Let’s distinguish between hand-spun and machine-spun wool pile

The process of spinning:

Before writing even a word on this subject we need to understand what spinning is. Actually it is a process by which massed short fibres are drawn into a continuous strand by the technique of twisting by hand.

The history of hand spinning can be traced to thousand years back when girls and women used to spin wool by hand for preparing the wool for creation of rug. This was continued till the invention of machines. Even today art of hand spinning is prevalent in many parts of world. 


Hand-spun wool pile:

Generally it has been seen that the wool which is spun by hands absorbs dye unevenly producing multicoloured effect. This is the reason why handmade carpets and rugs have an informal look.

The look of a rug would depend upon the material from which it has been made. The machine-spun wool and handspun wool both have different properties that would decide how the rug will look.

On closely observing you can find that handspun wool yarn is irregular in the tension of its twist. At some places it is loose whereas tight at some other places. So where does this irregularity reflect? When this yarn is soaked in dye then it absorbs less dye where it is spun tightly and more where it is spun loosely. This is why you will never see uniformity in colour.

In addition to this affect, you will see irregular texture on the surface of handspun yarn so these two factors are correlated with the very handmade look of the rugs.

Machine-spun wool pile:

On the other hand the machine-spun wool absorbs the dye evenly, its colour is uniform and the surface of machine-spun wool rug is also even. This is because of the uniform tension involved in spinning. So whenever you see a rug with a very regular finished look you can guess it is made from machine-spun yarn.

So, with this post we have tried to give you an idea how you can distinguish between hand-spun and machine-spun wool pile. We cannot leave the post incomplete. It would be unjustified if we don’t make you aware of the advantages a wool made rug have over its synthetic counterpart. The biggest advantage is they are environment friendly so in this way you can discourage the bacterial growth naturally. It is a non-allergenic way to cover your floors. Being non-toxic you need not worry about your health with them. Apart from these advantages wool rugs are stain-resistant, durable and easy to maintain in comparison to its synthetic counterparts.

Seeing so many advantages you can give a thought to include them in your interiors. If you want to add something we will love to hear from you. Till then happy shopping!

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