A Rug is Always Alive

A bit offbeat, well yes. A bit surprising, of course yes, but a rug never dies. Thanks to the recycling phenomenon, it can be used in a number of ways giving way to it’s being alive at all times.

We researched, consulted a number of really knowledgeable people of the rug industry then came up with some interesting things which we think you’ll admire.

Here they are:

The first thing is very much psychological.

No happiness is bigger than charity.

When we give away anything without any expectations the happiness that we observe cannot be defined in words. So donate you rug to anyone who is needy, who values the art, who values hard work so that that rug will remain alive in your memory.

You can donate your rug online here at http://www.freecycle.org

If you feel that any reuse organisation or any furniture reuse network can find it useful then you can donate it here at www.frn.org.uk.

As rugs made from wool can help in keeping weeds away on paths so it can be used for local allotments in parks and public areas. It is also believed that wool carpets have high nitrogen content so it can also be used in increasing growth rate.

If you love innocence of animals we’re sure you’ll be like to give them something to save them from cold. So it can also be given to the local animal rescue shelter as it can make good mats especially in winters to keep those innocent beauties warm.

Car enthusiasts will find it interesting. As old pieces of rugs can be placed on car windscreen so it will be easy to defrost your car in chilly mornings. This can save time and it can make your hands feel comfortable too. Thus rugs can be used as anti-frost windscreen covers thus every time you’ll see your car being protected from rugs it will always remain alive.

Want to lower your heating bills? Just keep few rugs in your extra living space for added insulation as it will retain heat lowering your electricity bills. Thus every time you’ll see your electricity bill rug will remain in the background.

So these were few ideas that are currently coming flocking our mind. We all know very well that although primary objective of inviting a rug in the home is to beautify the surroundings but there are many more ways how they can remain alive in your life even when you are not using it.

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