If you are looking for a rug that offers warmth and comfort, then consider the humble wool rug! Depending on the style, these rugs can be used as an eye-catching focal point to add interest to a room or they can take a step back to subtly compliment an area. Wool rugs are the perfect option to help define a space and they can draw different features in a room together. The capability of a wool rug is so vast, they can add an element of simplistically in the home, make bold statements in the boardroom or can soften the mood in a modern office.

5351 Shadow Beige Wool Rug by ITC

So, considering just how versatile the wool rug is, it is surprising that many people overlook them when decorating they home. The great thing is that when used correctly and in the right space, this rug has the potential to change the whole atmosphere of a space. Wool rugs are so diverse, and the appearance is dependent on the range of sizes, the choice of color and the texture of the fibers. This rug is truly so versatile meaning they are an investment in the long run, they can move with you from house to house, fitting into any atmosphere. This really shows that these are just more than a rug, instead so you can think of them as an important element within a space.

For most people, rugs are often an afterthought when designing a room, at least in the western world. These pieces of fabric used to soften a hard floor or provide some life to a bland carpet; however, the modern wool rug is finally getting the limelight it deserves. Many qualities of this style are being recognized by top designers across the globe, the everyday home maker and at every level in between.


Inaluxe Colour Fall IX05 Designer Rug by Think Rugs

Before you head off to buy some rugs for the home though, you should consider how to use this rug properly to compliment a space. Those innocuous woolen rectangles that you have thought about purchasing can look incredible, however, without a little thought in how to manipulate them to fit in the home you won’t be able to fully appreciate the rugs charms.

The first thing to think about is the big picture. The whole advantage of working rugs into the home is the bright appearance they can add to a space that needs a little refresh. You can swap them around from room to room, to create new layouts and design contrasts, changing the look without too much work and no further expense. So, when picking your rug, the first thing to consider is picking a design and theme which would work throughout the house, which will compliment the overall look of the home rather than buying one with a specific location in mind.

Abstract Collage Multi Modern Wool Runner by Flair Rugs

Secondly, size does matter! Think of a rug as the framework for an area of a space and from there, you need to consider what is going to go into that room. A large wool rug under a dining room table, for example, needs to be big enough to fit the chairs around it too, even when they are pulled back somewhat, a wide frame is needed for the whole dining experience. In a living room select a size which either fills the space between the furniture or in larger rooms goes a small way under the couch and chairs too.

Other than the size, shape is also important due to the overall look it will provide to a room. Rectangular rugs are a typical choice for a lot of people but depending on the type of area you have to work with, then there is a range of shapes to choose from. If you have a round coffee table, then a round rug will work best and a square rug will fit best in a square space. Just make sure you follow the lines set by the room and from there consider what would compliment the room rather than create conflict. Just go with the flow!

Estella Submarine 89408 Wool Rug by Brink & Campman

Finally, the last thing to consider is the tone, the design and colour of the rug. In a room where the walls or furniture exhibit bright colours, a subtle design will be the best choice to keep things from being too noisy. Similarly, in a plainer room, an exciting rug has the potential to become the main focal point. Think of the rug as the controlling factor of a space and you must make sure you control the design to keep things at a comfortable level.

In larger rooms you can also get the chance to play with two, or more, rugs. The key when choosing the designs is picking something which fits the room in general and compliments the other rugs well. Avoid rugs which are too similar in look and size as this will just serve to cut the room in half, gentle contrast is the key. Other fun options come from layering your rugs, using a larger rug to create a plain base for a more intricate and eye-catching piece to be placed on top of.

Vintage Multi 8375 Cordoba Luxury Chequered Rug By Louis De Poortere

Rugs add a wonderful dynamic to a room, they allow you to re-imagine your living space and have the possibility to create new appearances by the versatile factors they have. A wool rug can range from a cheap coverall for a student flat to a elegant centre-piece within a large room. Choose wisely and you will find that their potential is still reaping rewards for years to come.