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How to Buy the best kiddie rug

When it comes to kiddies’ rugs, the choices are so many in terms of size, colour and design, that it is seemingly impossible to choose the best one for your child’s room. We make this task easier by presenting you the trendiest and most colourful kiddies’ rugs which your child will love. Our Kiddies’ rugs are uniquely crafted in different materials and designs which will inspire you children.

6 may

A nylon kiddie’s rug might be a good choice for the younger child’s room as it is stain free and durable. For older children, a wool rug may be suitable as well. Choosing the right design for your children’s room is a real fun activity and we even have comical designs to cater to your needs. Our range covers everything from animal shaped design, through popular games, to all popular teddy bear patterns. We have it all. All these designs are available in various colours, sizes and textures, to help you decide the best kiddies rug for your child’s room.
When choosing a kiddies rug, it is important to keep in mind, your child’s interest and personality as well. The objective here is just not to provide the aesthetics and design for your room but to also cater for a comfortable playing area, sitting and living. The quality of the products you purchase is another consideration when looking for the best kids room rugs. After all, you want a rug that will be comfortable, not abrasive and rough. It is easy to check for quality materials – just look at the weave and the pile in the overview, or product description, of the rug to make sure that they are well made. We have a great selection of high quality rugs that will last your children for years to come.

Choosing a colourful kiddie’s rug is important as this will stimulate their imagination. We at always keep this aspect in mind. Hence, have wide variety of colourful kiddies’ rugs. Children’s rugs can become dirty quite frequently so it is best to avoid rugs made from natural fibres like wool. Instead, go for materials like nylon and polypropylene. These materials are soft and add durability, as well as elegance. There is no better feeling for us than a satisfied customer writing in to appreciate our products. We receive a lot of positive feedback on our kiddie’s rug range proving our customers like them very much.

Points to remember before buying a Plain Rug

Our plain rugs range at will lend an attractive appearance to your home. At our online store you will find solid colour rugs in various sizes, shapes and texture. Our extensive range of plain rugs extends from flat weave construction to shaggy texture, to suit all tastes and uses.

20 april

There are number of reasons why anyone should prefer to buy a plain rug for their home. The most popular among all is a plain rug’s ability to keep the house looking neat and clean. They provide a soft and elegant look to your room setting. Choosing a plain rug is more of a personal style preference rather than focusing on the price or the material used in making them. People, who generally do not like bold designs and just need to fulfil two main objectives of keeping the floor clean and at the same time comfortable, providing a warm feeling to the room ambience, prefer having plain rugs in their home.

We select our range of plain rugs from across the world, from counties such as India, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt etc. to ensure that you get the right product. Some of our clientele have prefer a specific material so we ensure that you will find plain rugs made from synthetic fibres, like polypropylene or acrylic, and also a handmade rugs made from natural fibres like wool. We even go a step further in making our plain rugs range more extensive by giving you options in choosing the texture. You can choose a plain shaggy rug which will be thick and has a long pile height, or you can select a rug in a flat weave construction.

We must mention our unique selling point that makes us stand out from the crowd. It’s the price and affordability factor. We take our pricing very seriously and you will find it very difficult to match our price anywhere else online. In fact, we are so confident about our pricing that when you browse through our plain rugs category you will find a price match guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Shop with confidence and order a rug you like from to make your home even more beautiful. If you have any queries, regarding plain rugs, please get in touch. We are just an email, or a phone call away.

Aubusson Rugs at it’s best

Aubusson Rugs were created by French and is known today for its high quality. Bring an exquisite feel to your home décor with the royal touch of these rugs. It brings with it a majestic touch with its wool made a superior quality pile. Having this rug in your interiors will surely get you huge compliments. The beautifications of these rugs are the result of skilled needlework, designs and attractive colour combinations. The style and design of Aubusson rugs are unmatchable and that is why it is an older form of rug that still impresses the people.

18 sept

These rugs shared a rich history which dates back to the 16th century when it was first originated. The group of weavers who made this elegant rug was named “Aubusson royal rug manufacturers’. The designing of these rugs is made using various symbols like Chinese characters, dragons or some oriental symbols. The variation in design is the prime point of attraction for many rug lovers. Though times have changed but rug manufacturers still pay equal attention in producing these quality filled rugs.

