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Most of the rugs today are machine made using advance technologies to imitate the intricate detailing of handmade rugs while at contrastingly reduced costs. This is primarily the cost factor which is making it popular, trendy and demanding amongst the homeowners.

Basically, these rugs are made using wool, silk, nylon, olefin or a blend of any of these. Bamboo is also occasionally used for the manufacturing of rugs. The rug’s backing is considered to be the foundation of the rug providing it stability, delamination protection, stronger tuft binding holding the fibres together and antimicrobial protection.

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In order to keep them fresh and lively, manufacturers have designed them specifically to enable a constant movement of air through them. This further helps the rug to pass air, gas and moisture through them and thus maintain the integrity and life of their pile content. This also saves your flooring from getting damaged by constant cover and being devoid of any fresh air. A proper backing is therefore critical as any rug lacking it would succumb to mildew, mold and extreme wear. The most notable and common types of rug backing are heat-set, woven, felt and latex.

The majority of machine-made rugs are made using heat-set backings. The backing is called heat-set because of the high heat process it goes through. It’s during a high heat process when the backing is applied to the rugs. The greatest advantage of heat-set backing is its breathability. This type of backing allows the rug to breathe properly and thus making it a great choice for many homeowners. Even, in most wall to wall constructions, this same type of backing is used. When you will look at the pattern and design, it’ll appear as a square matrix which you may have seen in many rugs and carpets as this is a very common and popular backing type. Another way to have a solid confirmation about the heat-set backing is its texture _ it has a coarse feeling when touched.

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When opting for cheaper and inexpensive rugs, you may want to consider their backing and the damage they can bring to your floor. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to save some bucks buying a cheap carpet while splurging heavy if your flooring gets damaged. A fine example is Olefin rugs. They are cheap due to the obvious reason that Olefin is a plastic. Moreover, these rugs are majorly made using heat-set backing of polypropylene which is again a plastic; causing a serious damage (scratches) to your hardwood floors. This can be easily resolved by using a rug pad or a rug gripper as it will act as a protective layer between the floor and the rug. There is one more persistent problem with Olefin rugs. Their corners and edges tend to curl which can become quite unpleasant and unappealing for decor enthusiasts. But don’t worry as it can be corrected easily since Olefin is a plastic. You need to use a damp rag to cover the curl and then apply moist heat over it. Use hot clothes iron to soften the plastic with the heat. Once you are done with it, you need to let it come back to the room temperature though placing some books on the hot spot for few hours or overnight will reset the edges for months.

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There are other rug backings as well which allow the air to flow through the fibres. Woven and felt rug backings are two of them which are common in the industry. If you find that the back of the rug doesn’t have any kind of material, then there is a high chance of it being a woven rug. You can see the weave of the face fibres in woven rugs since they don’t have any material at the back (see picture below). Since there is no material or covering at the back of these rugs, this is the reason why these rugs have great ventilation through them.


Felt backing which is basically made using pressed wool or acrylic fibre is an inexpensive backing. It is glued or sewn at the back of the rug. In these cases, a simple fibre typically a natural fibre is attached at the back to hide the original backing of the rug.

The worst backing type of all is the latex backing due to one simple yet critical reason _ rug’s breathability. It is the main drawback that latex backing wouldn’t allow the rugs to breathe and thus enticing a lot of negative factors both to the rug and the flooring. Since, these rugs cannot allow the air or gas to pass through; they will damage the carpet, stone, hardwood or laminate flooring beneath. The worst part is that latex backing actually attracts moisture.

We have shortlisted few major flooring and the damage latex does to them _

1.  If you have a carpet flooring in your room, it will become yellowish after a certain period of time losing its colour and charm
2.  Stone and concrete flooring will start to exhibit physical damage
3.   With hardwood flooring, it will start to warp and its finishing would be lost
4.  Laminate flooring will become yellow and gradually start to warp as well

You can easily find latex backing with bath mats and some cheaper area rugs and runners. It is strongly advised to avoid using latex backed rugs unless you have ceramic or porcelain tile flooring.

Thoughts from the experts

It is critical and of high importance that you pay attention to the backing of the rug while considering to buy a new rug. Mostly, homeowners only research about the type, colour, size and the pattern while ignore the backing. On the contrary, it should be an extremely valuable factor in your decision making process. Here are two general rules to keep in mind _

1.    First, the rug you choose should be able to breathe to allow the air, moisture and gas pass through it.
2.    Second, you’ll need a rug pad or a gripper if you have a rug with heat-set or woven backing.

While buying offline, you can easily speak with the sales person to determine the rug’s backing if there is no mentioning of it on the manufacturer’s label attached. The same you need to do when shopping online; consult with the customer support team and ask for the information. At the end of the day, it is far better to be informed about your backing as if you choose a wrong backing; it may ruin or damage your flooring.

We hope that we have covered all the essential and key points while detailing all major backing types available in the market today _ heat-set, woven, felt and latex. Just in case if you think that we missed any important point or you have some queries regarding these backings, we would love to hear from you. All you need to do is just drop your thoughts in the comment section below and we would try to revert as soon as possible. Meanwhile, continue reading and shopping with us.


Rugs have become an exciting commodity which has its special aura and magical powers to entice amazing attributes to your room. Rugs are known to breathe in homeliness and unmatched warmth factor into any room. Today, rugs are not considered to be just a flooring element, rather they have the power to tie together a room and color scheme. They can create a sense of unification across all the decor elements. Whether it is to add a completely new flavor to an existing color theme, or it’s about injecting a new life to an otherwise dull room, a beautiful modern day carpet is all you need. Not just the visually appealing quotient, these are effective in making rooms smaller or spacious depending upon your requirement. Just choose the right sized rug and you will be able to achieve it with a brink of an eye. Don’t worry if your room has a minimalistic theme or it is cluttered with tons of unnecessary things, these carpets can come in handy with any room setting you have.


