Have a small home? Make it appear larger

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Who won’t like to live in a big home? But yes, everyone is not blessed with that luxury. But even if you have a small home you can make it appear large doing some variations in your interiors.

Here are few inexpensive ideas that will make your home look bigger giving you a cosy, cute and intimate ambiance even if you have less space in your home.


We’ll start with window treatments. Windows are from where we get sunlight. They are our interface to look outside, to get a gush of fresh air and biggest of all giving ventilation to the covered areas making it remain rejuvenated. A bit of window treatment can make your look bigger or you can say appear bigger.

How about getting ice blue blinds?

These blinds with pastels, neutrals, and white area rugs would provide a tranquil atmosphere in your rooms along with the creation of an airy feel in your home. And you cannot deny this fact that light colours reflect more light than dark colours so it would create an optical illusion that will make your room seem bigger. This is how you can trick the eye into believing that you’ve got the most spacious room for you.

Hopefully this solution is not expensive at all!

Openness in the space is a must if you are looking for a more spacious feel. Why not get different shades of same colour to decorate your interiors? Give it a thought. As incorporating ample of colours in one space tends to create a cluttered feel so you can use variations of the same colour for that glitz and charm.

There’s a scientific reason behind it. With monochromatic colour scheme in your rugs, furniture and walls a visual coherence would be created making your room space more open and expanded.

The next one is very common hopefully you would know about it. Getting a striped area rug and placing it according to the length of the room will elongate your room or at least it would seem like that. And if the window treatments also have stripes then this would be an added advantage making your ceilings appear taller.

Natural light plays an important role in your room’s appearance. It is recommended not to block the natural sunlight completely. Again we would say go for blinds as they give you a perfect choice for privacy and naturalness from time to time according to your mood. Moreover, they look less crowded than curtains.

So these were some inexpensive ways on how you can make your home look spacious and bigger. They would really transform your space, make it more attractive and yes you don’t need to undertake a full renovation project for this. Think about it.

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