How To Create A Warmer Living Room?

Warmth can be explained in several ways. From the heat, we feel physically to the pleasant ambience that comes from feeling peaceful and content. This can be achieved by placing a rug, perfectly in your house. There are rugs perfect for every room – kitchen rugs, hallway runners – all of which can be used effectively to help provide a warmer living space within your rooms.

Vinyl/ laminate

One of the reasons why people purchase rugs is because they have laminate or vinyl flooring. These floorings are known for providing water-resistant surfaces and having limited insulating properties. These surfaces are very reflective due to the multiple PVC layers and rather reflect light and heat rather than absorb it. It explains why these floorings are often cold, first thing in the morning. To avoid this, the best solution is to buy a rug if you want to continue having these floors. Buying a rug means that the number of reflective surfaces decreases and the room is better able to retain its warmth.


This is the number one reason why people get rugs; especially for reflective surfaces like laminate and vinyl. The high number of threads means that the rug can trap pockets of insulting air beneath its fibres. This helps to retain the heat in the room and prevents the floor from being cold. This is beneficial to certain homes as it helps decrease house heating usage and is an aesthetical, eco-friendly way of retaining warmth in the rooms.

This can also be useful to those who want more insulating surfaces but you are unable to change their floors from reflective surfaces to carpets. This can be a temporary, flexible solution that provides the same benefits without having to change your floors complete. It is a more money-saving route than buying a carpet.

Different materials

Different materials have different insulating properties. The best insulating material is wool so having wool rugs would be the best to help insulate your rooms. This natural fibre provides rugs with thick density and high piles which is beneficial to help trap air and maintain the warmth it provides. On the other hand, materials such as satins and silks are smooth and don't absorb heat as well as kinds of cotton or nylons even. This means that rugs made out of these materials are unlikely to perform as well as cotton rugs to provide adequate insulation and warmth.


How colours work is fascinating. By simply changing or adding a warm coloured rug into your room can give the illusion that the room is warmer. We have associated warmth with shades of reds and oranges while associated cold with blue. By using a red rug in your room, you can make the room appear warmer than it is because of the associating colour. On the other hand, using shades of blues and greens will give the illusion that the room is colder than it is. If this is the goal, perhaps use blue shades to give the allure of coolness and breeze. In addition, monochrome colours are absent of any colours can therefore give off a cold feeling as well. Using a grey rug can help encapsulate the cool effect you are going for.


The size of the rug matters as it goes into part on how much area you are covering. Covering more area means you are decreasing the number of reflective surfaces which will help in reducing heat loss. In addition, it can reduce the amount of space uncovered, leading to the allusion that there is less space. This may sound bad; however, the effect is that it brings a cosier and more personal vibe rather than the feel of a large, unoccupied space. Having this can increase the warmth of the room and bring a feeling of calmness.

It should be mentioned that when considering the size, the effect of insulation is not the only factor, you would want the size of your rug to be complementary to the rest of your furniture so the everything in the room dovetails into the perfect arrangement. Even if having a larger rug brings in the appearance of a warmer and cosier feel, it is still important to consider if the size works with the sofas or any cupboards – you wouldn't want any bent corners.


Perception is arguably the most important. The points on sizes and colours have everything to do with perception as they mould the way we look at things. Having a warm coloured rug with the right size can bring in the allusion of warmth as it is associated with naturally hot artefacts – such as fire – and it encompasses the furniture perfectly. Both of these need to be able to create warmth effectively. It will still work with either one implemented but there will be the chance that it will feel incomplete or imbalanced.

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