It’s not just the cold hardwood floors where they fit in, but rather, they can effectively be used in carpet areas too. You can also layer them over huge carpets for a cheeky effect of modern times. Moreover, they offer an added layer of protection to your floor or carpet while adding an amazingly great cushioned feel to your floor.

Rugs are not only for decorating your floors; they can be equally fabulous when you do wall-to-wall carpeting. A lot of homeowners have shifted the gear and have transitioned their walls into appealing masterpieces with wall carpets.

But, when it’s about deciding a rug for your room, you have to be careful about few things like the style and the size you are going to choose. Also, you need to be precise about the area where you want to place your rug and how you are going to achieve the unity amongst the existing decor elements. A lot of people don’t pay attention to the other decor elements when buying something new to add to their room. It’s of paramount importance that you create a sense of unification as all the elements should complement each other to bring out the best of the aesthetic appeal.
First, consider all the different designs and styles and contemplate which of them is going to suit your decor best. Out of many, here are few of the most popular ones _ modern, traditional, shaggy, geometric, striped and wool rugs.
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Then there are oriental and kilim rugs which have their own unique and distinctive appeal. It’s difficult to keep aside the neutrals like jute, ratan, rope and wool. Moreover, the manufacturing process has a lot to do in framing up the final asset and there are many processes in today’s world from flat weave to hand knotted and from hand tufted to hooked. All these styles have the tendency to produce a carpet which can suit any decor type at a give time and space.

Well, there are certain thumb rules which you should keep in mind while placing your rug in different rooms. Each room has its own of presentation and you need to be cautious about it. Let’s have a look at different rooms and how you can place your rug in there. Also, the type of room decides the kind of rug best suited for it.

Living Room

It’s your living room _ one of the busiest rooms of any house and you have to make it look grand. Certainly, when it comes to living areas, the bigger the size of your rug, the better and appealing it would look. Smaller rugs in a living area are going to make it worse. They will make your space cluttered and messy. It’s always recommended to opt for larger rugs for big rooms in order to achieve a more streamlined and aesthetical appeal.

Not just the size, but you also need to be careful with its right placement and most importantly, the right surrounding. You should try to centralize your room around your rug. The best place to lay it would be in the centre underneath the furniture and the armchairs. Ideally, there should be enough space left behind the armchairs just in case you need to lift it back for adjustments. The last thing you would want is to let your armchair fall outside your rug.

If it’s not the entire furniture, then at least, you should try to place the front legs of your sofa set and the armchairs on the rug. It should feel like the rug is submerged into the furniture. This is one of the many ways to achieve a minimalistic appeal into your room.

A lot of people sometimes think that there beautiful rug is getting wasted underneath the furniture as its intricate design may not be fully visible but this is not the case. Ultimately, it’s the unified look of the furniture, your carpet and other existing elements which can make the difference.

Enough for the right placement of your rug in your living area, but you also have to decide on the type of rug best suited for this room. Living room is generally an area with high traffic and a lot of concern. You may also need to think about the pet and notorious children factor here. Wool rugs may be your best shot if budget is not an issue as they are strong, durable and perfect for high traffic area while without compromising with the softer texture.

Dining Room

It’s always on a hot topic for a debate to whether it’s a good idea to use an area rug under dining table or not. The concern is the danger of food and drink spills and it could be any time and any moment. Well, a lot of homeowners speculate about the rug’s placement under dining table and consider it a suicide attempt for your rugs. But, believe me it’s a common practice and it works awesomely well.

When it comes to deciding the ideal size for your dining room, you need to take into account the most important thing of the room and you will get the size of your rug instantly. It’s the dining table. Just measure its dimensions and take 60 cm extra on each side. This will give you a rough idea about the size of your rug.

It’s important that your dining chairs comfortably sit over your rug. If not properly, at least the front legs of your chairs must fall under your rug’s regime. For this matter, it’s always recommended that you opt for a flat rug when you are deciding for the dining area as they wouldn’t disturb the balance. Also, flat rugs are easy to clean which means lesser headache during any accidental spillages.

In general, expert’s advice is to avoid shaggy or sheepskin rugs or you may also try any high pile rugs for dining rooms.



Over the years, kitchen runners have gained a lot of momentum and popularity. They are in trend now and a lot of homeowners don’t consider their kitchen complete if the runner is missing.

Persian inspired traditional rugs are trendy and very popular. There is a high chance that you will end up finding it in almost every household which has a kitchen rug. They look amazingly great while adding practicality, functionality and most importantly, enticing in the warmth factor to transform your working area into a comfortable zone.


Here we are now in the bedroom. Like every other room, it’s important to figure out the central figure first. Undoubtedly, it’s the bed in your bedroom just as the name suggests. Now, the size and type of your rug will depend on how you wish to proceed. If you want to place your bed over the rug, then you’ll need a large enough rug to flow under your bed completely while protruding on each side for a more enhanced visual look. This may require a lot of spending as you will end up buying a large rug which may hurt budget constraint families. Well, worry not! There is another way to achieve almost the same goal. You can buy two runners and place them aside your bed. One important thing here would be the gap between the walls and the edge of the rug. Try to achieve a minimum of half of meter gap between them to maintain the tranquillity and keep it symmetrically sound.

Note: Just keep in mind while doing it with the large rug. You need to see if the rug protruding on either side of your bed is equal to maintain the balance.

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