These rugs work beautifully in refurbishing any home be it traditional or contemporary. The soft and compelling pattern in vivid colours is sure to match with your home accessories. TheRugShopUK hosts a wide assortment of Aubusson rugs at price match promise.

Points to remember before buying a Shaggy Rug

28 Aug

Whenever you see a shaggy rug, the first impression is that it captivates the entire living space into a spa like aura. You immediately start getting those cozy vibes and when you do put your feet on these super lustrous and luxurious area rugs the feeling is just heavenly. These soft and thick rugs reached their peak in terms of popularity during the sixties and even today their demand is second to none. We at bring to you the most sought after range of shaggy rugs filled with opulence, richness and splendor.
A shaggy rug can be handmade or power loomed. Handmade shaggy rugs would generally be constructed using natural fibers like wool while machine made rugs have synthetic fibers as their main material. Shaggy rugs are versatile enough to compliment all types of floorings like wood and tile. These rugs are soft and warm and create an atmosphere which is cozy and at the same time elegant. Our shaggy rugs range is available in wide spectrum of colors and materials to help you choose the rug as per your liking. Wool as a material is the best insulator hence buying a wool shaggy rug will ensure that during summers it keeps the room cooler for long period of time and during winters the warmth is maintained over a prolonged period. Our wool shaggy rug range is carefully chosen to ensure that they do not shred much and are maintenance free for the years to come.
Shaggy rugs made from different material have different texture. Just to name a few, you can select between a synthetic shag rug, new zealand wool shag rug, flokati shag rugs, cotton shag rugs. Shaggy rugs can also be an integral part of your children room as they are soft and comfortable. Kids would just lobe to sit and play on them. Our shaggy rugs have continued to be the most popular among buyers due to their beautiful design and versatility to accommodate any style of home. They are durable with a high quality of fabric to ensure plenty of warmth and style through the seasons. White shaggy rugs are most popular as they look more expensive without being heavy on your budget and complement rooms easily. Because they hide dirt, they are less prone to acquiring spots or diminishing in color. These types of rugs are most commonly sold as round or rectangular. Explore our range of shaggy rugs and I am sure you just cant resist yourself from buying one for your home.

Make your place cozy with Red Rugs

We at The Rug Shop know that trends and styles are an integral part of decorating a home. We have an exclusive range of red and orange rugs which are available in different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a specific type of material to suit your style like wool, polyester, or polypropylene then we ensure you that you will not be disappointed. Choose the shade you think will strike a perfect balance between the rug and your room setting.

Red  Orange

Red is a color associated with happiness, celebrations and good luck. It keeps the negatives vibes away from a room. Using a lot of red in your home decoration tends to demonstrate a lot of aggressiveness and hyperactivity. The best way to utilize this color is to get a red rug which is the centerpiece of your flooring. It will be the main focal point and at the same time keep the mood alive and active. Red is always and best optimized as an accent color. Hence using it in small amount like a rug maintains the balance of your room. In the concept of interior designing, making use of bright red in your home interiors reduces the size of the room and increase the size of the objects.

Choosing the right color is important when it comes to rugs as their placing on the floor mostly takes the space where you can’t avoid but to have a look at it. It also helps in defining the mood of the room and give some clue on our own personal style as well. A red or orange rug tends to uplift the mood of any room due to their inherent vibrant quality. A red or an orange rug would add warmth to your home décor. We need to keep our main theme color in mind when choosing a red or an orange rug as too bright a rug in red or orange will overpower the room balance and may look awkward. Hence we have various shades available in red and orange complimented by right texture to suit your requirement.

Do not worry about the price. Our rugs are the most inexpensive and cheap you will find anywhere online. We are so confident of our competitive prices that we offer a price match guarantee. We value your personal taste and look forward to your association with us for many more years to come.

Circle Rugs: Circle Rugs for great interiors.

Times have change, and in the current world people love to experiment with their idea of decorating their home with the latest and trendiest home accessories. One such home accessory is a circle rug. Many call it as a round rug as well. A beautiful rug place right in the center of your living space becomes a dominant part of your interiors and helps in catapulting the entire home décor to a whole new level.

