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Make your wool rug last that little bit longer

Whether you are already an owner of a wool rug or are considering buying one for the first time this guide should be of some help to you.


Wool rugs should be washed every 1–3 years depending on how much traffic the rug experiences annually for example low traffic rugs will need less washing whilst rugs that deal with daily usage will need a wash more often. However, vacuuming your rug on a regular basis IS THE VERY BEST THING you can do in order to lengthen the life and clean the piles of your favourite wool rugs as the vac gets right into the dirt which resides within the deeper fibres, when vacuuming please use the handheld attachment gently and avoid using the beater bar of the vac as this can actually bring harm and tear out the individual fibres of your wool rug. Please vacuum the rug in both directions to prevent your wool rug from matting.

If an accidental spill occurs leaving a mark on your rug such as food, drink etc. if possible please remove all excess residue from the stain and act immediately using a light amount of lukewarm water with a cloth or paper towel to dab the stains, avoid scrubbing the stain at all costs as this can tear fibres and bring harm to your rug.

If you are ever unsure about cleaning your wool rug or feel you may damage it in the cleaning process (especially if it is excessively dirty) there is always the option of hiring a professional to do it for you.

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