Points to remember before buying a Purple Rug

We at The Rug Shop have the best selection of Purple Rugs. We offer rugs in various shades of Purple including Violet, Indigo, Aubergine and Lilac rugs. If you are looking for purple and violet colored rugs to enhance your home décor. This range is available in various designs. From abstract to traditional and in various materials ranging from wool to polypropylene and cotton to polyester. We keep ourselves abreast with the every changing trend when it comes to rugs and always keep pace with the latest and in demand colors and designs.


Purple as a color conveys wealth and extravagance. In history it is said that purple was the favorite color of Cleopatra. It associates itself with royalty, wealth, nobility and stature. A purple rug adds dignity and a feeling of spirituality to any room. A purple rug is best suited for bedrooms and meditation rooms where calmness is required. Purple rugs are not meant for bathrooms and kitchen. Purple is the color of prosperity.

The rug which you choose should match the existing style of your home and if you are not too sure of what color you should go for, then choose dark color rugs like purple to as dark colored rugs easily blend with all types of home décor. The darker the rug, lesser are the chances of it getting dirty. Hence a purple rug would require less maintenance. Purple rugs made out of synthetic fibers which can withstand wear and tear are perfect for outdoor placements as well. Purple somewhere lies between red and blue. A transfusion between wisdom and love. A purple rug would look extraordinary when place in a room with walls painted out of lavender.

Violet color relates to self knowledge and spiritual awareness. Violet and purple go along well as they produce a blending effect.

Purple or violet rugs would be ideal for large rooms like your living room or dining area. As the shades are not so bright, hence large area rugs need more space to attract attention. Having said that, kept in a perfect room which matches their color these rugs are bound to raise some eyebrows. Choose a purple or violet rug today for your home and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with our rug. Also, do not forget to check out our sale and discounts which we offer from time to time. You never know, a cheap but quality purple rug is waiting to grab your attention and adorn your home décor.

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