Matrix Guild MAX07 Guild Grey Floral Wool Rug by Asiatic

Choosing a perfect area rug requires a lot of detailed attention. You would want a rug that compliments your interior décor and adds style to your space. Each rug style has something new to offer and has the ability to transform your interior in entirely unique ways. Read on to know how to choose a perfect rug that will not add a visual appeal but bring a charismatic aura as well!

1.Boho Chic Area Rugs :

800 Funky Kelim Multi Vintage Wool Rug by Tom Tailor

Boho-chic rugs have a fancy and stylish aura which comes in colorful palette, distressed patterns, flat weaved style, bold designs and natural fiber construction. To create a boho-chic ambiance, go for vivid colors and bold patterns. Lay an exotic yet vibrant area rug in your living room which instantly becomes a focal point. Boho chic rugs have patterns and tone inspired by travels to distance lands. If you want to create a casual statement, go for light hues such as pink, yellow, turquoise and orange. If you’re looking to create a boho-chic ambiance for your living space the best way is to layer a flat-weave, natural fiber rug over a traditionally styled carpet. To give your home a true bohemian vibe, go for distressed design and fringes on the sides.

2.Mid-Century Area Rugs :

Matrix Code & Kaya MAX17 Code Yellow Wool Rug by Asiatic

Bold, Bright and an eye-catcher, Mid-century rugs offer a chic interior design style for your home. If you’re looking for something that perfectly stands out rather than blending with your interior, go for a mid-century rug. A mid-century rug has saturated hues with abstract or geometric pattern and a low-pile. To create a sleek yet retro look of a Mid-Century era, go for vibrant area rug that incorporates the hues of the era. To achieve a Mid-century appeal for your home, look for colors such as mustard yellow, avocado green, smoky grey and turquoise.

3.Coastal Area Rugs :

Kukkia 24508 Ink Hand Tufted Wool Rug by Scion

If you want to create a coastal appeal for your living space, go for a rug that adds causal style which is sure to add a sober and nonchalant aura to your room. Go for a colour palette which is inspired by the sea to create a beach house appeal, such as ocean blue, sandy neutrals, sea foam green and vivid corals. Pair up your rug with light colored furniture and accessories and decorate with lots of potted plants to complete the coastal look.

4.Shabby Chic Area Rugs :

Textures Gold Iris Pink Luxmi Wool Rug by Flair Rugs

Create a Shabby chic look for your interior that exudes cozy, lived-in style and oozes with femininity and charm, with a simple yet inviting rug. Go for rugs with soft pastel hues such as mint green, pink and light blue, which are flat woven or short-pile and bestows a cottage charm to your home. Choose a colorful floral design or damask-inspired prints with neutral hues to add a shaggy chic yet vintage appeal to your living space.

5.Rustic Area Rugs :

Gabbeh 51 C Oriental Rug By Oriental Weavers

If you want to create a rustic ambiance in your home, go for a lodge-inspired rug to capture the rustic look. Rugs with color palettes ranging from soft taupe, deep brown and caramel are sure to add depth to your room hence adding a rustic aura. If you want to create a bold look, just go for a cowhide or natural rawhide area rug. If you want to create a sumptuous appeal, go for a plush rug in earthy tones which is sure to capture the essence of a cabin hidden deep in a forest.