Spring is in the Air, Let’s Refresh!

It's that time of year when the promise of warmer and longer days begins to emerge. Peoples mood begins to lift, everything seems brighter and lighter. You can understand why it's the time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Blossom Rose Multi Garden Rug by Tom Tailor Product ID: TK1703

Here at The Rug Shop, we have some new rug arrivals within our online shop and we thought we would highlight the ones that capture the essence of spring. Many, will be having the urge to spring clean, decorate or renovate right now. Spring cleaning has been practised for millennia with origins tracing back the Persian new year Nowruz. And also, tracing back to the ancient Jewish practice of cleansing for the springtime festival Passover. Naturally, some traditions stay with us, refreshing our living spaces in spring is a popular favourite.


When we think of spring, it is very difficult not to envision fresh new growth, cherry blossom adorned trees and birds singing away above our heads. We love how this Rosetta-GF-019-103 White Multi Rug by Theko (Product ID TK0901) captures just that. It's the vibrant and charming appearance of a delicate warm spring day. Made from polyester, this rug is not only resilient and highly durable, but it is also very easy to clean and soft to touch, making it a good all round investment.


This Harlequin HA16-901 Multi Geometric Rug By Asiatic (Product ID: AS13001) encapsulates spring and its pastel palette perfectly. This rug is hand tufted and carved in a fine acrylic for a softer yet durable touch, making it easy to clean and very comfortable. The bold geometric pattern will add warmth and character to your space.


Spring awakens us from a cold dark slumber over winter, it does this with energetic signs of life, with the emerging beginnings of the promise of a flamboyant colourful summer to follow. This Namada 1 RPNAM1-9999 Rug by Papilio (Product ID: PP13302) expresses this flawlessly. Made from polypropylene means this rug can be placed outside, in a kitchen or in a living room due to its high durability and that it is bleach cleanable making it a cost-effective investment that's boldly attractive.

This 300 Diamond Green Smooth Comfort Wool Rug by Tom Tailor (Product ID: TK2508) is perfect. Green, the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and environment a perfect addition to your home this spring. This rug brings a calming and serene aura to your home. Made from 100% pure cotton with jute backing, this rug brings immense comfort, durability and easy maintenance.

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