oriental_rugs How to Create a Botanical Oasis.

The botanical décor theme is growing in huge popularity. People are wanting to liven up their spaces with nature-inspired interiors, and I'm guessing you do too, that's why you're here?

But where did this style trend begin?

The evolution of botany dates back millennia as humans use their best efforts to examine the history and development of life on earth. Botany traces back 10,000 years ago with the Neolithic Revolution as writing developed in settled agricultural communities where plants and animals were first domesticated. Medicinal records of herbals and floras had lengthy scientific studies of native plants and their benefits, anatomy and physiology were produced, this propelled medical science making us the most advanced known species in history.

In today's day and age, there are still studies within the botanical field, but botany is wider known in design and interiors, with people adorning their spaces with this luscious décor trend.


The obvious place to start would be with plants. To achieve a really natural botanical inspired area, you're going to need plants. Group them together in clusters in different pots and varieties. Make sure you are able to provide real plants, however with the care and attention they need. Like water, food and light, otherwise opt for low maintenance plants like Cacti or succulents and air plants, which need very little care. The other alternative would be investing in some artificial plants, which have come a long, long way in terms of realism and beauty. Think terrariums or macramé pot hangings, large pots on stands with tropical indoor palms are key features into achieving this look.


Soft furnishings, complement the look perfectly, think forest green throws, emerald velvet cushions or even upholstery. This palm leaf Rug from our floral range is a perfect botanical themed addition to any room, sure to be a bold focal point in any space.

It doesn't have to just be greenery either, think florals in vintage print or lively bold colour explosions if you'd prefer a warmer colour palette. These Elegance Elise wool rugs by Flair Rugs add just that. oriental_rugs

Feature walls are a quintessential way of constructing a botanically themed room. Think wallpaper coverings in retro florals or modern jungle like prints.

Think Rugs Tropics 6097 Black/Green Rug Product ID: TR11103


You could go with deep green stained walls or a gallery wall of botanical prints, either way fashioning your own bespoke botanical oasis will provide hours of future serenity giving you a fashionable space that's calming and comforting to your senses.