How To Remove Candle Wax From Your Rug?

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Everyone loves the warm and soothing effect that candles have. Candles are even used for decorating purposes, most people love the fragrances, and the little touches that finish a room can be handled by the candles. Candles create elegant subtle lighting and beautifully decorate your home with texture and color. But, when the problem comes in, the wax drips all over the rug, we need to take action right away if you want your rug to be spotless and wax-free. Here are some ways to remove candle wax from your rugs:

The first thing first you need to do is to gather the materials you need to have to remove wax from your rugs.

• Bag of ice pack

• Iron

• tea-towel

• Carpet sweeper

• Vacuum cleaner

• Butter Knife

1) Freeze the stain

As soon as the spill falls on the rug the wax is still in a soft condition for minutes or so, you need to take the action very quickly after the fall because these spills can be easily removed as soon as they fell but if you don't notice for a long the wax get harden slightly and it's very hard to deal with it. You need to cool down the wax by placing the ice bag on top of the spill. Another thing you can do is, put some ice in your tea towel and wrap it around and put that towel on top of the stain so the wax doesn't get wet or get moisturized because the moisture makes the wax harden more. The main goal here is to get the wax as cold as possible so that it will solidify and remove from the carpet fiber easily.

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2) Shred the wax off

After solidifying the wax, the next step is to remove the hardened wax out. For this process, you need to have a sharp butter knife, but you have to be very lenient while removing it because firstly you are removing it with a knife and if you will be harsh on it, it may also cause damage to your rug. Gently off as much wax as possible from your rugs, and then vacuum up the wax residue as you shred it away from the carpet.

3) Splotch it

For the stubborn stains, you can take a white cloth and splotch the remaining stain with a diluted solution of soaps. You don't have to use the color soaps as there is a high chance of risk of adding more stain to your rugs which creates more mess. While cleaning the stain you have to remember that never start cleaning in between the rugs, always start from the edges and then come towards the center to avoid a bigger mess and more stains.

4) Absorb the wax

The next step is we have to absorb the wax and oily remainder that spill from the candles. For that, you need to have a paper towel and place that paper towel on top of that spilled wax. This is an important step, as the paper towel works best to absorb the wax as it melts from the heat.

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5) Give some heat

Place the towel on the spill area, then turn on the iron on a medium-high flame and place the iron on the towel move it back and forth across the towel. Heat the spilled area, not more than 10seconds and you will see that the paper towel will absorb the wax. Move the towel, using the clean spot, so it can absorb more wax without it being soaked up. Be careful while carrying out this method, because if you don't constantly move your iron from one place there is a higher chance of it getting damaged if the heat is only applied to only one particular area. If you are still worried about carrying out this method, you can use a wet cloth or towel to absorb the stain. If you can't see any difference just increase the timing, hold your iron for 30 seconds on the spills, as larger spills take more time to remove the wax. If your paper towel becomes completely wet, but you are still noticing the mess, just use another clean towel. Always keep your eyes on the heat level, high heat can melt sensitive carpet rugs, such as synthetic rugs. If your carpet is made out of wool, just opt for a hairdryer instead of iron, to avoid damaging the rug from too much heat. If you have shaggy rugs the same process will carry out as you are dealing with the normal rugs, just use a blow dry hot a blow air onto the stain, then gently press a paper towel to absorb the wax.

6) Clean the carpet with solutions

In some cases, there is a chance of spilling color wax, and there is a tiny amount of stain left behind, in that case, what you can do is just take a white cloth pour some alcohol, and dab it on the stained area and keep working on it until the remaining stain has lifted. Make sure for this process just dab or blot only, because if you rub it will create more mess. By rubbing it can causes permanent damage to your rugs.

7) Vacuum the carpet

Once the rug is dried, you can restore the original texture of your rug by vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attached to it. By vacuuming it once, your carpet will look as if the wax stain never happened.

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People usually think of rugs as a way to enhance their home decor. They warm up a room while adding a decorative touch to it. Some people also use traditional rugs as it defines the space of the room. Traditional rugs draw attention to create a cozy area for conversations. But the major problem comes in when something spills on those rugs. Some people use a candle for decor purposes and to add a soothing effect into their bedrooms but the problem causes when the wax spills on those rugs people get panic about what to do now. But no need to worry there are alternative ways to remove the wax spill from the rugs. You can use the methods as mention above.

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