your work place’s floors.

So the bottom line is that by maintaining a stimulating, comfortable work environment a positive effect on efficiency, productivity and behaviour can be expected that could lead to the fulfillment of your professional targets as well.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you’ve anything to add we would certainly like to hear from you.

Factors to be considered before buying a rug

Decision of adorning your interiors with a rug can have so many reasons behind it. You may want to warm up your space, you may be planning to experiment with the looks of your home. It could be an enhancement to the decorating scheme of your home or you just want to express your design personality by using them so there could be so many why’s behind it but yes it a brilliant idea we would say as it could be a tribute to support the families of creative and hard-working weavers who are looking for a helping hand to support them. From that perspective buying a rug may have an emotional reason as well. This is one such aspect by which you can do a bit to support this work of art! But before giving nod to a rug you can consider few things so that your expenditure becomes a “wisely done investment.”

Here we go.

rug shop

• Find out the trend or make a trend: We would not say you should stick to the thoughts of designers. Being innovative or by setting you a bit free would give you wings to explore your creative acumen. If you would ask me I would place an exotic looking rug with animal prints over it near my dining room so that it gives me an appearance of woods! Agree this is a bit weird but yes it is interesting! If you prefer fewer patterns without any frills and fancies then a monochromatic shaggy rug would be the best idea. If it is made from New Zealand pure wool then it would be eco-friendly as well.

• Your material preferences: The raw material from which your rug is woven is going to decide the price factor along with the artisan skills. Pure wool, wool cotton blend or wool-viscose blend would be the best as they wear well and resist stains making them ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. If it seems to be a bit expensive to you then you can opt for a slightly cheaper synthetic version with polypropylene made rugs.

• Sizing: For bedrooms and offices, make sure the rugs cover only a portion of the floor. If the entire floor is covered then the rug seems to be like wall-to-wall carpeting making the room look smaller.

• Examine backing: Make sure the backing of the rug is not shoddy otherwise it won’t long last. Good latex backing won’t shed in case you rub your hand along the underside of the rug. In case, it has jute backing then examine its stitching. If it is not neat and tight then it is not the right one.

• Study the weave: On folding the rug and looking at its construction, you will see a minimal amount of backing material in the fold so it can be said as a high-quality rug. On the contrary, cheaper rugs have fewer fibres per square inch, so you will be able to see much more backing material on folding them.

• Consider the construction technique: It is very hard to make hand-knotted rugs so they are most expensive ones. Before buying hand-knotted rugs check the height of pile which should have consistent thickness all across. In case you are going for a flat-weave rug like kilims and dhurries then ensure that the weave is tightly woven. Loops of materials are pushed through the backing in tufted rugs. On running the hand through the hand or stroking it if you end up with a handful tufting coming out of it then you can infer that it will continue to shed in future. In Braided rugs fibres are sewn together in spiral way. It should be reversible as well. In case it doesn’t look good from both sides it is not recommended to buy them. In a nutshell, rugs are a work of art but your hard-earned money also needs the place for right investment so you can consider these points before buying a rug. Hope you found them useful.

Shag Rug Cleaning Challenges and Their Solutions

They cannot be vacuumed easily. We cannot run away from this fact. Even if we have a canister vacuum or upholstery attachment tool around. We need to literally vacuum in between the fibres row by row in order to get most of the dirt pulled out. Time consuming but yes it is needed if you love the look of you rug and want it to remain with you as your treasured possession for a longer time.


Have a spill? There’s a need to worry about it. We can’t spot clean it instead they need to be blotted up quickly. As the cotton constructed backing can quickly suck the spill so you need to be a bit fast especially when you had a food spill or else it will attract bugs.

Trying to clean them on your own can be a bit difficult as they’re heavy to move. They also take much more time to dry. It is recommended to use a softer pressure washer spray when it is being washed with a full wash system. Pile distortion may be harmful for these rugs so extra care should be taken for its cleaning.

Taking out odour completely is also a mammoth task with these rugs as the cotton foundations of many shaggy rugs would absorb urine easily. We need to use a lot of water to get those contaminants out. We won’t recommend using them in your home if you don’t have trained pets. Even when it has a latex adhesive, you may still be struggling to get the entire odour out of the rug.

Washing the shaggy rugs (whether they are natural or synthetic fibre made) is not quicker and cheaper option. Washing is labour intensive service that requires a substantial amount sometimes it can be equivalent to the cost of getting a cheaper new rug. So cleaning the shaggy rug, dusting, vacuuming them regularly can bless them with more life and glamour.

Although we’ve discussed so many cleaning issues and challenges but from nowhere we aim to discourage you in buying and using them. They can be used to redefine your living ambience offering it a soft and cosy look but yes special care is needed.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re looking for high quality shags that won’t shed then you can shop for them here

Buying Oriental Area Rugs is a smart investment

Yes, they were right to some extent even today when technology has overtaken the art of weaving rug; wool made rugs have a certain segment of admirers who are always interested in the top quality of art.

With the help of this post we have tried to help our readers on how to choose the right rug even if they have a tight budget.


While shopping for a rug you always keep in mind the warmth and soft feeling that is offered by a rug. Then comes the life and most importantly you cannot ignore the price tag behind this offering.

It is a well-known fact that no brick and mortar store will be having so many varieties as an online shop. Whatever may be the reasons but shopping rugs online is always a profitable deal. So number one idea on how you can get a great rug at your doorstep is buying online.

Wool made rugs (especially made from New Zealand and European wool) are undoubtedly expensive than its synthetic counterparts like polyester, acrylics and polypropylene but on doing the comparison among the features and maintenance issues you can easily judge on your own where to invest money.

