How To Choose A Rug?

Flavia Blues Handtufted Wool Rug by William Yeoward

Exquisite accessory for your interior, rug play an important role in lifting up the look of your interior décor. Choosing a perfect area rug requires a lot of detailed attention. You would want a rug that compliments your interior décor and adds style to your space. Each rug style has something new to offer and has the ability to transform your interior in entirely unique ways. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, layering it with an area rug will help in noise reduction and will additionally bring a pop of color, texture, and pattern to your bedroom space. Your rug will also help in hiding any annoying stains on the carpet and will help to protect your floor from furniture dents. Read on to know the various steps required in picking out a perfect rug for your living space.

1. Determine the Size:

Carlton Geometric Pink Rug by Asiatic

The main point of consideration while choosing a rug for your home is the size! If you are looking to buy a rug for your bedroom, make sure to consider its size in accordance with your bed. If your bed is not placed against the wall, it should clearly have 36 inches of space on each side so that you can make your way around it. Stay within that border, and just measure the width and length of the place where your wish to place your rug. Your rug should at least extend for 2 feet beyond the edge of your bed so that when you get off your bed your feet should immediately be greeted by the soft texture of the rug. If you have a bench or a trunk at the end of your bed, just add afoot to your rug’s length. For Smaller bedrooms, you’ll just need that the legs of your footboards reach your rug. You can also go for runners on the sides of the bed, as they are cost-effective and have a great visual appeal. You can also go for multiple area rugs if you have a larger bedroom that has the space for the seating area, vanity, or desk.

2. Pick a Material:

Unique Abstract Design Rug by Prestige

Choosing the right type of material for your rug is an essential task, as it determines the texture it displays and the amount of comfort your rug will provide. If you want a rug that has easy maintenance, go for flatweave rugs such as Sisal Rugs. If you want a glamorous appeal in your room, choose a Silk and Viscose Rug which is sure to add a certain shimmer to your room. But if you have pets that bring dirt and dust to the room, your silk rug will start showing wear. If you want rugs that are durable, easy to maintain then Polypropylene and Wool rugs are your best bet.

3. Pick out a Rug Style:

Stromboli Rug Collection by William Yeoward

If you want to create a perfect balance of chic-factor and coziness in your room, determining the style for your rug is an essential factor. You’ll probably want a style that reflects your personality which in turn makes your room a comfortable yet stylish space. As bedrooms generally don’t receive heavy footwork, you can go for a rug that brings comfort and luxury. So you can just throw in a fluffy sheepskin and be done with it! If you are stylizing a large room with lots of colors and accessories, go for a neutral style. If your room has more solid colors then you can choose a fun patterned rug.

4. Choose Your Rug First and then Accessorize it:


Bodega Hand-tufted wool Rug Collection by Harlequin

If you are renovating your space or moving out to a new one, choosing an area rug first and then accessorizing your room according to it will create a homey vibe and will make your space stand out. A rug that coordinates with your interior décor will make your room elements unified, hence creating a huge stylish appeal for your living space. If you want a boho-chic look for your room, try a Moroccan rug and accessorize it with trendy Kilim throws and pillows to create a Bohemian ambiance. If you want to keep things light and airy, try some neutral patterns with pastel tones which is sure to add some character to your room.

5. Don’t Forget a Rug Pad:

Marble 29507 Hand Made Wool Rug by Brink & Campman

The last thing to consider while buying a rug for your living space is the backing material. A rug pad is absolutely necessary, as it prevents slipping accidents and keeps your rug intact. You don’t have to worry if your rug is placed under your bed frame, a TV console, or your furniture, but if you have a rug then you should consider having a rug pad underneath.

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