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Not every one of us has big airy rooms with lofty ceilings and plenty of space around to do whatever we want and feel like a prince or a princess in our royal palaces. Some of us have to compromise with small rooms with not much of a space to breathe in.

Well for such cases, does it means that decorating your interiors is not an option due to cramped space? Obviously not! But the choices are limited and you cannot go with your favourite theme if they require a big spacing and all.

With just a few changes, and some expert tips and tricks while choosing the theme smartly for your small room, you can transform your modest dwelling into a personal palace in no time.

1. First and the most important thing is to choose the right colour

Believe it or not, it’s the colour theme which has a major role in defining the space in any room. If chosen correctly, you can achieve your goals like making your small and space cramped room look airy and spacey while on the contrary, if chosen incorrectly, it can have an opposite effect. For small spaces, it is ideally recommended to opt for white, silver or light grey coloured theme as they help in making your space clutter-free which means a better and practical room.1

2. Choosing the right trend for your right room

We all have that one favourite theme which we want to inculcate in our home but we also need to keep in mind the space we have and will that theme be suitable for our space? Themes like “English heritage” & “country cottage” are not suitable for small spaces, so if you have a personal preference for them, you might need to compromise here my friend. Opt for simpler themes with light and bright colours to open up more spacing for you.

3. Avoid the feeling of claustrophobia

Few people have a feeling of claustrophobia and you might want to work it out to keep it at bay. This happens in small and enclosed spaces. People tend to become uncomfortable with the small and enclosed surroundings. Try opting for light and bright colours into your room. Make your already cramped up space less messy by removing unnecessary elements from your room. Make it a clutter-free space for a relaxed and peaceful mind.

4. Make use of mirrors to lighten up your space and create a sense of depth

One of the creative ways of using a mirror is to place them at an angle where they can reflect direct sunlight into your home. This will bring in the natural fresh light into your decor. The other great advantage of having it in your room is that it adds a sense of depth which is an amazing way to create an illusion of a bigger space around. This works very well in small rooms and you should give it a try.

5. Furniture and the flooring

Flooring space is an important element to consider if you want open up some space in your small room. Always remember this thumb rule, the more your floor space is visible the bigger and larger will your room look like. So, start freeing up your floor space by removing things which are unnecessary or have alternate options. For instance, your flat TV can be mounted on a wall instead of being placed on a stand which is stationed over the floor. Opt for glass or mirrored furniture tables which will further open up space in your room just another example of a creative use or mirror. While choosing the furniture, it is recommended to opt for one large piece instead of going for a few sets of smaller ones as they appear less cluttered in your already space cramped room. Compliment your furniture with a beautiful and large area rug to create a bold statement. Small spaces always pose a big challenge. We have tried to come up with just a few tips and tricks which can give your little space an amazing revamp. Let us know if you think you have got some exciting tips to add on.1