Nourison Ankara Global ANR13 Navy/Multicolor Rug

A Persian Rug beautifully bestows elegance and grace to any room in the living room or the dining room. Persian rugs are known to be the oldest yet finest oriental rugs that have a mysterious beauty and elegance to them. However, choosing a perfect Persian rug requires attention to the details. Read on to know how to find a perfect Persian Rug for your living space which your family will treasure for a long time.

1.Determine the budget you’re prepared to invest :

Nourison Vintage Kashan VKA03 RDMTC Rug

Having a Persian Rug is like owning an heirloom for your family as well as an investment for the future. You might want to pick out a worthy piece that can be passed down from your children to their children and so on. Although the handmade Persian rugs may come with a heavy price tag, there are other affordable options available in the market. If you want to keep things under your budget, machine-made Persian Rugs are your best bet; they are just as beautiful and elegant as their handmade counterparts and also more affordable. Machine-made Persian Rugs may not last as long as the handmade ones, but if you pick out one from genuine wool material, they’ll still have a long lifespan. Although if you want to make a hefty investment for an heirloom quality Persian rug, make sure to go with a hand-knotted or handmade Persian Rug.

2.Pick out an Impressive Pattern :

Palazzo Da Mosto 9141 Borgia Red Flatweave Rug by Louis De Poortere

Oriental rugs or Persian rug Patterns generally consists of a decorative medallion in the centre surrounded by intricately beautiful border design. Look for subtle nuances in the style which will help you in picking out a perfect Persian rug for your home. You can also pick out a rug from a wide range of floral patterns, which are small, detailed and intertwined to create a perfect, inimitable artwork. There are other patterns as well which includes geometric design, typically small and recurring but in a way that is organized. While picking out a perfect pattern, make sure to get a closer look and let the pattern speak to you, and if it does then the rug is sure to be in your family for generations to come.

3.Match up with your room’s colour scheme :

Fading World 8261 Pink Flash Designer Luxury Rug By De Poortere

There are many Persian Rugs available in easy to match tones, such as neutrals or earthy shades. These subtle hues can provide a perfect complement to your decorative style. If you want to lay a Persian Rug, go for interior design with Coastal, shabby chic, farmhouse or Scandinavian theme, which will elegantly highlight your Persian rug. If you want to create a boho-chic, traditional or glammed up style for your living space, go for vivid, saturated hues instead of rich red or blues.

4.Choose a Durable Material :

Da Vinci 057 0125 9696 Cream Traditional Rug by Mastercraft

Persian Rugs are available in an array of materials. Wool Persian Rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic, crazy shenanigans of kids and pets; hence they seem best for a room that receives some serious action. Silk is the most attractive and luxurious of all the materials which are used in making a Persian Rug. Silk is highly resilient and hence allows intricately detailed designs and patterns, but it's best to keep this luxuriousness in a low-traffic area as it requires a little more work in maintaining. Persian Rugs can also be used as a wall tapestry if you do not want any harm to your heirloom-like rug. Polyester, a budget-friendly option, is luxuriously soft and bright but fades easily. If you decide to go for a Polyester Persian Rug make sure to lay it in a low traffic area.


5.Use a Rug Pad to Protect your Rug :

Kashqai 4327 400 Blue Traditional Wool Rug By Mastercraft

A decent rug pad assists you to safeguard your rug from wear and tear by absorbing the bulk of the effect of foot traffic. The rug pad is intended to compress and rebound back which takes the tension off of the rug fibres. For Persian Rugs with Natural Material, opt for a rug pad constructed from natural materials, as they don’t disintegrate easily like synthetic ones, hence can protect your rug and the floor for a long period of time. Make sure to choose a Rug Pad with ample grip to prevent slipping and sliding, since Persian Rugs feature a low pile.

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