Oversized Rugs: A Visual Feast For Designing A Large Space

It may initially seem difficult to design a huge space. Every turn presents an opportunity for creative expression. Every square inch cries out for contrast, color, lines, and shapes. Oversized rugs or other extra-large rugs can do the heavy lifting in these rooms when it comes to attracting attention and unifying the space. If the decor of your large living room were a party, area rugs would serve as the caterer.

3D Geo Shaggy Red Rug by Origins

Huge area rugs aid in maintaining the consistency of your large space's decor. They provide a framework for any artwork or fine furniture you may want to display, preventing echoes from bouncing off the walls, and collect heat from the fireplace to keep the rest of the room from feeling chilly. The center of the room can be given its place by a sizable or gigantic area rug, and the borders can be used to display shelves, side tables, or artwork. To assist blend any strange expansions with the rest of the room, you can also move an area rug to the side. To make sure no corner is overlooked, area rugs can serve as an inclusive bridge.

Here are some of the questions you might have had along the way if you were thinking about getting an area rug for your large room.

Do I Have To Use A Big Rug For A Big Space?

Large area rugs aren't necessarily necessary in large rooms, but they frequently look their best there. Small rugs placed here and there, though, also work. The corners aren't necessarily covered by a large rug in the middle of the room, either. There will still be some room for you. Here are some suggestions for using various rugs to divide up a large space.

Go Big And Go Homey

you choose should then be one step less than its overall footprint. For rooms that are anywhere from a foot to several feet larger in each dimension of the rectangle, a 9 by 12 rug, for instance, works incredibly well as the stylistic foundation. For rooms that aren't rectangular, there are big, giant square rugs as well as round rugs. The effect is a cozier, cozy atmosphere.

Frame Your Art With Small Rugs

A modest rug should be placed specifically around any exquisitely carved furniture or sentimental heirlooms

that have been handed down through the centuries. On indoor-outdoor carpeting by the windows or the French doors, house plants can relax. Choose an oriental-inspired rug to place in front of the shelf holding the souvenirs from your travels. Make the most of your huge area if it can serve as an art gallery.

Get A Pet-Sized Rug For Furry Friends

If your pet cat simply wants to lie in the sun all day, you can roll out a little rug next to the window for her. Set up a tiny mat and a bowl of water for your small pug right inside the entrance if he has a habit of entering through the pet door with a muck on his paws. Make sure to use darker colors rugs such as dark grey rugs as they will hide dirt and stains.

  • Designating Spaces With Distinct Rugs

If your large room has numerous functions, adopting smaller rugs might assist divide the space into sections for each use. Although a loft apartment often has one large room, depending on your lifestyle, you may need to divide your bedroom from your home office. Setting up borders in the physical place will assist you to create boundaries for your mind. Examples of this include rolling out runners or long, thin carpets. In this manner, your time will not be impacted by your job life. Get inventive and start using the ideal rugs to decorate your sizable room.

Where Do I Put A Large Area Rug In My Big Bedroom?

Area rugs that are large and oversize fit nicely beneath a light source, shining a strong accent on their vibrant pattern. They can serve as a place for your king-sized bed to rest, as a place for a baby grand piano to play by the bay window, or as a cozy location to curl up by the fire. Consider your large area rug to be a frame, and look for the ideal image to put inside. An area rug can be the ideal plate for the dish you're serving, whether that's a set of rocking rockers in front of the TV, a frame for a sculpture, or some playing kids.

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