Lisboa 9054 Raw Topaz Designer Rug by Christian Fischbacher

Interior designing and decorating trends are forever changing; however certain decorating elements tend to remain evergreen. For instance, Carpets and Rugs will always remain in trend! A rug tends to add a lot of excitement and character to your living space. If you want to anchor a room, add warmth to it, define it or help layer a room’s interior décor, a rug is the best option for you. Read on to know some decorating tips and ideas for your home.

1.Use Rugs to Define Areas in your home :

Celestial CES02 Ivory Pink Rug by Nourison

You can use a rug such as a Blue Teal Duck Rug to define areas in your home or separate them such as dining areas, foyers or seating areas. If you are the owner of a studio apartment, defining areas with rugs can be an especially useful or a large room that needs definition and character.

2.Create Variety :

Estival 8446 Caliente Designer Rug by Christian Fischbacher

Rugs can be elegantly used to create variety in a living space. If you are laying two same-sized rugs in a room, the equal size of the rugs can visually cut your room in half, so make sure to use two different sized rugs to create a sense of variety for your room.

3.Create Harmony :

Passion PSN03 Light Blue Rug by Nourison

If you are using more than one rug in a room, make sure that the rugs complement each other’s style otherwise the two rugs could end up creating an unpleasant or jarring effect in the room. Too many bold or warring patterns in a single room can take away any sense of harmony present in your room.

4.Get Ideas for a Colour Scheme :

Grenada Amber Persian Rug by Origins

To create a basic colour scheme for your room, you can always use your favourite rug. Alternatively, if you are using the rug after placing furniture in your desired place, the rug can be then used to accent or tie the entire colour scheme of your room.

5.Control the Volume :

Jute Extra Natural Handmade Braid Stitched Rug by Origins

A rug can be beautifully used to visually calm space or turn up the volume as required. Choose a somewhat subtle rug if your room has wallpaper or upholstery in an ornate design. You can go for a bold pattern and colour in a rug if your room walls have a fairly subdued design and colour scheme, this will create a character and interest for your entire room.

6.Create a Focal Point :

Rosita 140402 Harissa Handtufted Wool Rug by Harlequin

A rug can be used to make a focal point for your space as they have the capacity to make a huge impact. If you want to achieve this just create a contrast in your room by painting your walls in a shade that resonates with one of your rug’s accent tone.

7.Play Around with Shapes :

Jute Extra Natural Handmade Braid Stitched Runner by Origins

A rug doesn’t always have to be in a rectangular shape. Let the shape of your rug be dictated by the way you group your furniture. Start by figuring out what shape would look perfect and then go with a square, oval or round shape if that seems to complement your entire furniture arrangement as compared to a rectangular one. You can use an abstract runner by your bedside or in front of your kitchen counter.

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