Zeal 43004 Pewter Handtufted wool Rug by Harlequin

Using an area rug can prove to be the best way of dealing with scratches and other damages, plus it serve as an awesome decorative piece. An area rug can help in preventing those scrapes and dings on your oh so attractive wooden floors. It also provides a protective barrier against foot traffic, furniture legs and pets all the while adding a classy oomph to your floor. Read on to know various ways in which you can decorate using an area rug in a way which protects your floor as well.

1.A rug with Woven Backing facilitates healthy Air-flow :

RO12-1124-800 Woven Rug Multi Young Fashion Rug by Theko

One thing you should avoid if you want to protect your hardwood floor is laying a rug with latex backing, usually found in natural fiber area rugs. Latex traps the moisture and gases which can result in staining and stripping of your hardwood’s finish. Instead, use a rug with woven backing such as, wool rugs, as they allow movement of air through their fibers.

2.Lay an Oversized Area Rug in Large Rooms:

Draxon Russet Handtufted Wool Rug by William Yeoward

A large/oversized area rug anchored together by furniture is a best option for your living room or dining room. But the wooden flooring covered beneath the rug will preserve its colour much better than the wood which is exposed. So if you don’t want your uncovered floor to be discolored, make sure to limit the amount of direct sunlight which your wooden flooring is exposed to.

3.Use Runner in Heavy Traffic Areas to Prevent Dirt and Scratching :

Sincerity Royale Sherborne Beige Traditional Runner by Flair Rugs

Usually high traffic areas such as hallways, entryways receive more wear and tear. Using runners in these area is a best way to protect the hardwood floor against scratching, shoe scuffing and dust brought from outside. Walking on a rug that’s placed over a dirty area can pound existing dust and dirt into the wooden floor, so just make sure to clean the area first before placing the rug.

4.Lay Waterproof Rugs to Eradicate Excess Moisture :

Retreat Maya Charcoal Kilim Wool Rug By Flair Rugs

Much moisture is not required to water-log your beautiful hardwood floor by seeping into the seams and staining or swelling your hardwood floor. To avoid this, use a waterproof floor covering. Rugs help in keeping your hardwood floor dry and safe. Make sure your rug which is waterproof and colorfast so that the colour or dyes doesn’t bleed through when exposed to moisture.

5.Choose a Rug with Right Pile :

Island Blue Handtufted Wool Rug by Claire Gaudion

Make sure that your rug accentuates your room’s interior décor as well. For example, if your want to place a rug in your office, just make sure it has low pile so that is doesn’t interferes with your rolling office chair. Go for sumptuous, high pile rugs in dens or living room as they are less susceptible to dents and scratches caused by heavy furniture. A high pile or thick rug not only provides an uber-chic vibe but it also provides soundproofing, cushioning and insulation.

6.Use non-slip Rug Pads :

Kinsley Dartmouth Pink Grey Rug by Flair Rugs

To increase the life span of your floor, a rug pad is necessary as it provides a buffer between floor and rugs, thus increasing your floor’s lifespan. Rugs backing occasionally can be coarse which can result in scuffs and abrasions on a hardwood and other types of hard floor surfaces, a rug pad successfully helps in preventing that. A rug pad will also prevent dirt and other debris from getting trapped underneath rugs and grounds into the floor from foot traffic.When you use a rug pad underneath your rug, it allows floor a room to breathe and air to freely circulate under your rug. With sufficient air circulation mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria can breed. If this is left unchecked, mold and bacteria can cause damage to the floor such as discoloration or even rotting.