Tips for Selling Antique Area Rugs

Get it appraised by an expert rug seller:

You are looking buyers. Fair enough. But do you know about the worth of your antique rug. Yes, this is required. There is one idea. Have your rug appraised by an expert who has been in this business for a long time, the one who knows ins and outs of this art. If possible get a written evaluation and appraisal done by a single expert after taking verbal appraisals from two or three experts. In this way you can get an idea about your prized possession.


Have your rug thoroughly cleaned by a professional:

No matter whatever precautions you take, but rugs gets dirty due to foot work. Its unavoidable. While regular vacuuming can help in keeping it clean giving it a life-extension as well. Moving a step forward if you could have it professionally cleaned then it will help in bringing back the vibrant colours and patterns. Seeing the perfect condition your rug buyers can also give you the maximum price. After getting it done you can clearly make the difference in both the ways how patterns appear and colours flash.

Make Repairs after getting it evaluated from the appraiser:

As repair costs are also high therefore it is recommended to make repairs after the appraiser has done its evaluation. He is the best professional to tell if the repair work will be able to increase its resale value or not. However it is better to get is cleaned before the fixes are made.

Taking the help of a rug dealer or selling your antique rug online:

Possibly this could be helpful in giving the prices as per your expectations. When you’ll sell online then you can keep all the profits with you but when you decide to take the help of a rug seller then he will also share some profits. But it is recommended to sell through a reputed Rug dealer as he may have more contacts and exposure to the genuine clients who are looking for real work of art.

So these were few tips to consider before selling your antique rugs.

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