Few Misconceptions Associated with Rugs

Many people assume Oriental rugs as carpets but the reality is that both rugs and carpets are used interchangeably. In rug industry, carpets have a bigger size than rugs. Generally it is more than 6 by 9 feet in dimensions.

The second misconception associated with rugs is a little offbeat.

It has been heard that new carpets having an old look are given a bath in tea. But the fact is that tea is sometimes used but almost always in combination with other substances which give them a permanent effect.

Then comes abrash related misconception.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term abrash, we’ll say that these are the bands of slightly different colours running across a rug.  Generally it is assumed that abrash occurs due to natural dyes but in fact, it is a sign that wool is being dyed in small batches wherein each batch has a slightly different shade.

Rug makers also put abrash deliberately into synthetically dyed rugs to tell age or to give a vintage feel to it.

There is one more.

People feel that new Oriental rugs are no longer made by hand. At this junction we would like to tell our readers that these rugs are all about ‘handmade.’ Handspun wool is used along with the natural dyes in their making, same as it was done hundreds of years ago. Please get informed in advance that it is all about a genuine Oriental rug which don’t gets applied to the imitations.

There is also a feeling that all old rugs have natural dyes. On contrary new rugs have synthetic dyes. This is also not true. In the market you may also find rugs which are considered old being made from synthetic dyes whereas some new rugs are also being prepared with natural dyes.

The last one is related to labour getting involved in making of a rug.

Generally it is being thought that child labour is primarily involved in making of rugs. This is not true at all. Yes, it exists but on an estimate it takes place in only 1 to 3 percent of the workforce. This figure includes children who work at home under the supervision of their parents.

Thus we see there are few myths that are related to the creation of rugs.

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