Do Large Rugs Make a Room Look Bigger?

It can take some work to find the ideal rug for a tiny room; you want it to balance the décor and space without taking over the entire area. Since making the most of available space is key when decorating any place, most of us prefer to use a trendy rug to give the impression that our smaller rooms are larger. But realizing the possibilities of your space requires more than just luck; it also requires good design sense and rug selection. Don't worry if you don't know where to begin; this is the ideal location to discover more about how to style your house with a well-placed rug.

Do rugs give the impression of more or less space? It's a typical query that comes up when planning or furnishing a space. In order to bring warmth, colour, and texture to a room, modern luxury carpets are an essential component of interior design. But how big and where a rug is placed may make a big difference in how big people think a space is. A large rug might give the impression that a room is larger than it actually is, according to some people, while others disagree. In this post, we'll examine the various ways that carpets can alter how big people view a place and offer advice on how to pick the ideal rug to complete the aesthetic. If you want to buy rugs, runner rugs, etc, check out The Rug Shop UK.

Advice for Maximizing the Illusion of Space by Selecting the Appropriate Rug Size and Placement

Take into account the following suggestions when choosing the right rug size and location to maximize available space:

-Consider the size and arrangement of your room when choosing a rug.

-A smaller rug may give the impression that a room is small and haphazard, whilst a larger rug might provide the impression of space and coherence.

-Confirm that there is enough room for any furniture or walls in the area to fit around the rug's edge.

-If your room is smaller, you might want to use many smaller rugs to mark off distinct regions.

-Select a rug for your dining room that will fit beneath the table and give you enough room to draw the chairs out without snagging on the mat.

-Try a variety of rug locations and sizes to see which arrangement best suits your room's furniture arrangement.

Make Use of One Large Area Rug:


Size is usually the key when utilizing rugs to create the illusion of a larger space. Properly sized rugs create the impression that your space is larger than it actually is, though this perception is influenced by other elements as well. Most frequently, people pick area rugs that are too tiny, which shrinks the space and gives it a haphazard appearance. Some try to cover more space by using several little rugs, but that just serves to divide and cramp the space.

Rather, go for a wider rug that unifies the area and brings everything together. As long as the rug doesn't overtake the space, you may even get an "oversized" one; to prevent this, space the rug at least 12 inches apart from each wall. The furniture comes next; you can arrange it so that certain pieces overlap or you can put the rug in the middle of the space, leaving a few inches uncovered on all sides.

Given that the size of your rug will be dictated by the furniture in your room, you may want to buy it after you have chosen the measurements of the area and the furniture you will be utilizing. If it works better for your room, don't be afraid to place your furniture on top of the rug rather than outside of it. Contrary to popular opinion, this does not make the space look smaller. The arrangement will look beautiful even if a single piece of furniture is only supported by two legs on the rug.

Choose a Rug with Minimal to No Texture:

Recall that little spaces tend to get cluttered quickly and require little additions to feel finished. It makes sense to want décor with individuality and vibrancy, but even while a lot of texture is eye-catching, it might overpower your tiny room and cause more harm than good. Although we adore heavily textured rugs, we only use them in larger spaces that have enough space for eye-catching area rugs.

Without overpowering the rest of the space, a lighter rug can still be luxurious and velvety. Give up on the texture and go with a low- to mid-pile rug instead, since these will be easier to clean, especially if you are working with a high-traffic area.

Pattern-Dos and Don'ts:

While patterns are a terrific way to liven up a space, not all patterns will brighten and open up a space in the same way that colour and texture do. Make sure the pattern's scale is suitable for the room's dimensions if you wish to use one on your rug.

For instance, we suggest utilizing a larger pattern that isn't overly busy when attempting to generate a larger feeling in a smaller room. Nonetheless, you can choose a smaller design that will balance the space if your furniture takes up most of the available space. If you're unsure about your pattern choices, we suggest going with narrow lines and stripes to create a timeless, traditional style without overpowering your room.


A common question in design is which colour of the rug makes a room appear larger since the colour is one of the most visually arresting components. Go for lighter tones if you can; even though you may find a rug with intricate colours that you simply adore, this tip applies to almost any smaller space. Lighter colours reflect light and return it to the room, whereas darker hues will absorb most of the light in the space and pull the eye. Light-colored rugs will therefore give the impression of greater lightness and space in your little area.


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