Large Rugs: Buyer’s Guide to Large Rugs

The idea of covering a bare large floor with a rug provides a cosy and warm texture to the room. When we say large, we are referring to rug sizes in the range of 135X180 up to 160X230. Now, you don’t really need to get stuck with these ranges here, but what is important is keeping these references in mind we choose the best large rug which fits the area perfectly. Someone searching for a large rug is generally on the lookout for a rug that will enhance the living room space and compliment your home décor. Your living room is the most frequented space in the entire house and keeping it look elegant and beautiful is very important. A large area rug from us at The Rug Shop will help you to achieve just that and will transform your room into something.


It is always a good practice to measure the space carefully before venturing out shopping for a large rug. Also, as we are looking to cover the large floor area which evidently makes the rug more visible to anyone, the next step is to choose the right design and pattern which should blend with the current design of your interiors. If you browse our large rugs section you will find that you ample choices to make your room the best in the locality. We have large rugs to cater for each and every client’s personal needs. Traditional and oriental rugs look best in large sizes as their design is best displayed on large floors. If you are someone who loves traditional patterns or oriental designs then you are at the right place to get the best rug. A rug that is also not heavy on your budget and makes a style statement when placed in a living room.

If you follow modern designs or your interiors are designed keeping in mind the latest home decoration trends then choose from a wide array of striped, geometric, abstract, modern and designer patterns in just the right colour combinations to add accent to your room. Natural colours look best in large area rugs as they maintain the balance of a room and don’t go overboard. We choose are large rugs range from across the globe after inspecting the best and latest rugs. Buying from us will also ensure that you are not paying an exorbitant amount. Our rugs are the best in quality and cheapest in price.

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