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Rugs in their own existence are a great way of adding functionality to your home décor. They help in hiding floor blemishes or scuffs and add a bit of elegance to otherwise a boring room. To add a bit of style, royal elegance and flair, nothing beats a good Oriental Rug. We at have the best range available when it comes to selecting a perfect oriental rug for your home décor.


There is a general misconception that oriental rugs are really fancy in look. Gone are the days where you would have to settle for unconventional designs. Our oriental rugs range is carefully selected from across the globe to provide you with any colour and design you ask for. You can get a lot of designs and patterns to choose from and not just the familiar flowery pattern which has been the mascot for oriental design for decades. Homeowners have long been in love with the unique and refined look that an oriental rug can bring to any space. When you are looking at the long term, then a handmade rug is a far better investment than a machine-made rug.

Oriental rugs are not only beautiful but also extremely durable and last for generations, hold their value or even appreciate over time, age beautifully and look prettier with age than when they were new. These rugs are also very easy to maintain and clean. These qualities make oriental rugs a greater value than any other home furnishing in the amount of beauty they add to any home or office, and the value and incredibly long service they give to their owners. Oriental rugs have had tremendous appreciation over the years and our range will last for at least three human lifetimes when bought new.

We have a wide variety of traditional, oriental and Persian rugs range at the most affordable prices to help you decorate your home in a class of royal touch. Our oriental rugs collection is inspired by Persian culture and each style and design has its own story to tell. When you purchase one of our rugs, you will leave your guests spellbound. Our rugs will become the main talking point of your home décor and something which will just not be missed by anyone. Go ahead, chose the one you like and be ready to transform your home into a royal abode, giving you a sense of pride and contentment.

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