Christmas countdown begins…

Overall what can be done to make this festive season a memorable affair, deciding this can be sometimes difficult as there is so much to do and so much to observe.

Curtains, furniture, rugs, kitchen cabinets, their cleaning, maintenance and revamp are going to consume your precious time. By keeping things simple you can smartly manage the time and steal some moments that would give you utter satisfaction and warmth.

One such idea that has struck my mind is choosing a simple colour palette for the home decors. Decorations, gift wraps and accessories that fit the theme can make event more memorable. For example, a contemporary twist can be given on the traditional colours of green by blending soft greys with muted reds and lime greens. Just imagine having captivating red and lime rugs on the floors that can instantly accentuate the looks of your interiors.

Well there’s actually no limit to creativity.

You can use wallpapers leftovers for making little packets for treats or gifts. In this way, you can have a more personal touch with the gifts you are offering.

By fastening them over a string of silk ribbon you can create your own custom calendar.

If you are good at sewing then you can prepare a sack or stocking for gifts. This is how you can personally greet your guests offering them something that shows your creativity, hard work and most importantly concern.

Have old cushions? Why not swap them with a festive fabric that fits your colour pallet? This is how your sofas can get a revamp as well.

When it comes to home décor for festive season you cannot ignore your entrance at all. After all it is the entry point from where you can make your guests feel special. It should be inviting.

Thinking on those terms there’s a lovely way to make your entrance fab.  Lighting up with paper luminaries can make your front walks, driveways and porches look glam and yes, there’s no need to spend a fortune over them as they are available at affordable prices. In this way you are also giving respect to those outstanding personalities who have just got a wealth of creativity and ideas with them. Putting battery-operated LED inside them can make your gleaming arrangements even more innovative.

This was related to lightings. Now a bit about floors, handmade wool rugs are eco-friendly option for decorating the floors. And when they are made from vibrant red or orange then certainly “A Red Carpet” welcome is on the cards. Give a thought.

If you have got some more ideas then we would certainly like to hear from you. Till then, take care and have a great day!


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