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Every rug has something unbelievable!

Everybody has their personal preference when they think of going out to buy a rug for their room and I am not an exceptional case, at least in this context. I also have my own personal preference but you will find it quite surprising that my case is little different which is why I keep on changing rugs in my home. I keep on buying different rugs and switching them with the old ones because I love them all. Yes, really every rug type has got something unique which compels me to opt for them. But talking about my personal favourite, black and white striped rugs are my personal favourite and they always top the list when it comes to buying a rug.


Let’s have a quick view on most of the popular rug types and their specific features which have made so popular. Well the first one obviously is my personal favourite.

Striped Rugs: Striped rugs have become trendier and demanding as it comes with the option of contrasting colour combinations which gives a unique blend to your any existing interior theme. These contrasting colours come in thousands of combinations offering you with the varied options to choose from for your room. Also the fact that this new and attractive concept of striped rugs is being liked by the people is constantly making it more and more demanding.

Luxurious Rugs: When it comes to choosing a rug which could stand up to your expectations more than any other rug type and which could make your floor flourishingly exquisite then you are asking for the luxurious rugs to come at your place and serve you. Luxurious rugs are ideally designed to make you feel unique and heavenly blessed.

Plain Rugs: Plain rugs showcase their simplicity and soberness along with giving your floor with a flourishing oomph with its appealing and astounding design element.

Funky Rugs: A funky rug becomes the center of attraction in any of your space owing to its offbeat and unconventional settings which makes it a treat to watch. A funky rug becomes more special because of its rising trend amongst the younger generation. They like it because it suits their style.

Sparkle Rugs: Sparkle rugs have become trendier and demanding as it not only endows your living space with a sublime touch but also it thrusts upon some glittering impact to your surroundings. So more often these rugs top the buyers’ choice owing to its show off element.

Shaggy Rugs: Shaggy rugs are one of the most common selling rugs throughout the world owing to its thick pile which gives it soft and cosy touch making it trendier and more demanding. The shaggy rugs placed in any corner of the house ultimate naps you into the feeling of warmth and luxuriousness.

Traditional Rugs: Traditional rugs have their own utility and importance courtesy to the long aged cultural values associated with it. Traditional rugs also serve as the show casing element in your home décor kit.

Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are considered to be the best possible option for you if you are looking for a rug that could fill up your surrounding with its natural aura and endow your floor with a warmth woolen feel.

If you also feel the same and want to share your experience about the rugs, do comment on it.