A bit about rugs

Possibly we should have taken this post a bit earlier but I don’t know why I skipped this crucial domain related to home furnishing needs. But as they say it is never too late to start altogether for good objectives here we go with rugs and their brief introduction that would let you identify your exact rug according to your needs.


Often you’ll feel that it is hard to know what style of rug to choose for your space. This basic information will make it easier for you to find your perfect rug.

Traditional Rugs

We’ll start with traditional rugs. This is a masterpiece we would say because it has medallions, flower and vine motifs inspired from nature which looks gorgeous. Border completes the unending beauty journey with rich colours like crimson, gold and navy. However, some passionate creative weavers are playing with neutral colours as well as gaudy ones. Originated in Persia, these rugs are typically made from wool, cotton or silk.

Why you’ll appreciate them: They have the ability to bring a classic look to a room and since the elaborate borders can help define seating and dining areas it is a convenient option to decorate your home.


Simplicity admirers would love to find Dhurries around. Without any frills and fancies this flat woven rug are very affordable featuring symmetrical, geometric designs in an array of colours. Typically made in India from cotton, wool, jut or silk these rugs are easy to maintain as well.

Why you’ll love them: If you don’t want to spend a fortune but would like to cover your floors with an easy to maintain option then Dhurries are the best rugs that work in any type of space such as kid’s room or a home office. They can be reversed also if they start to show signs of wear.


Quite resembling with Dhurries this tightly woven wool made rug is flat-woven fit for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways. This amazing work of art got birth in Balkans and Pakistan. The traditional Kilim styles have narrow stripes of blue, green, brownish yellow and red with small geometric designs over them.


Why you’ll love them: Perfect for a family room, kid’s room or places where you expect a lot of traffic this rug can be a great addition to redefine the interiors of your home.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Few richly textured natural fibre rugs have a cotton border that makes them look appealing. Common natural fibres are wool, jute, sisal and sea grass by which weavers make rugs that are durable and unpretentious.

Why you’ll love them: Extremely durable these rugs go equally well with all types of interiors. These rugs are great for spaces where you can relax like the sunroom or for a casual living room.

Overdyed Rugs

Well known for their bright vivid hues over dyed rugs these rugs can give an instant makeover to your otherwise gloomy interiors. Generally these rugs are made by using a vintage rug and dying over the design in a richly saturated colour. This gives the rug an antique look.

Why you’ll love them: If you have a small space then to make them appear bigger you can bring over dyed rugs in your home. This would make the rooms look more lively and welcoming.

So these were few types of rugs and their brief introduction. Possibly in the next post we’ll discuss some more variations. Till then take care.

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