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Top 5 Designer Rug Brands of 2015

At the Rug Shop UK, we stock an extensive range of different and varying rugs. When it comes to our customers we like to assure that they have the largest and highest quality range to choose from when shopping with us, so we chase down the hottest suppliers of the year to provide you with the hottest products of the year.

Our creative customer service team have put a collaborative effort in together this week to bring you a top 5 list of our personal favourite rug brands of last year, giving you a bit of insight on the background of the companies and what they offer to the table year in, year out.


LDP: LDP or Louis De Portere is a name you may recognise as it is a name that is constantly uttered and praised throughout the rug industry. Based in Belgium: LDP focuses their attention mainly on providing abstract luxury rugs for the discerning. LDP is the rug store equivalent of high fashion brands such as Givenchy, Gucci and Louis Vuitton with it’s complex, high end, unique designs LDP have managed to create a strong trusted image for themselves which is constantly ongoing due to its manufacturing of top quality products on a regular basis.

Asiatic: Founded in the 1960’s Asiatic have built their reputation up throughout many years of hard work and design pioneering when it comes to crafting fresh original ideas for their products. Fast forward to 2016 and Asiatic is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, importers and distributors within a rapidly evolving international marketplace. Being a family owned business they take a lot of influence for their products from their home roots, keeping up with a theme of oriental Asian rugs: Asiatic is a name to look out for.

Rug Guru: Looking at Rug Guru’s extensive range of luxury designer rugs it’s quite easy to tell that they take a majority of their influence for the designs of their rugs from Middle Eastern culture. With over 60+ years’ experience in creating aesthetically grand hand woven rugs: Rug Guru continue to this day to create some of the finest rugs on the marketplace.

Think Rugs: Think Rugs: A modern, unique and flavourful breath of fresh air when it comes to looking for the latest in fashionable/ affordable rugs. Formerly known as Oriental Carpets: Think Rugs’ dedicated design and buying team work alongside their suppliers and weavers from India, Europe and China to ensure that they come forward with the most innovative and progressive designs to date.

Flair Rugs: With an overflowing mantelpiece of awards including Product of the year, Best Modern rug and Best Rug supplier for 6 of the last 10 years. You can buy in confidence knowing that Flair Rugs’ only goal is to provide the most unique maximum quality rugs for the minimum price, a well trusted and longstanding supplier within the rug industry: Flair Rugs believe in hunting down and spotting the hottest trends of the year instead of waiting for them to occur.