Fiesta 8448 Fuerte Designer Rug by Christian Fischbacher

Geometric rugs are in trends this year! One of the main advantages of a geometric rug is its contemporary look and luxurious appeal. Whether you have a modern interior or a traditionally classy one, a geometric rug works well in all types of environment. Geometric Area Rugs add a unique style statement to your home; they tend to become an integral part of your home décor, hence deciding on a perfect style for your home is a crucial task. Each geometric rug style has something new to offer and has the ability to transform your interior in entirely unique ways. Read on to know about different types of amazing geometric rugs.

1.Berber Rugs :

Mehari Berber 023-0229/8268 Charcoal Rug by Mastercraft

If you want to create a cosy yet glamorous ambience for your living space, a Berber rug is equipped to do so. Stylize your Berber rug with shining metallic, velvety textures, mirrored surfaces to give your home a glam-up appeal. Berber rugs can make your room feel like a palace with their high pile, thick fibres and neutral colour palette. If you want to increase the glam-quotient of your room, go for a black and white Berber rug. Their geometric patterns bestow a fancy aura and make these rugs a perfect fit for almost every room in your house.

2.Trellis Rugs :

Trellis Pastels Wool Rug by Origins

Trellis is basically a geometric pattern which features an intricate pattern of fluted line that have been inspired by domes and arches of the Moroccan skyline. Trellis rug offers a bold style statement for your home. You can do mix-n-match with other patterns to create a focal point for your home.

3.Bohemian Rugs :

Morocco Ivory Charcoal Geometric Rug by Origins

Bohemian rugs have a fancy and stylish aura that comes in a colourful palette, distressed patterns, flat weaved style, bold designs and natural fibre construction. If you’re looking to create a boho-chic ambience for your living space the best way is to layer a flat-weave, natural fibre rug over a traditionally styled carpet. To give your home a true bohemian vibe, go for distressed design and fringes on the sides.

4.Chevron Rugs :

A dramatically popular rug pattern, Chevron definitely packs a big punch of style, drama, flair and charisma for your living space. Just lay down a subtle, woven Chevron rug in your bedroom or living room to create a concoction of texture and pattern to your room without overpowering other decorative elements. If you ever think of having some fun by mixing prints, Chevron will look absolutely great with nearly every pattern; be it floral, striped, oriental whatever you can imagine, chevron will fulfil.

5.Mid-Century Rugs :

Vancouver 18487 Grey Blue Yellow Geometric Rug by Think Rugs

Bold, Bright and an eye-catcher, Mid-century rugs offer a chic interior design style for your home. If you’re looking for something that perfectly stands out rather than blending with your interior, go for a mid-century rug. A mid-century rug has saturated hues with abstract or geometric pattern and a low-pile. To create a sleek yet retro look of a Mid-Century era, go for a vibrant area rug that incorporates the hues of the era. To achieve a Mid-century appeal for your home, look for colours such as mustard yellow, avocado green, smoky grey and turquoise.

6.Southwest Rugs :

Ashley Blue Persian Rug by Unique Rugs

A flat-weave rug with a soft texture, Southwestern rugs have designs inspired by tribal motifs and bold, blocky patterns. These rugs usually have bold geometric patterns with earthy tones. To create a rustic or boho-chic ambience, a southwest rug can be your perfect fit.

7.Kilim Rugs :

Beni Green Kilim Rug by Oriental Weavers

Kilim Rugs are tightly woven, flat-pile rugs produced in North Africa, the Balkans and Turkey. They are known for their rich colours and historical symbolism and offer a bold, beautiful and timeless elegance.

8.Scandinavian Rugs :

Halden 521 H Grey Indoor Outdoor Runner by Oriental Weavers

Clean and cheery in amalgamation with muted or bold and bright colour palette constitutes a Scandinavia Rugs. The most classic Scandinavian patterns include geometric designs, although there are other more exotic designs such as floral and wildlife shapes. Scandinavia Rugs are known to bestow a calming and down to earth aura with understated elegance.

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