Preventing Oriental Rugs from Sunlight Damage

It has been observed that exposure towards sunlight has an adverse effect over the Oriental Rugs. Sun’s ultraviolet rays can wash out the dyes and strip the rug of its colour if they are exposed for an extended period of time. So it becomes obvious to prevent their exposure from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Here are few ways to prevent them:

If you aim to preserve your rug’s colour and texture then it is recommended to rotate it every few months. It can prevent the rug from sunlight damage and moth damage as well. If the rug has furniture placed over it then possibly it will be influenced with moth damage underneath the furniture but by rotating the rug you can prevent both types of damages.

By filtering harmful UV rays colour fading can also be prevented. Now a days modern UV window films can provide UVA and UVB filtering without darkening your windows. In this way you can preserve the transparency of your glass while getting the protection from damaging sun’s rays.

Not only dyes in the handmade rugs but rugs with artworks are also prone towards fading when exposed to direct sunlight so they should be carefully preserved for their originality.

Although window treatments, blinds, curtains and shades can be used for effective protection but there is one drawback with them. They can darken your environment blocking the outside view eventually. In comparison to them Retractable Awnings are more convenient as they can be folded or opened according to the requirement.

There’s one more aspect!

Since the extent of time period your rug is subjected towards sunlight would decide its damage so in that case window film seems to be the perfect option but there is one more issue with it. Although it can resolve the threat of UV ray damage but the issue of heat retention needs to be considered in this case. For this you can give a thought to suction held solar panels that can offer convenience and transparency of window films but without any heat build-up.

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