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Turkey and Central Asia have been renowned for their rugs for centuries, especially when it comes to Kilim rugs. A Kilim rug represents the most ancient style of traditional rugs ever made. We at bring to you this preserved traditional art in the form of the finest quality of Kilim rugs you will ever find anywhere. Kilim Rugs are generally flat weave Turkish and Persian beauties that have their own charm and a bit of raw elegance.


Kilim rugs normally have multi-coloured designs which are geometrically graphical and could be the first starting point when it comes to decorating your home décor. Kilim rugs are also made in India and hence you would many times find Indian designs and culture popping out in fascinating designs. They are easy to clean and maintain. Kilim rugs provide a perfect floor covering for high traffic areas like the kitchen and hallways.

Kilim rugs are referred to as flat-weave rugs as they have no pile. They add a bit of a tribal Afghan look to the ambience and look uniquely different from any other rug. A Kilim is a material you may come across a few modern designs and patterns as well when browsing our Kilim rug range. Kilim rug is easy and light to roll up for cleaning purposes. Kilim makes great decorative table covers Ideal to protect a beautiful piece of furniture or disguise an ugly one. Because Kilim rugs are lightweight they make good wall hangings. Carefully placed lighting will show up the woven texture in the Kilim.

The texture of Kilim rugs has evolved from the simplest reed basket and mat weaving techniques. Kilims are the primitive form of artistic expression that usually feature bold angular patterns combined with rich, vibrant or earthly tones. As such, the most important consideration is visual appeal. When choosing a Kilim rug, select a rug that adds interest, warmth and style to your living space coz whoever sees the rug will have an impression of your own taste and style. Although Kilims are robust and durable they are lightweight. Browse through our Kilim rugs range and be ready to travel the ancient form of rug manufacturing which will surely leave you spellbound. You will have a wide array of designs, patterns, colour combination and sizes to choose from. When placing a Kilim rug on the floor, it is advisable to use a non-slip underlay to avoid any slipping. Having said that, you will find that most Kilim rugs now come with an anti-slip backing.

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