Things to keep in mind before buying a rug

It’s very important to know your prime requisites well before you go on to purchase a rug for your interior decors. Today rugs have become an important element which plays a major in elevating the standards of your room.
Let’s ponder around and figure out some key points to consider while buying a rug.


Where you want to land it:

1) This is the most important and basic question which needs to be answered. Rugs must be chosen keeping in mind the place where they are going to be placed. This paves the way to choose a perfect rug size, appropriate rug type and off course the colour which could do justice to the existing elements surrounding the rug. So all in all the location is the deciding factor which specifically determines the rug size.
2) The other broader perspective could be if you want the rug for your personal rooms in your home or for your office rooms. The rug chosen for your office should reflect professionalism and class while the one for your home solely depends on your choice.
3) Now if you are going to place it in your home then every room demands a different rug altogether. Every room has a different personality and it should be well complemented with the type of rug being chosen.

Choosing a perfect rug size:

1) The rug size should be well in accordance and in perfect proportion to the room size or the area where it is going to be placed. It should neither be too big to overpower other elements of your room nor be too small to that no one notices it.
2) For instance your living room should have the maximum sized rug placed in the centre of the room for maximum appeal; for your dining room it should be well in size that when you pull of your chairs for sitting your chair legs remain on the rug and for your bedroom it should be kept in mind that when you get off to your bed, your feet should land on the rug.

Rug type and its colour:

1) Rug type and its colour solely depend on the buyer’s choice. He may be willing to buy a traditional rug or a funky rug or any other one according to his preference. And so is the case with the colours as well.

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