Guide to buy Wool Rugs


Choosing the right place to buy a wool rug is as critical as choosing the rug itself. When you are browsing our wool rugs range, rest assured that you will not find a better combination of quality and price anywhere online. Wool as a material itself stays beautiful naturally for years hence you do not have to spend much time in maintaining the look. Wool rugs generally are thick pile rugs which may have a shaggy texture or a evenly distributed pile height. You may also find a wool rug in our range which has a high and low pile construction which adds a bit of flair to any room setting.
The most prominent qualities of a wool rug is that they have a nice feel and super soft texture because all wool rugs are meticulously crafted by hand. Wools rugs are known for longevity, elasticity, resilience, flame resistant and easy to clean. A wool rich rug gives unbeatable luxury combining softness and luxury. It is naturally soft and comfortable underfoot. Our wool rugs range is carefully examined before they make it on our online store. An extensive research is done on the best manufacturers from across the world to bring to you the best affordable wool rug collection.
It is said that wool can absorb 1 pound of dirt per square foot before it looks dirty. Making a wool rug naturally soil hiding and cleaner for ages to come. A wool rug has the unique quality of 30% higher stain resistant capabilities then their synthetic counterparts. Our wool rug range at is available in wide variety of color combinations, shapes and sizes to fit your personal preference without being heavy on pocket. Wool rugs tend to be more expensive when you compare them to rugs made from synthetic fibers due to their durability and elegance which they bring along. Having said that we know that you need the best wool rug which is affordable, hence we do the research to bring you a wide variety of wool rugs to choose from.
Our wool rugs range can be further classified into modern, traditional, contemporary, sheepskin and designer to give you the best available options. Get one for your home and we assure you that you will not be disappointed with our wool rugs. If you are happy tell others and for any queries get in touch. We are just a phone call or an email away to serve you in making your house a perfect family hotspot.

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