I don't know about you, but when I look for inspiration for a new style I take straight to Instagram, to find real homes and people adding their personal flair to the squares of the inter-world!

Long gone are the days where glossy magazines, style books and brands dominated in showcasing what was trending. Now trends are set by every day but highly prestigious social media influencers. These people are the demigods for style impact and boy do they know how to pack a punch!

We have been lucky enough to have collaborated with some amazing influencers in the past @flower_heart_flower, who is responsible for our feature image, is one of them. However, in this article we have compiled a list of Interior Influencers who are new to our radar and seriously rocking our world right now, and we know you're going to love them too!


First up is colour pop princess Siobhan Hannah at InteriorCurve. In Siobhan's squares, you can really connect with her personality. It's bold, fun and takes colourful to a whole new level. Here, you'll find a vibrant lifestyle that celebrates real women and maximal style. Find Interior Curve Here.


If clean crisp lines are your thing then Emma at The Crap Flat has this nailed. Minimal living that is so warm and inviting, filled with wonderful humour, a flick through Emma's squares leaves you feeling calm and refreshed. Find the Crap Flat Here.


Glamorously evocative is how I'd describe Cath at House Magpie's style. A self-confessed lux interior loving, cushion fluffing, gin drinking mum of three has a stunning modern art deco inspired home and square space we just adore. Find House Magpie Here.


The sensuous dark interiors Nicola at The Girl with the Green Sofa is filled with creates a moody botanical aura with colour pops of positivity, it's delicious. The common theme throughout is green, showcased in wall covering to plants, to furnishings and radiates cool calm sass. Find The Girl With The Green Sofa Here.


Exactly as the name states, Kate is Mad about the House and renowned for it. Her space is refined and just oozes class and sophistication. A master of interiors and reputation to match you can't go wrong on her recommendation and style. Find Mad About The House Here.