With Valentines just around the corner setting the mood for love or romance might be something you're beginning to consider? Whether it's a new flame you want to allure or if it's giving a marriage or long term relationship a pinch of spice to reignite the passion.

With our suggestions, you'll be able to create that lustful ambience in just a few simple steps. We'll help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere cupid would be proud of.

1. Set the Scene

Firstly, there is a reason the colour red is seen as the colour of passion, love and romance. Studies have shown that red enhances one's sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

Think about the setting, where do you want this seductive encounter to take place? Are you thinking a picnic of strawberries and chocolate fondue by an open fire on a deep red shaggy rug? Are you thinking a candlelit romantic meal for two with red roses and place settings? Or are you going straight in for the kill with red satin bed sheets adorned with rose petals? Either way don't overlook what setting the scene can do for your atmosphere and mood – it can be just the thing needed to switch your everyday female from mum to temptress.

2. Lighting

Without a doubt, subdued lighting creates a flavour for the evening, think dimmed lights, the crackling of a coal fire or the flickering of candlelight, either way, these generate the right energies to get the romantic juices flowing. You wouldn't envisage a romantic scene under full powerful lights; it just doesn't create that relaxed vibe. You want to softly highlight the atmosphere where each bat of the lashes has the enchantment.

3. Entertainment

Music speaks a thousand words. So unless you find Trance or Heavy Metal music sexy, we can't really see it setting the tone for the evening. Think love songs, jazz, RnB, piano or acoustic songs. Spotify has countless playlists to choose from and it's free too. Or you may want to watch a romantic timeless classic like The Notebook or a modern Rom-Com like Crazy, Stupid Love, either way, they speak the language of love, which will add to the mood.


4. Senses

Not to be overlooked heightening the senses in a romantic situation is all part of the fun. There are many different ways to do this; there's touch, you could give a relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils easing the tensions and stresses away. Or you could use scent, perfumes and aftershaves in close encounters are arousing. Last but not least there's sight; evoking the visual senses can be fun, from new clothing or lingerie, but we'll leave your imagination to fill in the gaps here.


5. Food

Food is a big part of our lives. If you're pushing the boat out and going for a 3-course meal or having something to nibble at whilst you share your romantic movie, there are a few points to consider. Don't opt for anything strong smelling that will leave you with smelly breath – mood kill. There are many foods out there considered as foods of love or aphrodisiacs, like chocolate, oysters, asparagus, even bananas. Also, it's probably wise to avoid sloppy foods too that can often result in spillages, wearing a curry for the remainder of the evening isn't a good look many can pull off.

There you have it, you're now ready to create that perfect evening of love and romance. The attention to detail goes a long way here, pull out all the stops, after all, what you're telling your other is that they are special and adored. Do it well!