How to Remove Dents from Area Rugs?

Area Rugs add a modern yet tranquil aura to your home, but they over time develop dents, bumps and creases which can be easily fixed with a little work. Also known as Divots, dents can often occur when your heavy furniture items compresses the fragile fibers of your rug for a long period of time. These dents are hardly noticeable unless you rearrange your furniture. Read on, to know how your rug can become free from dents and creases.

1.Ice it:

This method involves placing ice cubes on the dented area overnight and letting it melt. Do not soak the dented area all at once because the absorption of water needs to happen slowly so that the fibers swell and fall back to their normal state. Soak up any water left the next morning and use a coin to gently rake the fibers back to their original place. Avoid this method if your rug leaves colour when wet. Test a small spot before continuing with this process.

2.Steam it:

You can revive the damaged rug fibers by simply steaming your rug. Take necessary precaution if you have a rug with synthetic material such as: polypropylene or nylon, as exposure to high heat can cause melting. Use a steam iron to remove dents, creases or wrinkles from your rug. First take a damp towel and place it over the area with dents or bumps. Then set your iron to the steam settings and press the iron on the damp towel in quick motions so as to avoid burning the towel and rug underneath. This process will help in removing the wrinkles easily. Use a blow dryer and a comb to smoothen out the creases and dents from rugs with high pile.

3.Blow Dry it:

Combination of a blow dryer and a spray bottle works in providing equal amount of warmth and moisture to a dent in your rug which then helps the fibers stand back up. Spray the dented area to moisten the spot, then switch on your blow dryer on its highest setting and point it towards the dented area on your rug, about 4-6 inches away, until your rug is hot. As your rug dries, just fluff up the rug fibers using your fingers.

4.Damp Towel Method:

To remove the deepest dent from your area rug, just place a damp towel directly over the dented area. Now set your iron on steam settings or medium heat and gently run it over the damp towel for about one minute. Make sure that the iron does not touch the rug directly as it could burn. Now vacuum the spot and fluff it up so that the fibers are uniform and high.

5.Prevent Dents:

To prevent your area rug from developing bumps, creases and wrinkles, move your heavy furniture items every few months, this will help in preventing the dent marks caused by furniture. You can also rotate your area rug from time to time to spread out the wear evenly.

6.Use Rug Pad:

Using a rug pad to prevent dents, creases and wrinkles is your best bet as a rug pad is specially designed to prevent your rug from stretching and keeps it in place.

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