Manila 46407 Green Hand-Tufted Wool Rug by Sanderson

We probably want to brighten up our entire interior design scheme once the dark days of the winter season starts turning into spring. Rugs are a sure and definite way to introduce spring into your home’s interior décor. Read on to know how you can bring spring into your home.

1.Brighten the space :

Yara Venice 196207 Floral Wool Rug by Brink & Campman

Spring is a season of bright colours and vibrancy. The simplest way to integrate fresh hues into your living space is with a rug since it can be very messy if you decide to change the entire paint on the walls. Make sure to choose a rug with one or more light shades. To create a wonderful spring feel in your room, place the rug on the floor alongside the couch or the dining table. If you own a handmade area rug, the best way to display it is by hanging it on the wall like a piece of art. This is also a great way of making your rug a focal point for your living space. For your kitchen, lay a blue striped runner rug along the kitchen island to brighten up the area while making the rug a focal point.

2.Think Floral :

Floral 300 Poppy 039600 Wool Rug by Florence Broadhurst

Floral patterns evoke a sense of paradise and bring an outdoorsy feeling to your interiors. With a floral rug, you can bring natural, serene beauty and an array of vibrant tones to your home. With a floral patterned rug, you can bring a country style to your city home. Floral rugs are available in different styles, from large floral motifs to delicately adorned patterns. If you want to add a scenic view to your living space, make sure to bring some floral beauty to your interior. If you want to bring spring into your home, it's best to choose décor items with floral pattern. Flowers, petals and fresh buds are symbols of the season, so placing a floral rug in your house means you can enjoy the taste of spring as well. You can also place a charcoal rug with a floral pattern to create a mix of country style and elegance.

3.Go Green :

Ombre Green Wool Rug by Asiatic

Even though spring is the time of bright, vibrant colours, green is the colour of nature. During springtime flowers, trees and shrubs are reborn. As the flora blooms outside, you can bring the exact feel inside with a touch of greenery into your home. Lay green rugs into your living space as they blend well with neutral tones, especially the ones that are found in contemporary décor.

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