Once you have brought a synthetic rug in your home initially they’ll glitter like gold but after few days they look dingy. This is not always but yes it is there in comparison to pure wool rugs. The finish also begins to actually wear completely off. Dust also starts to accumulate over the surface of these rugs which cannot be cleaned with vacuuming hard.

In case you have pets it becomes hard to put their hair away from the rug.

Far away from these synthetic counterparts, pure wool made Oriental rugs are hand-knotted by skilled artisans. They have a long life because natural dyes and soft wool is used to create them. Its value increases as the time passes so it can be considered as a great investment.

It is assumed that an experienced rug weaver can weave up to ten thousand knots in a day that means it would take two to six months to create a oriental rug. This hand weaving cost adds to the price tag of a hand-knotted rug.

It is easy to clean and maintain wool made Oriental rug therefore homemakers always prefer to have them in their homes.

At this stage we would like to tell you the difference between hand-tufted and hand knotted rug. A hand tufted wool rug is made from wool but it is made with a hand held tool.

The strands of wool are shot into a canvas which is stretched upon a frame. A glue backing is applied once wool pile is punched through the canvas. It is not permanent which falls apart when you will try to clean it. It can nowhere match with the art involved with the hand-knotted wool rug.

Definitely buying pure wool made hand-knotted rug would seem to be an expensive deal in the beginning but seeing the long term benefits and easy maintenance ability it would be called an “intelligent investment.”

So what are you waiting for? Bring pure wool made Oriental rug in your home which is an aesthetically pleasing option to decorate your home.

Want to know more about rugs and other options? Feel free to contact The Rug Shop at 033 30118189

How to Buy the best kiddie rug

When it comes to kiddies’ rugs, the choices are so many in terms of size, colour and design, that it is seemingly impossible to choose the best one for your child’s room. We make this task easier by presenting you the trendiest and most colourful kiddies’ rugs which your child will love. Our Kiddies’ rugs are uniquely crafted in different materials and designs which will inspire you children.

6 may

A nylon kiddie’s rug might be a good choice for the younger child’s room as it is stain free and durable. For older children, a wool rug may be suitable as well. Choosing the right design for your children’s room is a real fun activity and we even have comical designs to cater to your needs. Our range covers everything from animal shaped design, through popular games, to all popular teddy bear patterns. We have it all. All these designs are available in various colours, sizes and textures, to help you decide the best kiddies rug for your child’s room.
When choosing a kiddies rug, it is important to keep in mind, your child’s interest and personality as well. The objective here is just not to provide the aesthetics and design for your room but to also cater for a comfortable playing area, sitting and living. The quality of the products you purchase is another consideration when looking for the best kids room rugs. After all, you want a rug that will be comfortable, not abrasive and rough. It is easy to check for quality materials – just look at the weave and the pile in the overview, or product description, of the rug to make sure that they are well made. We have a great selection of high quality rugs that will last your children for years to come.

Choosing a colourful kiddie’s rug is important as this will stimulate their imagination. We at always keep this aspect in mind. Hence, have wide variety of colourful kiddies’ rugs. Children’s rugs can become dirty quite frequently so it is best to avoid rugs made from natural fibres like wool. Instead, go for materials like nylon and polypropylene. These materials are soft and add durability, as well as elegance. There is no better feeling for us than a satisfied customer writing in to appreciate our products. We receive a lot of positive feedback on our kiddie’s rug range proving our customers like them very much.

Going green with interiors

A change comprising of a pollution free world, is only possible when we would think in the direction of recycling more, altering our driving, shopping and even home decorating habits.

With the help of this post we have tried to help our readers who are looking for ways to go green with their interior design.


Embracing these tips your regular home can be transformed into an inspirational green abode demonstrating a great sense of responsibility. Let us see those ideas:

1. Adorn your living space with some houseplants:

Going natural with houseplants is perfect way to invite a healthier environment. Plants absorb carbon dioxide releasing oxygen, which means a healthier breathing atmosphere. Plants can also miraculously improve the humidity level of a room. Seeing the therapeutic uses of getting a plant inside the room makes this idea number one for us. Visual pleasure of course is an added advantage that can never be ignored.

Look for natural or nontoxic paints:

We spend most of our time in the room which have commercial paint coated walls. This can be a hazard to our health as most of these paints are loaded with volatile organic compounds and other toxins making our indoor air quality not fit for breathing. If you want to paints your walls with paint then do have a look at it before buying. If it is marked as “Natural” or “Nontoxic” then it is relatively safer than other commercial paints.

Bring home Recycled Furniture:

Getting your interiors decorated with recycled furniture is not only good for environment but it can be the most innovative way to make your interiors chic. Give a thought to chairs made from cardboard boxes, couches derived from recycled refrigerators – these ideas may be umpteen but yes thinking in that way need a lot of creativity.

Reposition Your Belongings:

Personally for me this is one of my favourites as there is no need to constantly spend on buying new furniture accents. It saves a lot of money. Just reposition your belongings from here to there. This would reinvigorate the room giving you an impression that you have come in a brand new room leaving that old drab décor behind.

Go Natural with Your Rugs:

Undoubtedly by using a rug in your room you can glorify your interiors but by switching towards natural rugs you can be environmentally responsible too. Yes, rugs made from natural fibres like wool, jute and seagrass are good for your health as well as for the planet’s wellbeing. You can get the desired aesthetic by using natural rugs that are manufactured using eco-friendly techniques. So the next time you plan to buy a rug give your nod to a natural rug.

These were few ways how you can make your interiors environmentally fit for living. We hope you enjoyed the post. It is not any sophisticated philosophy but yes going green is the need of hour!