Black Friday has become a huge staple in the consumer market, a day that originally started in America to mark the end of thanksgiving and commences the beginning of Christmas shopping in the states; however, it is has now become a globally celebrated day. Black Friday is highly anticipated event due to the infamous sales that companies decide to honour for a certain amount of time. The day also makes headlines every year due to the massive amounts of chaos it creates across the world. People rush to shopping centres, pushing and shoving trying to get a good deal, but you don’t have to get involved with all the hustle and bustle because we have all the deals right here to satisfy all your rug needs. So, get yourself comfy, pour yourself a tea and have a browse at some of the different options we have to offer.

Modern Rugs

The most popular and talked about style of rug is the modern rug, the abstract element of the designs add a fun and fresh feel to any space. You’re bound to find what you desire from our wide range of modern rugs, from geometric shapes to floral patterns and in a variety of colours.

Inaluxe Jazz Flute IX08 Designer Rug by Think Rugs

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are a must have at this time of the year. Each rug helps create a cosy atmosphere, adding an extra element of warmth to every room. Shaggy rugs look effective on wood floor due to the ambience it provides, however, they also work well laid on top of carpet.


Sanzee SAN 650 Hazelnut Plain Shaggy Rug

Kids Rugs

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your child? Well there’s no need to look any further because we have a wide range of rugs that add a fun and exciting element to a nursery or a bedroom. From unicorns to planets we have something to fit the imagination of your child.

Torino Kids TOK 230 Solar System Rug

Wool Rugs

All our wool rugs are carefully crafted from high quality yarn which creates an interesting look and texture. Every rug exudes a luxurious feel and provides a sophisticated ambience no matter what the setting is, the colour options are varied meaning you will find the right one to fit your preference.

Marble 29502 Hand Made Wool Rug by Brink & Campman

Grey Rugs

A plain rug may look simple, however, the one colour can provide an elegant atmosphere to a room without being over the top. We have a wide range of different materials available in grey shades meaning that you have a variety of different textures and appearances to choose from.

Jerez Light Grey Rug by Luxor Living

Red Rugs

Brightening up a space has never been easier, coloured rugs are ideal to create personality within a space. The most classic and timeless shade is red, depending on the space the colour can influence the atmosphere and the overall ambience of a room.

Kashba Delight 48100 Wool Rug by Brink & Campman

You will be able to take advantage of our Black Friday sale on the 29th of November, where we will be having a sale on every single rug on our website. So, you will have to be quick to make sure you don’t miss out on our deals and what we have to offer. It’s the perfect chance to treat yourself to a new rug or purchase a gift for someone this Christmas.