Recently, flokati rugs have gained a lot of lime light and many homeowners want to introduce it to their rooms to add to their simple and minimalistic decor.

Well, the first and the foremost thing about flokati rugs is its association with the Greeks and their centuries old traditions. The origin of flokati rugs dates back to 5th century by Vlachs, who lived in the village of Samarina, the highest in the Pindos Mountains. Vlachs are considered to be the inventors of Flokati rugs. Originally, these rugs served shepherds in their daily livelihood purposes like clothing, beds for tents and most importantly keeping them warm and cosy during long winter seasons.


Briefing about the flokati old days

It was the shepherds who raised sheep and goats and used their dairy products to sell for livelihood in the plains of Trikala, Thessally, Macedonia and Odessa during long winters. The women had access to the wool which they weaved in to Flokati rugs and sold in the bazaars. The tradition has continued to sustain over the centuries and has become a popular choice for modern day homeowners.

What's unique about the flokati rugs?

Flokati rugs are a popular choice in today's world and you may find it very exciting and interesting in your room. These rugs portray sensuousness and an eternity feeling. You will find them soothing and calming to be around. They feel cosy and comfortable underfoot.

Flokati rugs are a great piece of artistry and craftsmanship. Majorly, they are produced from the New Zealand wool; the finest wool fibre in the world.

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Info about the weight and its worth

If you are planning to buy a flokati rug, then this is one of the key factors and you need to keep it high in your regard when trying to figure out the real value and worth of the carpet.

Check for the specifications to know about its weight. It should be denoted in grams per square meter as this is how it is measured. The higher the weight per square meter, the heavier and fluffier its pile would be. This will also have a proportionate effect on the price value of the rug.

Here is an example _ Consider two carpets with different specifications in terms of weight, first 1200 GSM (grams per square meter) and second 1500 GSM. The second one with 1500 GSM will exhibit more fluffiness and cosiness as it has more pile density per square meter of the rug as compared to the first option.

The manufacturing process of flokati rugs

Like every other rug type, flokati is a particular type of rug and requires specific production process. As per the Greek government, flokati rugs need to be produced in a certain way to be called as 'flokati rugs'. To claim the name, it has been strictly laid out that the carpet must be washed under high pressure and should contain minimum of 1800 grams of pure wool.

The first and the primary requisite is the fibre. Flokati rugs should be made completely with pure wool yarn from the top pile to the backing of the rug where the yarns are pulled out. This is something which makes it special and unique from the rest of the class. The weaving process starts with wool being spun into yarn using spindles.

Before even the weaving process begins, the yarn is washed with pressurised water to clean it and make it fluffier as compared to the standard wool pile. During the old days with no technological facilities, it was washed under the waterfalls for hours (approx. 40 hours) in order to cleanse and shrink the yarn and entice in the fluffier factor for which it is known for.

Similar to the hand tufted carpets, its yarn is now made to create long loop and then sheared. The detailed manufacturing process is hard to explain because of the complexities and the numerous manufacturing variants introduced over the years. Not to forget the extreme intricacies it exhibits in its design quotient is something which is hard to express.

Not just the manufacturing process is different, but the use of material can also vary in different countries.

If you want to know different types of rug materials used in the rug manufacturing process and how they translate into amazing features you enjoy with your rug, you should read our full guide on rug materials.

Basic care and maintenance of flokati rugs

When you unpack and unroll your flokati rug, it might not appear in the most pleasant way. There is a high chance of it being flattened out because of the packaging. It is highly recommended that you shake it well to retrieve the fibres back to their normal position. You will also be required to use a simple raking tool (wooden or plastic) to give the fibres an upright position by gently moving them into the fibres. Remember to do it in a 'to and fro' motion and don't worry about any fibre coming out as it is a normal phenomenon.

Simple shaking and gentle raking will make your rug beautiful and fluffy again.

How to wash your flokati rugs?

Taking a good care of your rug will make it live longer. With flokati rugs, if it is handled properly, it can be passed to generations.

You should keep a regular check on dirt and dust by frequently and periodically shaking your rug outside. It is recommended to use the mildest of wool soaps for cleaning and washing purpose.

Avoid high water temperature, chlorine bleach and dry cleaning process as these could damage the pile content. One more important factor to keep in mind is that you should opt for air drying process as direct sunlight can harm the pile by distorting its colour.

Regular cleaning will not only keep your rug tidy but it will also enhance its unique and inviting quality, appearance and touch.

What to keep in mind while vacuuming your flokati rug?

Vacuuming your rug is necessary to remove any dirt and dust residue but keep in mind that it is critical to do it correctly and more importantly to use the right tool.

While vacuuming your flokati rug, use the suction head which is without a rotating brush as your fibre strands might get caught into the rotating brush and may damage it.

Well, we hope that we covered all the important and critical aspects of flokati rugs. Just in case if you think that we missed any key point or if you have any query regarding flokati rugs, we would love to hear from you. All you need to do is just pen down your thoughts in the comment section below and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

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