Circle Rugs

We at The Rug Shop bring to you the finest collection of circle shaped rugs which you will not find anywhere. Not to mention the cheap and discounted prices which will not come in between you and the perfect round rug you desire. Choose from wide variety of patterns and designs which are carefully selected from across the world. These designs are perfect for circle shaped rug. We have round rugs made from various natural and synthetic fibers like wool, sisal, cotton, jute, polypropylene, polyester and sometimes even a combination of fibers produce a masterpiece. A shaggy round rug looks beautiful when placed in your room to compliment a larger rug covering the entire floor. In terms of color choice, you will not be disappointed. Choose from wide array of color combination or just go for the simple yet elegant solid plain round rug in the color of your choice. Get one today and add a different feel to your home décor.

Due to the demand of geometric shapes in area rugs, circle rugs have become extremely popular among rug shoppers. A circle rug is best suited for angular rooms or a room which is in square shape. It helps in maintaining the balance and symmetry. The entry to your home can become quite dramatic if a right circle shaped rug is place right in the center. A rug is the first thing which gets noticed when you or your guests enter your house. Placing a round rug shows that you have put a lot of thought in your rug selection and ensured that each element of your home decoration compliments the rug in its own unique way. The combined effect is just to feel proud off. To utilize the space properly a lot of people place a round dining table or a circle shaped coffee table in their house. If you have one, then a circle rug would be the right match for such furniture and the entire ambience of the surrounding can be up lifted to a whole new level.

Let Striped Rugs enhance your interior

We at have got striped rugs for every room, from red to black to white and every colour in between! Our striped rugs are a great alternative to the more traditional patterns and designs. Striped rugs have become noticeably popular recently because more people are ready to try out new designs which look attractive and at the same time are different.

22 jan (1)

A striped pattern can be among the most commanding ornamental elements the design for a room. A striped rug is designed with simple parallel stripes but different colour combinations add accent to their look and ultimately to your room. There are various styles and types of striped rugs available at our online store. You can find a shaggy striped rug as well as a flat weave rug to go with your furniture and room ambience. A general feeling is that a striped rug is associated with contemporary look, however, these types of rugs can be orthodox as well. Rugs that have stripes of equal length and have the same mixture of colours tend to be more orthodox in their styling.
Striped rugs have a unique versatility of blending with all types of home décor. They can both transform a room or compliment a room’s décor. They key to achieving this is choosing a striped rug with the right colour combination which enhances the look of your room and at the same time look perfectly flexible. Striped rugs in fact can also be added to children’s’ rooms, especially when they are made in bright colour combinations.

As there are a number of stripes, even within the simplest of rugs, they offer an array of colours. Each colour scheme gives a different feel to a room. Natural colours, such as cream, grey and brown tones create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A colour scheme of stripes of blues and greens give an ocean feel and offer a sense of serenity, whereas a colour scheme of reds, yellows and burnt oranges offer a Middle Eastern and warm feel. Striped rugs, therefore, are extremely versatile, whatever style of décor you desire, there is a rug that will go well with it.

If you are looking for the perfect striped rug for your home then you are at the right place to fulfil your desire. Shop for one at the best competitive prices and don’t forget to check our deals and discount section. You never know it might be your luck day!

Guide to help you buy Kilim Rugs

Turkey and Central Asia have been renowned for their rugs for centuries, especially when it comes to Kilim rugs. A Kilim rug represents the most ancient style of traditional rugs ever made. We at bring to you this preserved traditional art in the form of finest quality of Kilim rugs you will ever find anywhere. Kilim Rugs are generally flat weave Turkish and Persian beauties which have their own charm and a bit of raw elegance.

27 feb

Kilim rugs normally have multi-coloured designs which are geometrically graphical and could be the first starting point when it comes to decorating your home décor. Kilim rugs are also made in India and hence you would many a times find Indian designs and culture popping out in fascinating designs. They are easy to clean and maintain. Kilim rugs provide a perfect floor covering for high traffic areas like kitchen and hall ways.

Kilim rugs are referred as flat-weave rugs as they have no pile. They add a bit of a tribal Afghan look to the ambience and look uniquely different than any other rug. As Kilim is a material you may come across few modern designs and patterns as well when browsing our Kilim rug range. Kilim rug is easy and light to roll up for cleaning purposes. Kilim make great decorative table covers Ideal to protect a beautiful piece of furniture or disguise an ugly one. Because Kilim rugs are light weight they make good wall hangings. Carefully placed lighting will show up the woven texture in the Kilim.

