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Kitchen and rugs, it’s not an unusual concept and a lot of families are doing with grace and the result is phenomenon. For some, it may be surprising as kitchen is a place with the highest possibility of spills and food drops which can damage your rug badly, if not chosen wisely.

Why do you require a rug in your kitchen in the first place?

It is even more important that you lay down a beautiful and colourful carpet in your kitchen to give it some life and beauty. Normally, it’s just blocks of cupboard and drawers with nothing to cherish in there. The space around it could become very boring and monotonous.
The greatest challenge while choosing a flooring option for your kitchen is the practicality factor
without compromising the visual appeal and warmth and cosiness. You may want something which does not comes in the way of your cooking but rather should make your working convenient. You spend a lot of time cooking in your kitchen, so it is always good to have a cushioning for your toes.

We will here help you understand what type of rug to choose for your kitchen and how they can dowonders in your kitchen if chosen and used appropriately. The kitchen is in its own time, one of thebusiest places with lots of foods and drinks around. You may always feel the danger of spills or fooddrops if you have got a rug placed in your kitchen.

Worry Not! Just keep reading to understand how to choose your perfect rug for your kitchen which is going to withstand the long time frame while maintaining the look and feel of the space.

Best fibres for kitchen rugs

First and foremost, look for the best fibres ideal for the kitchen like conditions. It’s always on top of the mind that there couldn’t be any material which could make a befitting floor carpet for a kitchen but to your surprise, there are many.
We are going to list down the best fibres you should look after while making a purchase for your kitchen.


It is one of the most popular fibre types, typically because of its solid reputation of being durable and relatively easy to clean when compared with other fibres. This makes it a good choice as you may want something which can be cleaned easily.

Nylon rugs are very strong and can stand well to abrasion. The fibre is also highly resilient and can maintain its original appearance courtesy of its good texture retention quality. So, you don’t need to worry about heavy foot fall as the fibres will retain its original texture in no time.

One of the biggest challenges for a rug in kitchen is their ability to resist stains which is where nylon rugs are so effective.


Polyester rugs are soft to touch, very resistant to fading and can easily and quickly dry. The fabric requires little care and maintenance. Due to its low level of absorbency, it is resistant to water based stains but is susceptible to oil based stains, so keep in mind this thing.

Polyester rugs come at a lower price point while offering similar appearance and feel to that of
wool. You will definitely love its presence in your kitchen as it is going to offer a relaxing zone to your toes.


The most resistant to staining, strong and very tough; polypropylene rugs can be your perfect
companion for your kitchen. Polypropylene rugs are tough and they can even be treated with partial bleach though we would strongly recommend you to check for manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first you do it.

When it comes to stains, polypropylene rugs are less susceptible to them, which mean you don’t
need to worry a lot about dropped food and spilt drinks.


Seagrass is an amazing natural fibre which is suitable for your beautiful kitchen rug. These rugs are strong, hard wearing and resistant to stains which makes them a good choice to place them in kitchen.


Bamboo is a natural fibre which is extremely hard wearing and durable. This makes it suitable for a high traffic area. They also come with an amazing lustrous sheen which translates into an eye- catching rug feature.

What exactly are you trying to achieve with a rug in your kitchen?

Well, this is something interesting as just like a usual standard room, you have to consider few key factors while deciding and placing a rug in your kitchen. As a matter of fact, how about going with the precise dimensions of your kitchen and then deciding the size and shape of a floor carpet?

If you are considering a kitchen rug to cover the entire flooring area, you should leave some space around the corners for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. Though there is no such hard and fast rule, but leaving about six inches to two feet space around the corners will ensure that the area doesn’t look cramped up.

Just in case you want to go for the runner, the same rule applies for it too. The runner should also leave the equal amount of space on either side of it for a balanced view. Though there is no strict rule for the end corners, but going with a balanced approach is always going to add more value to your decor. It is always recommended to measure the entire area precisely before making a purchase.

