Shaggy rugs have come a long way and they are quite popular in modern-day families as well. They are definitely fabulous pieces of floor decor and can add a sheer luxury in cheeky style. These premium piles give your tender toes a welcoming feel when you walk over it. They offer a cushy surface just when you leave your awesome relaxing bed just to keep you warm and welcoming.

They are known not only for their practicality or added visual appeal, but they also make up for a fantastic accessory in any room. Your living room, family room, dining room or your bedroom; they can be placed over anywhere to give your space an amazing look and feel. When it comes to practicality, they offer cosy and warmth surface over cold tile, laminate or hardwood flooring.


As much as we love them courtesy of the thick and sumptuous shag pile, they require regular maintenance for their upkeep as well.

A little brief about the shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs have been in the industry for decades and they have been popular and fashionable style statement since then. Courtesy of their quality, versatility and practicality; most families prefer them over any other rug type. The best part about them is they are now available in almost every possible colour variant and in a myriad of styles.

Nothing comes with a price to pay and the same is with these super luxurious plush shaggy rugs. While they are extremely popular and trendy, their super sumptuous and fluffy pile is not the easiest to clean.

Different types of shaggy rugs and how you should be careful about care and take of each of them:

The problems get bigger when you find that these shaggy rugs come in different types and there is a slight difference in how you take care of them. The cleaning process also depends upon the construction type and the material used in the manufacturing process. So, it is always advisable to look for the manufacturer’s rug care label to know exactly how can take care of your rug.

Let’s have a look at the different types of shaggy rugs available in today’s world

The first one in the list is Flokati Rugs

Usually in white and cream in colour, but you can thank the technological world that they can now be available in different colour variants. Due to the technological advancement, they can now be dyed in different colours. They are considered to be one of the fluffiest variants of shaggy rugs.

Tip to keep in mind:

Since, usually flokati rugs come in cream and white, they get dirty easily. To keep them updated and fresh, you will need to clean and brush them frequently to avoid any settling of dirt and dust on the pile content. One golden rule to opt for would be regularly checking and cleaning its pile before it even catches any dirt.

Wool shaggy rugs

Wool is the basic standard material for rugs and so it is for shaggy rugs. They are soft, strong, durable and hard wearing to last long for years to come. They offer warmth and cosy factor into your decor and are known to provide perfect insulation to your otherwise cold and icy laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring.

They are prepared for places near a fire and they are naturally fire retardant. They are excellent moisture absorbent which means you have got your own natural air filter in your room.

Tip to keep in mind:

Since they are amongst the most expensive of the rugs in the market, you may want to consider twice before investing in them.

Leather Rugs

Leather shaggy rugs are a beautiful addition to your modern day room.They look amazing with their bold and gaudy look whilst offering the best of the cushy feel to your tender feet. The best part about these rugs is the fact that these can be easily cleaned using a leather cleaner. The expensive pricing of these leather shag rugs can be a bit of concern for you though which completely depends upon the brand and quality of the leather the manufacturer have chosen.

Tip to keep in mind:

The ideal place stations them could be a low to medium traffic area in your home. You should also avoid any contact with foods or liquids to avoid any contact with animals.

Acrylic shaggy rugs

Acrylic is a fine synthetic fibre known for its luxuriously soft feel. They are used in many rugs to ooze out striking colour palettes for an enhanced visual appeal. The fabric is colour fast and dyes well to take vibrant colours well.

One of the prime reasons why people opt for acrylic rugs is that they offer a similar appearance and feel of wool. They have a close proximity to a wool-like texture which makes them popular and trendy in the industry. And the best part is they come at a lot cheaper price point as compared to wool rugs.

Acrylic rugs are very resistant to stains and damage. So, if you are a dropper or you have got a big family with kids around, this may be your fitting choice. It can handle food and liquid spills well.

A note from the expert: Acrylic rugs are not a fit option if you want to lay it around fireplaces or in your kitchen. They have poor fire resistance, so it is recommended to keep them at bay from such places. Though, in recent years, a lot has changed and most rugs are now treated to prevent this issue.

How to clean shaggy rugs?

No doubt, lying on luxurious and posh floppy pile gives an amazing feeling but it comes with an equivalent daunting task to keep it clean and at bay from dirt and stains.

We will discuss in detail about the ways to clean your shaggy rugs even at home to avoid unnecessary wasting of your hard earned money, though we will strongly recommend checking for the rug care tag from the supplier’s or manufacturer’s first.

Let’s discuss the different cleaning process in detail.

Cut loose of the dirt and dust

The easiest and the most common of them all is to beat your shaggy rug using broom or handle of a mop to let go of the dirt and dust. Here is how to do it _

1.a. Place your rug outside on a railing.

1.b. Beat it just hard enough to cut loose the trapped dirt, dust or any debris within the pile. Use a broom or a handle of a mop to beat your rug.

1.c. For a few hours, leave your rug in direct sunlight. This will help in killing the bacteria or dust mites.

How can we ignore the world famous and common cleaning process of vacuuming?

Vacuuming your rug regularly is an integral cleaning option and a common one as well. Most importantly, you need to decide on the frequency of this process. If your rug is placed in a high traffic area with kids and pets around, you should do it daily then. Once in a week can be done in cases where your rug receives just a few occasional footfalls.

2.a.  Check for the high pile setting in your vacuum. Set cleaning head to a high pile. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have this option, you may want to switch to a new one. Invest in a vacuum cleaner which has an adjustable head setting. This helps in controlling the suction and make the head glide more smoothly.

2.b. Pull out the dirt thoroughly. It’s important that you suction out any debris leftover to avoid its grinding with the rug fibres and thus, breaking it down and deteriorating it with the passage of time. It is strictly advised NOT to use beater bar or power head on your shaggy rug as the whirling action can cause damage to its pile content. They can snag, pull or tear out threads.

2.c. You also need to check for dirt on either side of the rug meaning the side facing your floor. It needs cleaning too. Occasionally, flip over your rug to clean its backside as well. You can do it monthly or as required depending upon the traffic or exposure to dirt and dust your rug receives. Here, you can use vacuum’s beater bar or power head. If you have a small rug and you need to avoid it from being sucked into the power head, the best way to do it is by standing on one side of the rug while vacuuming it away  from you. If you still feel that the power head is too strong for your small rug, you should not use it as this may cause damage to your rug.

Dry Shampooing is another way to clean your shaggy rug

3.a. Use absorbent or a carpet-shampoo granules to clean your rug with this process. Sprinkle the granules over your rug uniformly.

3.b. Use your vacuum’s cleaning head bristles to work out the granules into the rug. Keep in mind that you don’t have to turn on the appliance to mix the granules into the strands. Just use the bristles manually. Remember to allow the shampoo to sit for long enough to grab the dirt. The ideal time could be an hour or so.

3.c. Now vacuum thoroughly to clean the granules.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is more of a professional process and you are going to need a professional steam cleaning machine for it. Since, the process is required once or twice in a year, you don’t need to buy the machine. Instead, you can rent it from a rental shop or from a certain grocery stores.

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