How to extend the life of a rug?

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A rug can also have an emotional connection with you. We can prove this. If you value creativity, admire toil and have a soft corner towards artisans producing work of art then you’ll like to preserve their masterpieces by taking appropriate measures. Cleaning is just not associated with the appearance of rug but it can also extend the life of your rug creating a healthy living place for you. When it comes to environment protection natural fibres made rugs are the perfect ones to be used. There are few ways how you can extend the life of your rug. Let’s see what they are. One very practical way to leave the rug unspoiled is not to dirty it. You can use bigger entryway mattings where visitors can wipe off soil from their feet before coming in touch with the installed rug. We also recommend using walk-off mats to keep dirt away from reaching the carpet. But they should be cleaned from time to time. This is an effective way to keep dirt at bay. Whatever care we take but there are always chances of a spill or stains, it is recommended to clean the spots as quickly as possible before it gets absorbed permanently. Food spills can be treated with water sprays but it should not be rubbed but soaked comfortably. The next way to keep your rugs away from dirt is to vacuum them regularly. By consistent vacuuming, most of the dirt can be removed effectively without any extra efforts. It is the easiest method of cleaning rugs. In spite of regular vacuuming your rugs deep cleaning is also required periodically. By conducting deep cleans on a semi-annual basis it will be easy for you to restore your rug to its original condition. By paying greater attention towards the entryway areas you’ll be able to remove the dirt that is missed by vacuuming. As far as storage of rugs is concerned you should ensure that the place where you keep it free from moisture and darkness. It should be reversed every two or three months so that bugs or moths are not able to damage it. Rug pads are also used to prevent rugs from getting damaged. There are so many simple yet useful ways to extend the life of your treasured masterpiece which would accentuate your interiors in a jiffy. If you find we’ve missed anything just let us know. We’ll love to hear from you.

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