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A lot of experts suggest to use your kitchen rug as a centre piece with other elements falling
together to create a sense of unification. One great way to achieve it would be placing furniture or a dining table over your kitchen area rug. This creates an amazing visual statement while adding to the practicality and furthermore keeping your rug at bay from heavy traffic.

The rule of thumb here is to leave around 24 inches around the table as this will allow the chairs to comfortably sit within the area rug and thus making the entire set look gorgeous.

Similar to what you do in a standard room for extra cushioning, the same can be done in kitchen as well with kitchen rugs. You can use rug grippers or rug pads and lay them underneath the rugs for a more comfort and luxurious feel to your feet. You need to choose some selective spots in your kitchen where you stand a lot. Place small rugs at these spots with rug pads underlying them to provide utmost comfort during your working hours.

What type of household you have and how you wish to use your rug?

Practicality is of prime importance when it comes to choosing a rug for sensitive areas like kitchen where you constantly deal with hot and boiling liquids. You can’t afford to hurt yourself with a boiling bowl while handling hot dishes in your kitchen.

Some of the key points to consider are what the space is going to be used for and who will use the space in order to maintain the rug as a permanent fixture in your kitchen.

Since the space is a high traffic area with a lot of foot falls, you need to look for a hard wearing and durable rug. Though the requirement is for heavy duty rug, but you can’t ignore one more essential factor which is easy to clean and quick dry feature as kitchen can have high probability of spills and drops at any random time.

It is always recommended to opt for flat weave rugs for your kitchen as they are practical while
offering minimum window to hold any drops and spills. As mentioned, these rugs are easier to clean and more durable when compared to thicker piled rug.

Darker vintage patterned rugs can come in handy in places with high risk of spillages as the prints in these rugs have the ability to hide the stains.

Always keep non slip pads placed underneath the kitchen rugs as this offer cushioning to the feet while adding a safety measure in the premises. Like mentioned earlier, kitchen is a place with high risk and you want to keep yourself at bay from any slips and trips in there. A non slip rug pad will keep the rug stuck to its original position and thus in rush hours when you are trying to transfer food items to your family, you are safe from any slips or trips.

Note: If you have hardwood flooring in your home like vinyl flooring, keep in mind that the latex
backing from your rug or rug pad can discolour your flooring.

Your space will determine how to move forward with what type of rug?

It is of paramount importance that you decide your carpet flooring based on the type of space you have around. Considering your space, opt for correct size and shape and even the colour choice should be in sync with the existing colour theme of your kitchen.

Not just the welcoming warmth but a kitchen rug is known to bring in the added style quotient to your otherwise clinical and boring space. Just in case if you have a hardwood flooring, then opting for a carpet floor is going to add a warming insulation while adding a perfect cushioning for your feet in cold wintery season.

For narrow and small kitchen, it is advisable to bring in a runner as this will help in widening the
space and creating an illusion of space.

Your personal style is always going to be a driving force in the decision making process

It’s critical that you decide a rug which you like the most as you are the one who is spending and
who is going to be around it. If you don’t have a positive feeling about the rug you are bringing in, you may want to rethink about it. Having said this, you also need to incorporate your existing decor theme when deciding a rug for your kitchen.

Let’s say you have a rustic style kitchen, the best rug for such a theme would be a kilim carpet with
warm colours in it.

Just in case if you have a simple and minimalistic theme in your kitchen, then you might want to opt for a modern day cheeky rug which should go well with the decor.

The rugs are the best ways to add a touch of creativity to your otherwise dull kitchens. It’s a good idea to choose exciting colour themes, patterns and textures to pop some vibrancy in your kitchen.

For narrow or small kitchen, try to be creative and smart in making your space open and appear
bigger. Geometric or striped pattern rug are perfect choices to create an illusion of a bigger space as the pattern guides the eye through the length and thus making your kitchen look longer.

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We hope that we have covered all the important aspects which can help you buy a perfect rug for your kitchen. Just in case if you think we missed anything important, feel free to put your query in the comment section below and we’ll try to revert with an answer as soon as possible.