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Picking out a perfect rug for your patio, deck or your outdoor space is just as important as choosing one for your interiors. There are a number of things to keep in mind while buying an outdoor rug. When you are choosing an outdoor rug make sure to pick out an all-weather rug that can withstand the harsh weather conditions as well and has easy maintenance properties.

• Outdoor Rug Material:

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Synthetic Material is best for outdoor rugs as it's affordable, light, and dries quickly. These rugs may not be extra plush so you won’t be able to sink your toes into them; for most parts, outdoor rugs are flat weaved. But if you are looking to have a cosy, soft feel out on your deck or patio, go for polypropylene rugs, as they are strong and comfortable both and possess a texture that mimics that of wool. Outdoor rugs can develop moulds if exposed to excess moisture, so go for polypropylene rugs. If you want more natural material for your outdoor rugs, such as- jute or seagrass rugs; you might want to reconsider your decision as they tend to develop mildews and fade due to excess exposure to sunlight. Polyester is fade-resistant, stain-resistant material and has fire retardant property hence Polyester rugs can thrive in outdoor conditions.

• Outdoor Rug Maintenance:

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There is absolutely no way by which you can prevent accidents or spills from happening, but you can always clean up those spills quickly to avoid stains. The maintenance of an outdoor material depends on its material. Read to know the tips and tricks of cleaning an outdoor rug:-

• Remove dirt and dust by vacuuming regularly.

• Occasionally try sweeping under the rug to prevent damage that can be caused by the layering of dust and dirt underneath.

• You can also hose your rug down by placing it on a railing; in case you have a water-resistant rug.

• To remove stains, use a brush to scrub the area with a mixture of mild soap and water. Do not use soap that has bleach in it.

• Dry the rug on both sides before putting it back in its place, this helps in preventing mildew.

• When experiencing extreme weather conditions, just roll your rug and put it in the storage area.

• Pros and Cons of Outdoor Rugs:


• If you want your patio or deck floor to last long, you might want to lay a rug. They help in preventing the wear of your floor as they absorb most of the footwork. They can be easily replaced when worn out in comparison to replacing your deck floor.

• Outdoor rugs add a personalized touch to your patios or decks. They help in warming up space and add a pop of colour and texture.

• Another benefit is that they help in hiding any signs of damage that may be visible on your patio. You can easily cover it by laying an outdoor rug.


• Laying down an outdoor rug requires a special adhesive. If you are considering carpet tiles or rolls, they have to be glued down if you are looking for a permanent installation.

• Outdoor rugs lack in the plush department. Since they are designed for outdoor use, they are mostly flat weaved and lack a soft, luxurious feel.

• Use Outdoor Rugs Indoor:

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You can definitely use your outdoor rug inside your home, but indoor rugs should not be allowed outside. If you have kids and pets, an outdoor rug can withstand heavy traffic and rough conditions making them apt for your interiors. Since outdoor rugs are moisture resistant you can use them in moisture-prone areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. The maintenance of outdoor rugs is quite easy; just use a mixture of mild soap and water to scrub the stain.

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