Furniture tips and rugs

Furniture has a significant place in the looks of interiors. The place where you will put your furniture has the ability to set the tone for your home.

Arranging the space with right measurement

It is very hard to arrange a space without the right measurement of its size. So we would suggest using a measuring tape to find the right dimensions of your room. Once you have rightly determined the furniture placing area of room then find out the dimensions of hallways and door widths so that you buy the right sized furniture for your home.


Identifying the focal point of room

Judge in advance whether your room’s focal point would be a fireplace, area rug, a wall hanging or a specific captivating view. So after deciding your room’s focal point, orient your furniture accordingly.


Adjust your largest and the most important piece of furniture first

Generally for a living room the largest piece of furniture is sofa, in bedroom it is bed and for dining room it is the table so we would suggest orienting them at the right position before placing anything else. This will give enough space in front of the doors, windows and would not block them. Therefore find out your traffic pattern and avoid any type of cluttering in your interiors.


Chalking out a balance

The placement of furniture and their size affects the balance of a room. In case you have placed all the big pieces of furniture to one side of room then it will be off-balanced horizontally. On pushing all the furniture pieces against the wall, the room may look smaller so make sure a balance has been chalked out as far as positioning of furniture is considered.


A proportionate layout is also the key

By making the layout seem symmetrical you can get an extra seating space.

For example by placing a sofa or a pair of comfortable chairs near the fireplace you can have a wonderful conversation area with a symmetrical layout of furniture. Now in front of sofa an ottoman or a cocktail table can also be situated.

Anchoring the area with a beautiful area rug is another wonderful idea to make the look organised and environment relaxed.

When it comes to rugs, the biggest mistake people make is using the area rug that is too small. To avoid this make sure you have measured the open space of floor accurately. One more thing, ensure very well that all the furniture pieces comfortably sit on the rug.

So these were few tips that can be kept in mind when revamping of home is on your mind. Hope you liked them.

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