The texture of Kilim rugs has evolved from the simplest reed basket and mat weaving techniques. Kilims are the primitive form of artistic expression that usually feature bold angular patterns combined with rich, vibrant or earthly tones. As such, the most important consideration is visual appeal. When choosing a Kilim rug, select a rug that adds interest, warmth and style to your living space coz whoever sees the rug will have an impression of your own taste and style. Although Kilims are robust and durable they are light weight. Browse through our Kilim rugs range and be ready to travel the ancient form of rug manufacturing which will surely leave you spell bound. You will have wide array of designs, patterns, colour combination and sizes to choose from. When placing a Kilim rug on the floor, it is advisable to use a non-slip underlay to avoid any slipping. Having said that, you will find that most Kilim rugs now come with an anti-slip backing.

Before buying Traditional Rugs

If you are looking for handmade rugs to make your home décor complete then nothing beats the style and elegance of a traditional rug. In a typical scenario, the traditional rugs are used in large spaces like living rooms or dining rooms. The ultimate advantage you have when you shop for a traditional rug at is the incredible range we offer and at prices which can’t be beaten. Our website is set up in a way which allows you to scroll through our huge selection of traditional rugs quickly and easily, and you can even narrow down your search so that you are only shown the particular types of rugs you’re looking for. This will save you a lot of time and money compared with having to drive to the different carpet and rug outlets, with their higher prices.

3 may

When you’re shopping for a traditional rug at our store online you will find endless design options to choose from. You can get them in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you will have no trouble in finding the one which fits your room perfectly. You may like so many that that you will want to buy more than one rug, especially at our very affordable prices.

The biggest reason for anyone to purchase a traditional rug is the look which can’t be beaten by any other handmade, or machine made rug of choice. They add a sophisticated elegance to any room and a majestic feel. If you have an antique style of décor then choosing traditional rugs for your floors is the icing on the cake. The meticulous detailed design and patterns found in traditional rugs just can’t be beaten by any other type of rug in the market. A true traditional rug is handmade. The construction can be hand tufted, or hand knotted. Recently, traditional designs are also produced by machines and in synthetic fibres like polypropylene. The one which you find best suits you will depend on your feelings about the style and your budget. Our prices are the best in the industry and we have proved the myth that traditional rugs are generally expensive is untrue. Choose the rugs you like best from our website at .

Grey Rugs: Beauty at your place

The Rug Shop has extensive shades of silver and Grey rugs to choose from to complete your home décor. Silver brings with itself an air of understated confidence while Grey is known for being calm and composure. The color Grey is a perfect flag bearer for elegance and sophistication. You just can’t go wrong with a Grey rug if adding a bit of accent and flair is what you wish to achieve. On the other hand choosing a silver rug will add a sprinkle of elegant formality which is subtle.

Grey  Silver

A Grey rug is a perfect addition to white surroundings which for long have been the best modern yet simple design to achieve. It is not to complicated and still does the job of providing uniqueness to the room. A Grey rug is perfect for high traffic areas as it will cover all of the dirt for many years and keep the outer texture of the rug neat and clean. A Grey rug is quite rich in itself so adding it to a dull room will live up the environment making the rug the main focal point of the living space.

A silver rug normally is added to provide support to more vibrant colors of your interiors. It blends with most of the known colors without being too conservative. We have an extensive range of Grey, silver and combination of both rugs so that you get to choose the right one to match your own personal style.

Grey and silver both blend with each other in a nice way. In our range of chequered and striped rugs you will find a lot of fascinating designs and patterns which have made the use of these two colors in a perfect sense. Making them look more contemporary and modern. It is very hard to deny that impact Grey and silver rugs have on spaces. They keep a room together and a good material Grey or silver rug provides ultimate comfort under feet. As far as silver rug is concerned you can keep it anywhere and it will match the style of your room. Having said that, a Grey rug would be best suited centerpieces.

Choose the one which you like from our Grey rugs section where you would also find a lot of range in grey, silver and other elegant shades. Apart from the color you have the liberty choose your size, pattern and material. Get one today to create the buzz among your guests and family members.