5 Softest Area Rugs for Creating Comfy Spaces

Creamiest, fluffiest and sumptuously extravagant, plush rugs have the softest aura and a gentle toe-caress feel to them that is sure to render your feet with a cosy sensation. If you are looking to create a comfortable yet stylish space, The Rug Shop UK is the perfect place to give a kick start to your makeover plans. These are the five most comfortable rugs that are sure to add touchably soft luxury to your living space.

Basento Sorrento Natural Rug by Flair Rugs

- Shaggy Rugs: Softest to the core, a shaggy rug or fluffy rugs has a long, deep pile that is beautifully soft and thick and provides unconditional comfort and cosiness. Considering the needs of your living space it utmost importance while choosing a shaggy rug. Do you want to tie together certain hues and design themes, or do you want to brighten up space with one splash of colour? Shaggy rugs have various wonderful purposes. They provide warmth to your bare feet, tie together the various components of a room, absorb sound in a spacious room and create another layer of design for your living space. A shaggy pile carpet makes a definite style statement for your home, it’s both luxurious and fun. These deep pile luxurious rugs give any room an elegant and sophisticated look and are especially great for use as bedroom rugs and living room rugs or dining room rugs. Shaggy rugs not only create a classy impression but also have the practical advantage of keeping your home warm and cosy.

Verge Honeycomb Multi Rug by Flair Rugs

- Faux Fur Rugs: Faux fur rugs are made from the material which is designed to resemble fur and is internationally recognized as the “animal-friendly” approach to fur fashion. When you purchase a faux hide rug, you can enjoy the splendour of fur without the expensive price tag or moral hangups. This unique rug material has a softness that will stun you. Just fluff up the fur with a vacuum, and smooth your hands over its silky texture. Whether faux leather or sheepskin, one of these animal-friendly rugs would be the perfect accent piece for a log cabin. Put an imaginative spin on your rustic decor with this sumptuous floor covering.

Freja Faux Fur Copenhagen Blush Pink Shaggy Plain Rug by Flair Rugs

- Wool Rugs: A wool rug isn’t just a pretty piece of art for your home; it also has an aura to make your home cosier and snug-able! A chic wool rug can dampen the noise of footsteps, provide a cushion between your feet and hard floorboards and serve as the anchor for any arrangement of furniture. While choosing a wool rug with a subtle design, accessorize your living space with colourful pillows, throws, lamps and other accessories to create a pop of colour and add depth to your living space. 

Emerging 160500 Fish Burgundy Wool Rug by Ted Baker 

- Cotton Rugs: Snuggle deep into the waves of this ocean of comfort and lavishness. Cotton rugs are your go-to option for every space of your house. Whether place it in your bathroom and get hassle-free due to its super-absorbent quality and enjoy your bath or place it as kitchen rugs and get comfy while cooking for your loved ones. Cotton rugs connect you to your space. They complete not only the room but the way you feel in it. If you are looking for something classy yet easy to maintain, a cotton rug is a superb choice.

Mad Men Griff 8419 Columbus Gold Designer Luxury Rug by Louis De Poortere

- Synthetic Fiber Rugs: Synthetic fibre rugs are those made from “non-natural” materials such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester. These rugs are power-loomed and offer a variety of design and colour to choose from. Synthetic fibre rugs usually offer an “affordable fashion” for your living space. If you are looking for a makeover for your living space, choosing a synthetic fibre rug can cut down your cost, offer you an array of design and colours to choose from, and have low-cost maintenance. 

Broadway BRO 282 sand Rug by Unique Rugs

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