How to protect your rug when there’s a spill?

Are you a responsible homemaker worried about your interior’s care every now and then? If you answer “yes” then this post would be extremely helpful for you. Even if you answer “no” then also as a cleanliness loving person you would certainly appreciate it.

When we have a big family with kids around then there is more probability of a spill on the rug no matter how careful we are. I have even experienced spill done by my beloved pooch. Then it becomes imperative for us to take steps as early as possible in order to protect our expensive floor cover.


A slight delay in taking measures and your rug would have permanent stains over it. So with these small dos and don’ts you can prevent unsightly stains. Here we go:

You might be having paper napkins in your homes. The moment you see the spill faster you should respond to soak the spilled material. It you’ll leave the spill as it is for a long time there are chances that it is going to leave a mark making it harder to get out. As paper napkins soak the spill due to its incredibly absorbent attribute therefore it is recommended to use them as soon as you locate a spill.

Using a towel, rags or clothes to absorb the spilled material may not absorb the full content so they should be avoided when there’s a spill.

Generally we squirt water over the spill to make it dilute. Spraying a fine mist from a spray bottle is much better than pouring or splashing it onto a stain. One thing more, always use a new bottle kept exclusively for spraying water. It should not contain even traces of any chemical in it otherwise it can lead to damage or wearing to the rug.

If your rug is made from natural fibre material like wool then rubbing the spill will put the spilled material deeper into the wool. This can cause the stains to set further permanently.

Once you have sprayed water over the spill, gently drab the paper napkin over the spill. This will pick up the material before it leaves a mark.

Now we'll talk about a very common issue. When we have a pet in our home then we use chemicals for pet urine cleaning and absorbing smell. They are too harsh on soft wool fibres and dyes so instead of chemicals you can use club soda or white vinegar instead of water. It is found that white vinegar can be used to absorb smells without harming the texture of rug.

In a nutshell once you locate there is spill don't panic but be alert. Spray water as a fine mist over the spill. Use a paper napkin to soak the spilled material. Drab repeatedly until the stain is gone.

With these small steps you'll be able to protect your masterpieces which are the glory of your home.

If you have anything more to add or say your suggestions are most welcome.


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